Revealing the mottled face that was concealed underneath Chang Jiaci was startled and stared fiercely at You Zhen it turned out that Yanmen Lord came

A beautiful story about a little shou who tried everything possible to kill Xiao Gong, but was killed again and again by him Attacking the tenth generation villain received by Chang Jiaci Gongdong Qinghe Content tags Immortal Xia Cultivation Past and Present Revenge Abusive Scum Protagonist Chang Jia bestows Dong Qinghe Supporting role Huafu Huafu Other works Brief comments After Chang Jiaci came to Qinghemen Once upon a time In the peaceful Qinghe Gate, there are constant disasters.
Repeated distresses make Dong Qinghe feel that this apprentice is not simple. He is really just a small mortal. Why is he so similar to the person he cares about? Chang Jiaci said that my master is The best person in the whole world to me, Dong Qinghe, said that my apprentice is a little liar, one is a penniless mortal in a village in the mortal world, and the other is the number one sect master in the cultivation world who is hard to beat.
Fate will become a master and apprentice. This is a story of love and killing in the past and present. Good and evil.
Right and wrong. Read the first chapter. Chang Jiaci felt that he had gone to heaven. It should not be said that he died first and then flew to the sky. It was a big monster, its body was like a tiger, its black and yellow mane was sharp, its claws and teeth were sharp, but it had a human face. It spewed fire everywhere, burned the village and killed everyone in the village, causing Chang Jiaci and his elder brother Chang Wang to do nothing but to save their lives. After fleeing, he finally fled to Xiaoping Mountain behind the village. There was a rumor that Xiaoping Mountain in the extreme south was nine thousand feet high.
If ordinary people could climb it, they would be able to see gods.
Being a god, one can see that Xiaoping Mountain is not an ordinary mountain, but the place where the gods live is naturally not within the reach of ordinary people. In the early years, there were always unbelieving warriors who met from all directions and brought guys together to try to go to this extremely dangerous place.
But these Either the person left and never heard from again, or was picked up by wild dogs after a while, amputated limbs, mutilated and died without a whole body, so as time passed, no one dared to dream of such a fairy dream like this. I don’t know how much I’ve heard about it. If he hadn’t been forced to do so, how could he have gone up the mountain to seek his own death? It turned out that Jiaci’s worries were justified.
Xiaoping Mountain is really a deadly mountain. The higher you go, the colder it gets.
The mountain road is treacherous and solitary.
From time to time, you can see fierce beasts haunting the two brothers of the Chang family. As soon as they went up, there was no turning back. First they were frozen in the snow cave on the mountain for three days and three nights, and then they were killed by poisonous snakes. Bitten, chased by spiders, pecked by vultures, frozen, burned, and then they died. Jiaci was worried that death would be a terrible thing, and would go to hell to be skinned and boned, but they met and found that it was not the case.
After death, he did not go to the underworld and was not punished. Instead, he met a god, that god He has a long goatee, his hair is already grey, but his face has no signs of age.
He came from the air and was kind. Hearing what happened to the two of them, he felt very compassionate, so he took Chang Jiaci and his elder brother to the sky and came to a palace in the clouds. The Zhongshan goatee god said that the blessings can express their grievances here one by one Jiaci’s knowledge is indescribable.
He only knows that the fairy cave in his dream looks like this. Maybe it’s a hundred times bigger and a thousand times more beautiful than he thought. Looking around, the silver light is endless. The halls and pavilions are shrouded in clouds and mist, the clouds are enveloping the mountains, and the buildings are surrounded by clouds, and the clouds are twisting and lingering, stretching across the Yaotai, Yinque, Moon Palace, and fairyland. That’s all there is to it. Standing firmly under the high platform, looking from a distance, there are layers of people surrounded in front of the stage. Everyone looks like a fairy, and his bones are out of the ordinary, which makes people feel ashamed.
Thinking about it, they are all gods. But when Jiaci and brother appeared, those The gods who were staring at the high platform actually looked at them one after another, showing all kinds of puzzled, surprised and dissatisfied expressions in their eyes, as well as some unconcealable contempt, as if the two in front of them were some low-level species who came here to pollute them. How could the mortals and the human world be here? Who did this? They didn’t know what to do. The intermittent and indistinct words of the short-lived ants came from the surroundings to Jiaci’s ears.
Unable to bear the oppression, he hunched his back and turned his head in fear to look at the goatee fairy next to him to seek relief. The goatee fairy was frowning and looking at the other place, and he had no intention of caring about the embarrassing situation of the two brothers, which made his heart feel more at ease.
Jiaci couldn’t help feeling anxious again, suddenly a few bright streamers flashed across the sky, but in a flash, everyone who was talking about Jiaci and Chang Wang noticed the scene and immediately turned their attention to the past. Brother Chang Wang heard the strange movement, even though he was so frightened that he hugged his head and knelt down, thinking that some monster was attacking again. Brother Jiaci was better than him, but he still had the guts to look at it, and saw the flying light and stars falling to the high platform in front of him. The upper halo was used to show the few people inside, and when they saw the group of gods standing upright with proud faces just now, they bent their legs and knelt down, and they all respectfully saw the movement of Lishan and the tsunami.
Jiaci was startled and jumped. I have seen the sect master, I have seen the elders and gods. The words fell, and a distant voice sounded like a wind from the stage. It came from a young man, get up.
After all the kneeling people stood up, the voice was like Xu Feng style again. He Yong and the head of the family are here, in Xiadong Qinghe