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Chapter 1 Playboy Cécile has a severe headache, a soul-ripping headache that sweeps along with Jin Xin’s waking up, what’s the matter? It was too long and I passed out in the nutrition warehouse of the game Many young people from all over the world have flocked here.
Jin Xin is one of them. He leads a small team.
He has a good time in the game.
He has reached the level of paladin in the past year since he started the server. What’s the matter? The whole team encountered a huge problem when they were working on a large-scale dungeon.
This person’s small team did not go offline all day and night.
Although the players were basically half asleep in the nutrient solution in the game warehouse, they were offline for such a long time.
Playing the game will still cause great damage to the body.
At the moment of clearing the level, watching Jin Xin fall down, he felt completely exhausted.
As the captain, he felt dizzy before he had time to check the fall, and then passed out Cecil. Master Cecil, wake up, wake up! The sun is shining on your buttocks. I don’t know how long it has passed.
Call him a foreigner, big sister, who are you? Wearing a medieval maid costume, you play, big sister, you are funny, you have to be pretty when you play, okay, you are as fat as a bucket, and you are not cute at all in a maid uniform, okay, and you are also angry Is this how the maid behaves? Master Cecil, please get dressed right away.
Today is the day of the examination in the Palace of Warriors. Please put on your clothes quickly, master.
After saying that, the maid walked out of the room angrily.
Just dragging a maid like this What’s wrong, the maid is the real maid’s room, shouldn’t I be lying in the game room? What is this place? Jin Xin looked around. What did she do in a small medieval building? Jin Xin hasn’t made anything yet What was the reaction? There was another sharp pain in the scalp. A memory that didn’t belong to him quickly invaded his consciousness. Cecil Augustin, a Lord Knight of the Kingdom of Soloran, his father was Takimi Augustin, who fought in the December War. At that time, because of his great achievements in the defense of Kashkar, he was promoted from an ordinary soldier to a noble knight.
A few years ago, when he was transferred to the Eternal Demon Gate to resist the demon army, his mother Elaine died in the war. Na was a commoner whom his father married when he was a soldier.
Cecil died of frailty and sickness when he was young. The father’s doting caused him to be unable to carry his hands on his shoulders. After his father’s death, there was no one to discipline him. He was so lazy that he became a veritable playboy.
Jin Xin’s heart had 10,000 whizzing past.
Is the soul pierced? What is the setting? Wear it and wear a character who is a little better, okay, what is the setting of a dude, is it a real dude, what is this guy? The lord is similar to the white-collar migrant workers in big cities.
Except for this tall and noble surname, this person is useless.
Jin Xin felt that it would be better to die in the game warehouse after time travel. At this time, an old man walked into the room of Jin Xin, the old man. He looks more gentlemanly and kind-hearted. At first glance, he looks like a kind old man. This person is Cecil’s housekeeper, Mr. Akat. Please pack up and have breakfast.
Today, I have to go to the Temple of the Brave to take the apprentice knight exam and take the apprentice knight exam. Jin Xin felt so bitter during the exam that he couldn’t suffer any more. From Cecil’s memory, Jin Xin clearly knew the whole story. The attack of the army of the Luke Empire defended the Kashkar fortress, so Baron Kasikud was promoted to Earl of Kasikund and all the soldiers were promoted to Lords.
The Earl, a useless waste like Cecil, still gave him the qualifications to take the test of the Palace of the Brave through his relationship, but Jin Xin didn’t think so at all.
For the world of this game, Jin Xin has an idea of ​​the power he feels. My body is so weak that it’s too weak, but how weak is it? At this moment, Jin Xin suddenly felt his eyelids twitch, and a system screen suddenly appeared in front of him. Civilian strength, stamina, constitution, dexterity, mental attack, defense, magic attack, magic resistance, attack speed, speed of movement, life, mana, physical strength, fighting spirit, skills, no experience required to upgrade to the next level. Weak, okay? Jin Xin is speechless when he sees this attribute Hey, this dude has never practiced leveling since he was born. What the hell is it that a person can only level up when he reaches the age of 10? If he grows up at the age of 5, the children he met in Xinshou Village are probably not so weak, right? This basic attribute is also a big problem. Well, what is the five circumference? As a newcomer Jin Xin was born, even though he only had a level, he still had a five circumference, and every time he went up to a level, he could improve his five circumference. Whether it is Cecil Both the initial data and the growth data are weak.
Well, I thought my account in the game was scumbag enough.
I didn’t expect that there is a mountain and a mountain. It turns out that the player is really a so-called elite template, but it’s not right, now gold Xin not