Rao Nangong Rui snorted coldly clenched his fists and eyes if he could kill someone Fan Dawei would have died hundreds of times yes his

Chapter 1 Hanging and Exploding the Sky, the capital of Yunxi Country, Yuncheng, the late autumn has come and the yellow leaves are falling, the streets and alleys are still very lively.
A low-key and luxurious carriage is walking on the wide street.
Two girls aged fifteen or sixteen, one blue and one green Sitting side by side on the shaft of the car, they casually chatted while driving. Chunlan kept her voice down so that the lady could not hear the girl in blue named Qiuyue and glared at Chunlan angrily. I don’t know Miss Temper Miss never cares about these gossips, otherwise, why would she shush her face, be careful, there are ears on the wall, Qiuyue’s eyes sharpen as she breathes sharply, a slight fluctuation around her immediately alerts her to Yun Xiyao, who is lying comfortably on the red sandalwood in a purple dress Squinting and taking a rest in the wooden carriage The fox blanket is soft and comfortable The beauty inside the car is sleepy The sudden change of wind outside the car The horseshoes are flustered Yun Xiyao’s eyes are slightly cold The car curtain falls together A black shadow flashes A UFO Falling into Yun Xiyao’s arms without warning, Yun Xiyao waved an unknown object with a palm, and fell into the carriage with a bang, and a faint smell of blood permeated Chunlan’s exclamation, but Qiuyue tightly covered her mouth Want to kill Miss, Chunlai blinked her ignorant little eyes, shook her head again and again, Qiuyue took a deep breath and glared at Chunlan, continuing to drive the carriage leisurely, don’t interfere with Miss’s affairs, I haven’t seen Miss suffer a loss in the past few years, Qiuyue thought Whispering, it’s not the master at all, I’m worried about Chunlan Suri bluffing, at the critical moment, I still have to look at Qiuyue’s face, I’m very surprised in my heart, two flowers bloom, a single branch, and said that the atmosphere in the carriage has dropped to freezing point, Yun Xiyao never dreamed of being caught by her The unidentified object who was stunned by the palm suddenly jumped up, and a bone-chilling dagger was pressed against her neck, making your people shut up.
The hoarse and cold voice was like a demon crawling out of hell.
The heart is so cold that it makes people shiver, but this is because of it. For others, Yun Xiyao is nothing but a piece of cake. Yun Xiyao glanced at the man in brocade clothes with a half-smile, you are sure you have the strength to kill your aunt! A hand knife slashed on the man’s neck. Damn this girl is just charging some interest. Suddenly, there was a commotion outside the carriage.
Qiulan lowered her voice and said, “Miss, there are officers and soldiers who want to check.” About to go forward and circle around, suddenly, ouch, the inspecting guard’s head was hit by an object, bleeding profusely, who the hell get out, the guard Liu Yida yelled furiously like a thunder, get off, the captain of the guard, Shi Shang’s eyes were deep, and there was a panic in his heart, and he slapped Liu Yida on the cheek Poor Liu Yida on the back of his head just got his forehead smashed, and now he was slapped by Shi Shang, his eyes were staring at gold stars, and his mouth is not good. What’s the matter? Damn it, if you want to die, die quickly I will promote you only when I am blind Shi Shang snorted coldly, kicked Liu Yida to the ground respectfully, stepped forward and handed the gold medal to Qiuyue respectfully, nodding and bowing, Lord, please go slowly Qiuyue and Chunlan looked at each other, threw down an ingot of silver, drove the carriage away, Liu Yida finally realized that he had gotten into trouble, hugged Shi Shang’s thigh, and begged to let him go In the past, the red sandalwood carriage disappeared at the gate of the city.
Yun Xiyao rolled her eyes, weighed the gold medal in her hand, put it in the ring, and casually looked at the uninvited guest in the carriage. She was dressed in brocade clothes with cloud patterns on the cuffs, and the black dragon texture was faintly visible.
The runaway dog ​​Yun Xiyao stared at her beautiful eyes, a ball of anger rose in her chest, and kicked the man fiercely, and then charged some interest.
The man let out a muffled groan, his eyes closed tightly, his black hair hanging down on the blanket, wearing a half mask on his right face, looking sideways If the knife is cut, the ax is carved, the eyebrows are sharp like a sword, the nose bridge is tall and straight, like a distant mountain, the only fly in the ointment is too much blood loss, and the lips are white.
Are you really a monster? For the sake of your finely crafted skin, the Hama Chewai Qiuyue and Chunlan who saved you chuckled, no one knows, no one knows Miss is a nympho, she is also a master of both sexes, hehe, if the shadow guards know about this I don’t know how much fun it was. The two decided to go back and flaunt their young lady’s obsession.
Turning to Yun Xiyao, she was almost drowned by her own halazi.
She wiped her mouth with her cuff and glanced down at the man in brocade clothes.
I also had a thought in my mind.
Yun Xiyao slapped her thigh and stretched out her hand to turn the man in brocade clothes over, and couldn’t help being stunned. What the hell is the creepy pattern on his back? Could it be some kind of evildoer? Yun Xiyao swallowed. Tumo resisted the urge to kick him away and continued to check the wounds on his body, no less than a hundred places.
The most deadly thing was the stabbing in the chest, and he didn’t die.
It’s mysterious and mysterious. Knowing that Hum Yun Xiyao is not powerful, she is angry and turns the man in black over, curling her lips and talking to herself, how can she be picky? Do you know the real identity of this girl? The man in clothes heals his wounds, cough, cough, what the hell? I need some more money for a while, not much.
The man’s body is permeated with an aura that strangers should not enter, but at this moment, he is like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.
The reason why the shallows are not dead is that it’s about Mo’s busy work for a stick of incense.
Yun Xiyao breathed a sigh of relief and narrowed her eyes.
Her eyes fell on the half ghost mask on the face of the man in black.
She couldn’t help reaching out her hand and getting closer. Seeing the truth, Yun Xiyao’s fingertips were icy cold, her wrist was tightened, a big cold hand was holding her wrist, the man in the brocade suddenly opened his eyes, bloody