Ready to go all out now they stood up with complete confidence and started to move forward Why didnt she run away A soldier asked

In an ordinary world, I was awakened by a burst of alarm bells.
I threw off the quilt in a daze and stood up with my elbows to support myself.
I turned off the alarm clock that was still screaming on the bedside table. There was our family portrait on the bedside table. Every day when I wake up, the first thing I see is the alarm clock, and then I look at this photo framed in an old-fashioned photo frame. There are four people in the photo, my father, mother, me and my brother.
My parents are both teachers.
My brother is going to be a senior this year. I am about to step into the society.
As for me, I am a sophomore in high school. Our family is in a residential area in the center of the city.
There are several roads below the house.
It is very busy with traffic on weekdays, but because of the high floor, we don’t hear much.
I saw the sound of traffic, so our house was relatively quiet.
After washing my face, I came to the living room and found that my parents had already gone to work. Their work place is far away from here, so I have to leave early and return late every day to offset the heavy traffic. The influence of coming.
My brother is also studying finance in college. From freshman to senior year, he came back only a handful of times. Even if it is a holiday, only the Spring Festival can let him come back once in a while. In my impression, he has always been a very good person.
A withdrawn person doesn’t like to talk.
He thinks that talking is not as useful as doing things. He doesn’t look like me at all. His face is very thin.
I once joked that he looks like a carving from Rodin’s knife. His eyes are so bright. I feel that there is a trace of sternness in the gentleness, and the number of friends with such a temperament can be imagined. On the contrary, I am more lively and have a wider network of contacts in school.
Everyone likes me, and I have long been used to this feeling.
Brother treats me. What he did did not appear to be unacceptable, just silent, maybe because I am his younger brother, Hua, you have to be careful in the outside world, there are not so many good people, and my brother often warns me with a cold face.
On the surface, I obey his teachings But in fact, he didn’t take it seriously at all. No matter what, my brother is indeed a very responsible person.
When I hit him when he was young, he never fought back.
He has always been tolerant of my capriciousness, but he rarely gives people warmth. No matter how much I joke with him, he rarely laughs in front of me, and never laughs in front of outsiders.
He also never watches anime or plays games that I am interested in. What game is he just numb watching the news and the National Geographic Channel with memories of my brother I unpacked a sandwich on the table It’s the kind of sandwich sold in the store My kitchen is often called redundant by the leader because there is no People cook in it. Parents don’t come back at noon.
They also come back for breakfast at work after eating in the evening. To save time, they mostly buy this kind of sandwich. My breakfast is literally a sandwich here. In the era of highly developed economy, although this kind of breakfast is cheap and common, it still makes people feel a bit lonely without seeing their parents in the morning. Did my brother grow up in this environment and become like that? People, I think my schoolbag and the pressure of study that high school students need to face are completely incompatible I have seen it for a long time, because it was left in school and the teacher would confiscate it, it became a regular visitor in my schoolbag. I carried it every day and carried it back. I carried the schoolbag and went out. There are no windows in the dark corridor of the residential building. The dim light of the voice-activated lights, the doors, the shoe racks in front of the doors, and the shoes scattered all over the floor. There are many oil paintings hanging in the corridor by the developer. There is an impressionist Monet painting in front of everyone’s door. The sunrise at the door of the neighbor’s house is the famous sunflower painted by Van Gogh.
There are not many people going out at this point, and it can be said that there are basically no elevators. The interior is empty. I ignore the advertisements on the elevator screen and turn my eyes to the sightseeing elevator behind me.
One side is transparent. The experience of going up or down among the tall buildings in the concrete forest is amazing.
I can see this city every day.
It is located on the seashore in the south of the Republic. Urban parents are very glad that they chose to teach here when they came out of the mainland, even though the wage level was not high at the beginning. As the elevator descends, the inside of the elevator car seems to have experienced a rapid sunset. It quickly darkened at the bottom of the city due to the dense buildings. The diffuse reflection produced by the sun also reduces the honor of being illuminated by the sun.
It will always only belong to those high-rise buildings built later. My line of sight gradually parallels the billboard on the roof of a building, and gradually I can’t see the words on the billboard. Then What passed in front of me was an empty track, but I didn’t see the train. The empty track is the highest means of transportation in this city I can clearly feel that standing is more strenuous. Obviously, I am about to reach the ground. The last thing I see is the familiar neon sign of the store and a congested road. It also swept in and caught my eye was a row of cabinet-style mailboxes, which were designed by the developer here for the owners of the community. In fact, they did this to earn more money. I took out the keys from my pocket and found my home with ease. I am familiar with taking out a large stack of beautifully printed advertisements and throwing them into the trash can next to me.
This is my daily duty, otherwise the mailbox will be full soon. After throwing away the advertisements, I took the only newspaper left to read. Glancing at his watch, he ran towards the light rail station. The newspapers have not disappeared in this era. The information on the Internet is like a puddle of black water.