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During the reign of Xuande in the Ming Dynasty, the capital was rich in resources, Tianbao, and envoys from all nations gathered from all over the world. The grand occasion of gathering business travelers was no less than that in the Song Dynasty.
The beautiful scenery inside and outside the capital city was picturesque. Honglugou, Xiaoyue, Xishan, Taiye, Qingbo, Qiongdao, Chunyun, Jintai, Sunset, Manjingyingquan, Jietan, Jade, and other natural landscapes that are easy to pick up are time-consuming.
It takes a year or two to visit religious resorts alone. Contains Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and the three religions of the Ming Dynasty. The temples and palaces inside and outside the capital are star-studded. The morning scriptures and evening bells move far and wide.
What’s more, the imperial capitals of several dynasties gathered countless literati and poets, and the beautiful poems and essays chanting the scenery of the capital are voluminous, like a huge treasure, even if you spend your whole life, it is difficult to dig them all.
The dirty and chaotic scene in Beijing described by Dou is just a brief glimpse in the long river of history. At best, it can only be regarded as a microcosm of the decline of the country in the late Ming Dynasty. At least during the Xuande period, the scenery of the capital was infinite. On the first day of the new year, the capital is full of people, the sound of firecrackers, and the sound of firecrackers, one after another, and the smoke from burning incense at Dongyue Temple covers the sky and blocks out the sun. The men and women who circle the pagoda of the White Pagoda Temple gather into a sea. Thousands of families almost shut their doors to go out. Gathering on the balcony to peek at the bustle of the street.
In such a grand festival, people are all eagerly waiting for the moment when the royal car drives out.
They swarm up and compete to watch. At the beginning of each year, there must be members of the royal family going out to pray for blessings. The magnificent guard of honor is completed.
A beautiful landscape in the middle of Beijing, but until the dusk, the Sihe royal family car still disappeared.
People inside the imperial city will be surprised to find that the majestic Forbidden City has four gates closed and guarded.
Standing on any palace road in Miyagi, the word “quiet” will pop up from the bottom of my heart.
Few people in the palace move around. Occasionally, the maids who pass by in a hurry all look solemn and walk lightly for fear of making any noise. The huge Forbidden City is so quiet that you can listen carefully. The embroidery needle fell to the ground, the emperor was critically ill, and the palace was terrified.
All civil and military officials gathered in the Fengtian Palace, anxiously waiting for the queen mother to call for the succession drama to be staged ahead of time. Shi Ping retreated and sat alone in the Qingning Palace, thinking and weighing. She is a woman in the deep palace, but she can’t just be a deep palace woman. For her, self-willed, melancholy, and sorrow are extravagant hopes Eleven years ago, she lost her father-in-law and became a queen Ten years ago She lost her husband and became the empress dowager, and now she is about to lose her eldest son to become the empress dowager.
The misfortune of several generations of relatives has brought her increasing respect for her status. On the dying day, Emperor Xuande has ordered all officials to report important affairs in the court to Emperor Ming.
The empress dowager is the queen dowager’s final choice. Originally, there is no suspense about the successor. Emperor Xuande has two youngest sons.
In the long run, the crown prince should be the successor.
But last year, a charlatan divination for the two princes actually said that they both have the air of emperors. Now someone in the court is discussing the matter with secrets on the question of who will succeed. If there is a dispute, if the dispute arises out of public interest, morality, and talent, that’s fine. I’m afraid that someone will harbor evil intentions.
Seeing that the prince and the second prince are young, they think that rare goods can be lived in. In the future, they can follow the example of ancient power officials.
The queen mother is a wise person, so she can easily weigh the pros and cons of this matter, but the charlatan also said that Zhu Qiming, the only son of the Yue king Zhu Zhanyong, blurted out Fan Chengda’s poem when he was divination for him. The beautiful husband Zhu Qiming is only seven years old.
He is smart, courageous and endowed very differently from others.
He is loved by the Queen Mother, but no matter how he succeeds, he cannot be ranked in the top of his head. Some people privately discuss the words of a sorcerer. Wouldn’t Zhu Qiming be roasted on the fire? No matter what the warlocks say, no matter how the courtiers agree, it will not shake the queen mother’s determination to help the crown prince to succeed. The family has three sons and one daughter.
The eldest son is the second son of Emperor Xuande, Yue Wang Zhu Zhanyong, who lived in Beijing for a long time and never went to his mansion in Quzhou Prefecture, Zhejiang Province.
Since ancient times, the young emperors have been established since ancient times, and the empress dowagers have been deeply worried about this.
However, it is good to have a state-owned adult monarch, but it cannot be forced. The emperor has sons, brothers, and final brothers. It is a pity that Zhu Zhanyong is a carefree king and is very devoted to life.
There is only one woman, the concubine Wu, the husband and wife. The two of them often sing and sing poetry. I’m afraid it won’t work if you put the duck on the shelf. Some people will say that your second son, King Yue, doesn’t want to be the emperor.
Hehe, then I, the third king, Xiangxiang, will do it. I think it’s a matter of course for Zhu Zhanqian to succeed to the throne. It’s not so simple. The emperor can’t be done by anyone Whoever doesn’t want to do it can do it. The king of Yue has no intention of being on the throne.
This is actually the ultimate negation of brother and brother. The second child can’t do it if he doesn’t want to be the third.
After the rule of law, the order of seniority is chaotic, and the laws and regulations are completely lost, causing endless harm.
Setting this precedent is like opening the door to the disaster of Xiaoqiang in later generations.
Besides, since the order of seniority can be messed up, so can the difference between children and concubines.