Regardless of waving the rake regardless the strong wind surged from the spot first arced and swept through the sky until the rake built a

Yang Lin opened his eyes and knocked on his hangover head.
In his ears, he could only hear the sound of hawking.
Someone whispered in his ears, “Young Master.
” The carriage wobbled to a stop, and he was completely awake. He lifted the curtain and looked at the sun.
In the middle of the street paved with bluestone slabs, men in long skirts and short coats are hurrying to and fro. There are some small stalls on the side of the road. Some people shout loudly selling sugar cakes.
Good brown sugar, peanuts, sesame and sugar cakes. Steaming bean curd sesame seed cakes and deep-fried dough sticks sell newspapers and sell newspapers The new issue of the Zhejiang official newspaper The little mushroom looks delicate and elegant, big eyes and small mouth are just cardamom Nianhua Mingming is a maid but is dressed as a servant and wears a bunt very neatly Hears the movement in the car Immediately poked out the fluffy mushroom head with a smile on his face and asked the young master if he would like to eat bowl of tofu curds? Wake up, don’t you have an appetite? Sudi arrived? Yang Lin sighed. He has not accepted the fact that he came to another world these days. There is no TV, no mobile phone, and no Internet. He has no idea what he can do to pass the long days and nights. The only thing he still thinks about is the scenery outside that has not been destroyed by industrialization.
Looking at the scenery and thinking about the future, it’s a pity that I can’t go back after all. Fortunately, my father Yang Shoucheng has money at home, and his body is a well-known drug dealer in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and there are several drug stores and medical centers in Hangzhou.
The business is quite big It would be a blessing among misfortunes that he would not be missing his flowers. If he was reborn to Yang Lin, he glanced at the shivering, sallow, skinny men passing by the carriage, his eyes resting on the scars and pustules on the muddy bare feet. I just shuddered, but then I thought that life would be worse than death without computers, internet, and games. Others would think that I was wearing silk and wearing cotton shoes on a slightly warm day, and that I was still living in a small red clay stove.
It is in heaven, so it is said that one cannot live without contentment and still live like a playboy. In the previous life, the ancestors burned a lot of fragrant mushrooms. He shook his head, lifted his toes and poked his head to look around.
He felt a little dejected today, young master. It’s impossible to go.
The spring rain embankment is full of mud and water. How about we look at it from a distance and wait until the evening to go to Xizhao Mountain to see Leifeng Pagoda. Let’s go to Dingsheng Tower.
I didn’t drink enough yesterday. Sister Xianglian’s farewell Although the singing is a bit lacking in charm and lacking some life experience, but her voice is good and everything is good, it is ecstasy through the ages, but it’s just a farewell.
It’s the leisurely wandering around all day long, and I can’t adjust it in a short time.
The little mushroom promised loudly that the smiling head would lead the way. She is the favorite. She took out a few coins and bought a tabloid and handed it to him Yang Lin drove the carriage and turned to leave. She knew that her young master had changed his temper some time ago. Ningxiangyuan went less often and basically stayed overnight. It’s because of drinking, he’s so delusional every day, he’s rarely sober, and the strangest thing is that the young master, who always has a headache when he’s reading newspapers, complains that he’s bored, he’s concerned about current affairs.
It’s very difficult to read, I guess I can’t even recognize the whole words, but I look at it very seriously, I’m really studying word by word. If I had this kind of energy, I wouldn’t have been beaten so many times by the master. The little girl secretly took a look at my house. The corners of the young master’s mouth curled up slightly, and he was afraid that the young master who was reading in the carriage would find himself snickering. He raised his hand to cover up his small face, and touched his round mushroom head. It was very difficult to read traditional Chinese characters.
You can also understand this note from the Western Affairs Bureau. On the day of the consulate, the Japanese merchants who caused trouble were arrested and punished, and all Japanese merchants were asked to move to the concession. The article was about international relations. It said that the Japanese were not satisfied with the concession area. Tentacles have been extended to other areas, building shops and competing for profits with the people of the country. This has not aroused the public outrage of some folk patriots, so a policy has been issued to drive them back to the concession and go to Shaoxing Zhuji County for the past three years.
The data is mainly to vigorously combat the opium business and call on the people of the country to resist poisoning.
At the end of the newspaper, Yang Lin also saw a small reward news. Assassinated at Yegouling in the western suburbs of Hangzhou, the cargo was destroyed and seventeen people were killed on the spot.
The gentry of various surnames was shot three times in a row and died on the spot.
According to eyewitnesses, the assassin used double guns and his legs were convenient. He was short and thick, suspected of being injured, and escaped. The one-time reward of 800 silver dollars to those brought into the case will never break their promise.
The reward is really heavy.
Yang Lin’s eyebrows twitched. He felt that this reward was not simple. It is not easy to reward 800 yuan just for secreting the assassin’s whereabouts without being caught. These days, he has already figured out that silver dollars are actually very valuable. What is the concept of eight hundred silver dollars? In Hangzhou City, a house on a good site can buy two houses. The monthly salary of ordinary migrant workers is only six to eight silver dollars.
Eight hundred silver dollars is equivalent to These people worked for 100 months.
The gentry with various surnames who was killed by the assassin seems to be a big man. After being killed, the influence is not small, but the hope of catching the assassin based on the description in the newspaper is really very slim. Fa Convenience is short and strong, except for the short and strong figure, which is useful, the other features are not even facial features. The assassin should have hidden his face before he shot.
March 18th, wasn’t that just yesterday? Yang Lin’s heart skipped a beat, Little Mushroom City Have you heard of the assassination incident in the western suburbs? I know it too well. When we left the house in the morning, the master and wife kept telling us not to cause trouble.