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Building on Chang’an Street, Kyoto Yesterday I considered giving you a salary increase.
Today you resigned.
You are the beat generation. I see you as the down generation. After refusing to work overtime, you refused to go to work. You just graduated, Lu Feng, I have always been I am very optimistic about you.
Why did you resign? The one talking is Lufeng’s boss, Wu De, who has a big head and a thick neck. Looking at his clothes, he knows that he is a rich man, not a cook. Lu Feng told him that he would resign a month ago. He thought Lu Feng was just talking casually.
To be precise, I just graduated today.
I have my dream. I want to do what I want to do.
Today I am here to hand over the mess.
The days are fleeting. The four years of university are ruthlessly expired.
Lufeng has been hiding from the school all this time.
He wants to find young people he likes to be.
It is good to have dreams, but you should know that the reality is skinny after working for so long. This society is not as simple as you think. Dexiao Wu He sees Lu Feng’s various performances with reason and emotion, he does things and makes him feel at ease, I’m sorry, I don’t want to hang around here, no matter how Wu De keeps Lu Feng, I will stick to the path I want to take, it seems that you are determined You’re leaving, you’ve been busy all your life, at the end of the day, you’ll find that life is life, don’t be confused by life, Wu De shook his head helplessly at the secretary next to him, and smiled Xiao Liu took him to hand him over When he was brought up, he didn’t know his own background.
Whenever he asked Mr. Hu, Mr. Hu always had various excuses. Gradually, Lu Feng never asked about his own background. He firmly believed that one day the truth would come to light. No matter how sinful a person is, he has the right to soothe his smile.
If there is only heartbreak behind his smile, why should he be so embarrassed? Today is the last day at school. Lu Feng dragged his tired body back and forth to the dormitory, holding a brand new textbook in his arms, humming what he didn’t know The song bang bang Lu Feng absently knocked on the door of the dormitory, echoing what Wu De said in his head, he always felt that he had been fooled by life for four years and hadn’t attended a full class. One turns off the host computer, the other turns off the display, the action is extremely fast, and the other hides under the bed and hears nothing.
The bed rises and falls with the body shaking Lu Feng can guess that these two boys are watching Teacher Cang’s blockbuster movie, one is Gao Chao and the other is Qin Shou. The two are like-minded. They often analyze Master Cang’s classic moves in Lin Feng’s ears. I’m so annoying, I was originally Teacher Cang’s ultimate fan, my dear boss, can you come and enjoy it next time? It was Aoi who was stepping down. Lu Feng felt ashamed and turned to Qiu Han who was under the blanket, sighing incomparably.
It’s really shocking, the beasts, close the door, let’s continue to study, Gao Chao’s two legs, and press the host again.
Four years have passed, when will you hang around? We’re going to find a job tomorrow, and you don’t have to prepare for it.
Even if you are still obsessed with Mrs. Cang, you plan to make a movie with her, but the old Continental Wind who has been called for four years naturally can’t just sit back and watch his four-year classmates just be crippled like this.
They have been playing for four years and they are going to work tomorrow. If she asks me to make a movie, I’ll give you a hundred words, so stop nagging. We’re college graduates anyway. I’m afraid we won’t be able to find a job.
If it’s impossible, go to my dad’s company. I’ll call him tomorrow. Gao Chao didn’t care about the phone call because he was a rich second generation, and he spoke with confidence. He broke up with a girlfriend in college for four years because he was too hardworking.
Now he is single again. Every woman who has been with him calls him Jia Jin. Than a pirate, hehe, thank you second brother Qin Shou shamelessly thanked your sister for calling second brother Gao Chao, and laughed and scolded that it was second brother Qin Shou pulled up Qiu Han who was still dreaming of sex under the covers, fourth brother don’t have to worry about work tomorrow Tonight, I asked about the public test. I relied on a sunny day. Qin Shou exclaimed. I was knocked down by thunder. I wanted to talk about going to the public test together, but I forgot that Qiu Han was pulled up from the bed in a daze. The body shook and shot directly onto the computer screen. If Gao Chao hadn’t dodged quickly, the consequences would be unimaginable.
Shoot me in seconds. Why the fuck are you sleeping naked? You’ll be happy to see you and shoot your integrity. It’s almost too late. If you shoot it In my mouth, I just jumped off the building and forget it. Gao Chao yelled and cursed, and his face changed, but it’s not enough to turn his face because of it.
You all fucking admire the new Guinness record.
Lu Feng directly gave a thumbs up. You know, Qiu Han is two meters away from the computer screen. This is definitely a broken record. After putting on the underpants under the pillow, they fell asleep and fell asleep.
The four gay friends at night. In the evening, the four of them were dizzy from drinking and had no interest in singing any more.
They went straight home. The shameless Gao Chao turned on the computer as soon as he came back. I’m all looking for girls, you bandits eat up my living expenses for half a month, what kind of game is this?