Regarding the strength of the army under his command he is still Congratulations to the host Luo Xuanxiu the general of the Ministry of Fire

A few wisps of withered and yellow weeds are dotted here and there on the boundless wasteland, swaying with the wind and sand, a tall figure is walking with difficulty, his worn-out brown leather armor is stained with mottled blood, his resolute face is covered with sweat, he is dragging a The corpse dragged a long bloodstain on the wasteland. The corpse was his robe, and none of them could be left behind. There were six or seven warriors behind him as well. Although they followed suit, they were extremely firm, giving people a sense of tragic desolation.
The energy storage progress has reached 99.
9%. It is expected to be officially activated at noon today.
At that time, the host will get a mysterious gift package. With the sound in his mind, Lu Yu gasped and dragged the corpse with his palm.
After traveling to this world called Xianwu Continent with a little bit of strength, he knew the existence of the system, but the system has been storing energy, which made him very helpless.
Now it is finally about to be activated, and he couldn’t help looking forward to it because of this.
It is his only hope.
After coming to this world, he became the grandson of General Jingbian, Lu Heng.
Three months ago, when the family sacrificed, because the eldest grandson of General Jingbian’s mansion disrespected his mother, he couldn’t help but contradict his mother, so he was killed by the general.
The government was directly dispatched to the border and became a garrison of the Beacon Tower. For three long months, under the tempering of the yellow sand and the flames of war, a green young man was forged into an iron-blooded soldier.
Just when Lu Yu led his brothers to chop firewood I collided with the barbarian scouts and experienced a small-scale conflict.
After a small-scale conflict, six of the Beacon Tower fighters who were originally equipped with twelve people died, while the blood barbarians lost only one scout. It can be seen that the barbarians are strong. It is not an exaggeration to say that one enemy is ten. If the next time the opponent comes is not a scout but a team of knights, the entire beacon tower will be destroyed.
In such a dangerous place, it is not an exaggeration to say that the general’s mansion will let Lu Yu die. Lu Xun He is a direct bloodline, a top-rank spirit body, has the aptitude for cultivation, and is recommended to be sent to the palace. After he completes his studies, he can become a fifth-rank official, and his fiancée is the daughter of a fourth-rank general Zhenyuan, and he is the son of a son-in-law, so he must praise one and kill the other. What a cruel heart, Lu Yu said to himself as he walked, the border of northern Xinjiang has always been the place with the highest death rate. Relying on the eight thousand miles of Yunling Mountains as a barrier, the Great Zhou Dynasty and the blood barbarians in the iron-blooded city of Northern Xinjiang confronted here. For thirty years, countless soldiers died in the entire northern battlefield every year, and the Tianxing Beacon Tower where I was located was thousands of miles away from Tianshi Pass on the westernmost side of the mountain range. Looting the entire Beacon Tower and rebuilding it three times in a year shows how dangerous the Lu family is, this is putting themselves to death! Thinking of this, a flash of determination flashed in Lu Yu’s eyes, the more he was in this adversity, the more he would Is it to insist that he and his mother are now kicked out of the family and waiting in the cold kiln for him to return? I once said that I must insist on earning her a life.
Lu Yu used his last strength and said to himself.
At the same time, I came to the Beacon Tower and said that the Beacon Tower is actually a small fortress, only the size of an ordinary yard, but the walls are five meters high and one meter thick.
Traces and little bloodstains are said to be left by the last wave of soldiers stationed at the Beacon Tower.
Now the body of the same robe is about to be buried under this fort. This is almost the fate of every generation of beacon guards. The corpses fell to the ground together, and they said to the other half-dead warriors who were equally tired around them to take a rest, and then bury the corpses as soon as possible, or the sand wolves would be attracted to us, and we would be trapped for several days. After receiving Lu Yu’s order, the others They all nodded and enjoyed the rare leisure. At this moment, I felt extremely satisfied.
Looking at their green faces, Lu Yu couldn’t bear to live for two lifetimes, but they might not know which day they would be buried under this beacon tower.
But then I shook my head and cared about myself first. Maybe after the system is activated, I can lead them to survive. After a while, everyone stood up consciously and began to bury the corpse. At that time, the same blood, the same passion, the title of marquis and worship of generals seemed to be right in front of our eyes, but after experiencing the blood and fire, who is not the foundation of this beacon tower? There was a burst of shouting behind him, and the sound of the carriage wheels was like rain beating on the stone slabs.
Under the scorching sun, the reflection of the elegant carriage appeared, and the surroundings of the carriage were wrapped in expensive and exquisite silk to protect them from the wind and sand, and inlaid with gold. The inlaid window of the car is covered by a curtain of light blue crepe, showing a sense of mystery. Pulling the car are two cloud-smoked beasts covered with black scales, and their muscles are tense.
They walk on this wasteland like walking on flat ground, claiming to travel thousands of miles a day. It’s too extravagant to use a horse. In short, this carriage is full of luxury, which is in stark contrast to the barren border, and it seems out of place.
There are eight knights on both sides of the carriage.
Looking from a distance, it looks like a dancing flame, and the spear made of red iron faintly faces both sides, ready to fight at any time If it’s these soldiers, even if they just deal with one, it’s a dead end. Although there is no family badge on the car, everyone knows that this must be a nobleman in the city of Beijiang.
When the eyes of the embarrassed soldiers flashed with uneasiness. The woman who got out of the car was the first to catch her eyes