Returning from Luohu The valley apartment will cross the whole Nanshan Land Rover MercedesBenz on the coastal road the neon lights flashing outside the window

Bring an alchemy system with you to manage and control the memory space of two people.
With the mission of finding nine rare fairy flowers and refining them into a hundred-flower acacia pill, he thrives in the world of flowers and flowers. He becomes a love saint and Buddha.
He is very flamboyant. A magic needle and a magic elixir are fun. The flowers have a strong taste. Those with a weak spleen and stomach are cautious to enter. The funny doctor Shuang Wen traveled through the prosperous Qianlong generation. The cannon fodder was brutally tortured by broken bones and bones, and died. This unjust soul wandered in the three realms for three hundred years and finally achieved a positive result.
He was summoned by the Buddha. The Buddha said that saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. Wiseness is not in vain.
He has done all the grievances in the three realms.
I hope that the Buddha can bestow boundless magic power to avenge his death. He will be lucky enough to be reborn in the future. He will kill Aixinjueluo, Shanger, and others, and sleep all over the palace.
Three thousand beauties will be given to you The Qing royal family put on a big green hat, ten thousand times greener than the green-headed tortoise.
How could the Huang Yuyi’s thoughts and thoughts escape the Buddha’s eyes? Forget about your spirituality, I bestow on you time travel, confer the name of the Great Sage of Love, Huang Shang hopes that you can refine it into a elixir of flowers and joy, and accumulate immeasurable merits for the idiotic men and women in the world.
What kind of rare thing is there that Hundred Flowers and Albizia Jubilee Pill? The Buddha flicked his fingers. Huang Yuyi just passed through the chapter in a daze. Right? Lin Jing reached out and probed Huang Shang’s nose, no breath.
Could it be that he was so weak that he was electrocuted to death by the microphone Huang Yuyi had just been flicked by the Buddha to the 21st century and slipped into Huang Shang’s body without waiting for him to recover. As soon as the god came, I heard the beauties around him calling him to be the emperor Huang Shang Buddha was merciful. It turns out that the Great Sage of Love is actually the title of the emperor. Huang Shang squinted his eyes to take a peek at his new dynasty. At a glance, he saw a beautiful woman standing next to him, who looked disastrous to the country and the people.
But she was disheveled, with long hair and shawls, and the scenery on her chest suddenly appeared.
Witnessing Huang Shang’s 1.8m tall classmate crashing down to the ground, Principal Lu couldn’t imagine how a small microphone could electrocute people.
He was stunned for a few seconds and realized that the matter was serious. The donor, Mr.
Li Jinsong, is sitting on the rostrum. If the full scholarship recipient dies from a poor-quality leaking phone, he himself, the principal, will probably have to leave class and go to the doctor in a hurry. Huang Shang, who was on the ground, was performing mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration. After receiving the order, Lin Jing scolded the eighteenth generation of Principal Lu’s ancestors all over the place in an instant. The wrong old woman’s mouth has kissed the family’s pet dog, and the bitch, which is fake, has never touched any male animals.
She actually asked me to give him artificial respiration. The perverted Lin Jing glanced at the school leaders and teachers on the rostrum for help. Except for the counselor, the guests secretly signaled her to refuse, don’t be wronged, the opinions of the other leaders and the guests were highly unified, with an expression of who else would you? It seems that if you don’t give artificial respiration to this fellow on the ground today, the school leader must treat me.
The charge of death plus a premeditated murder must not be handed to him The microphone seems to have been wiped with a disinfectant tissue before handing him the microphone. Except for his fingerprints, the only thing left is my fingerprints. Seeing that he looks like a dog and is excellent in academics, he will do his best to save him, but he can only resign himself to fate.
Lin Jingxin closed her eyes and bent over to squat beside him, and put her sexy lips on her two soft chests. Touching his chest frivolously, the Chanel perfume hit him in bursts, mixed with coquettish panting, Huang Yuyi found out that his body was hard, and after more than 300 years of fasting, it is really a great fortune for the Huang family to still be able to survive the golden gun It’s just that this beauty seems to have not been through human affairs. She obviously doesn’t know how to kiss.
She just keeps blowing air into her mouth and almost suffocates her. She should be a beautiful girl who is serving her bed for the first time, or let me guide her. Huang Shang is lucky to have a stiff tongue. He grabbed the tip of Lin Jing’s tongue and kissed it passionately. He hugged her hands tightly to the two soft and trembling breasts.
The hard object under her body rushed straight to the bottom of the deep and short dress. The thousands of students under the Huanglong stage are getting restless, the girls are laughing, the boys are regretting, I knew that the school has such a benefit for the students of general subjects, no matter what, I have to go shopping for a full scholarship The camera of the mobile phone with long focus and short focus is aiming at the two celebrities lying on the podium and kissing passionately on the red carpet. The dead bitch actually lied to me for my first kiss. Electrocuted to death Today, my old lady is going to kill the people and make you cut off your son and grandson The still fair face couldn’t care less about the scenery under the deep short skirt. Lu Lin Jing turned over and jumped up, raising her high-heeled cowhide shoes towards the tent erected at his crotch, and left in shame and indignation! Doctor Huang finished the ecstasy kiss, the passion faded, but he became angry from embarrassment. I forked a woman to turn her face faster than a book. Just now, I was passionately kissing the emperor. Suddenly, she pretended to be a chaste saint and dared to murder the emperor.
Doctor Huang reached out and wiped the corner of his mouth vigorously the blood