Recognized him at the first sight Chapter 349 Fighting for the Front Nervous Yi Haos identity was exposed when the ring was also taken away

In 685 of the Great Qi, misfortunes and sins were shining in the east, and the few stars that fell were afraid of misfortunes and became dim. The sun finally rose again after setting three days ago. An Ruosu stood on the nine hundred and ninety-nine steps high altar made of Xingyao stone, looked at the dawn that finally rose in the eastern sky, looked at the imminent catastrophe with a stern face, his whole body was as white as a bright moon, holy as a banished fairy, in the dark night forever It is the brightest and brightest chief priest. After the sun rises, the fate can only be sinking. The armillary sphere behind the Kowloon rotates again. With the rising sun, the new era begins to roll. The annual rings are lifted from the ground.
The sound of crying came out, followed by disasters and sins, and it was regarded as a disaster. He was just born, and the disaster had already happened.
His mother had already died because of his dystocia. However, for him, the real disaster had just begun.
He is just a hand.
How can a baby with no power to bind a chicken become the disaster star in your mouth? Now is not the future, but Ye promises you how he will not be in the future. The undercurrent is raging, and a palm fades away the baby’s innate energy and destroys the spirit veins. The catastrophe will lead to changes in the imperial court, which undoubtedly charges Ye Hentian with treason. He is a generation of princes who will not ignore hundreds of thousands of innocent people for the safety of his own son, so he will save it with this palm. The life of the newly born son has also saved his safety from the ground.
The heavenly decree has broken out and the situation has already begun.
I will report this matter to His Majesty. I saw Ye Hentian treat his son so cruelly. Seemingly helpless, she picked up the infant baby who had just suffered a catastrophe, and was crippled by her father’s palm, which is equivalent to the pain of bone pain, but she couldn’t hear the baby crying at all. He hasn’t cried since he was born. But only shed tears when the mother died of dystocia. An Ruosu stretched out her slender jade fingers to wipe away the tears from the corners of the baby’s eyes. Looking at the baby’s calm eyes, she seemed to be facing an unrivaled emperor.
This dynasty is the most beautiful and the most beautiful.
The mysterious and most ethereal woman couldn’t help but shake her delicate body at that moment, then she shook her head and sighed, “This child can’t be changed by humans, so I left this peace tear talisman, only wishing the heavens to bring good fortune. An Ruosu will hang on the bed after finishing speaking I took off the close-fitting amulet on my jade neck, it was a crystal clear amber jade amulet, I don’t see anything special about it, but it was an infant child passed to her by the former Chief Priest Priestess because of her word. It was so difficult that I couldn’t bear it, so I left this peace tear talisman sixteen years later, babbling, above the blue sky, the blue clouds flowed, a green luan came from the west with colorful clouds, and the brilliance of colored glaze shone dazzlingly on its wings. The auspicious air descended from the sky in the Marquis Wu’s Mansion in Changge City, hurry up and report The eldest lady said that this month’s foreign blessing has come again. The green luan landed on an old pine in the backyard of the Hou’s mansion. It held a scripture in its sharp orange beak. The foreign blessing that the old housekeeper said was this. For the past sixteen years, there will be unexpected blessings every month and month. Obviously, it is not the first time that Qingluan has come to the Marquis Mansion. Many people are even familiar with it, because there was a spirit beast on the day Ye Hentian’s third child, Ye Ci, was born. From then on, spirit beasts appeared in Wuhou Mansion almost every month.
Sometimes it was Qingluan holding a book, sometimes it was a spirit deer carrying a treasure, sometimes it was a spirit monkey holding wine, and even once on Ye Ci’s tenth birthday. It is not a simple blessing because Ye Hentian knows that these spirit beasts are all for Ye Ci, and they are here for the son who is regarded as a disaster star and whose spiritual veins were destroyed by his own palm. The head of Jitian is not wrong, this son cannot be changed by manpower, even if Ye Hentian abolishes Ye Ci, there will still be heaven and earth spirits coming for him, this is simply unbelievable, fifth young master, hurry up and take down the scriptures, the old butler is no longer the first This is the first time this kind of thing happens, so it is natural to know who to call at this time. It is not the first time for Qing Luan to come to the Hou Mansion, but no one can do anything about it except Ye Ci, and only Ye Ci can take the scriptures from its mouth.
It has been more than sixteen years since he came out.
The baby boy who still didn’t cry when he received a palm has now grown into a refined boy.
He is dressed in a simple white suit and wears a blue satin bun in his bun. An amber teardrop-shaped jade talisman hung around his neck.
He walked slowly towards Qingluan with frivolous steps.
It was no wonder that Ye Ci encountered a catastrophe on the day he was born and was crushed by his father. If you were an ordinary person, you might only be able to spend your life on the bed if you lost your spiritual meridian. However, Ye Cijue, the extraordinary son, even if his foundation was completely destroyed, even if his meridians were cut off, he still gritted his teeth and stood up with an unyielding heart.
He used two It took three years to learn to crawl, to learn to walk, and five years to learn to run, and now I can walk like an ordinary person. This is nothing to ordinary people, but to Yeats, the hardships he has suffered in the past ten years are definitely beyond the reach of ordinary people. Qingluan, who understood, rested on the old pine and watched Ye Ci walk towards him.
It slowly lowered its long neck, put the scriptures in Ye Ci’s hands, and then babbled and drove away with a sixth-grade spiritual art, Firefox Ye. Ci looked at the gold-plated scripture in his hand and knew it was a great spiritual art just by hearing the name.
When he opened the home page, it was written as a sect of scriptures. It was written as the fifth-rank sect of the Huoyunmen sect among the three thousand sects of Daqi.
Ye Ci had been familiar with it since childhood. A hundred schools of thought are better, different aspirations, the great Qi Dynasty, the Wuzhi Dynasty, and the world advocating martial arts. The various sects have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and stood up to teach for a while.