Raise your hands high and look at Chai Yan stubbornly Chen Weinan Why did you call me my name is nice you also drink milk

In love with each other, childhood sweetheart, industry elite, protagonist, Chai Yan, Chen Weinan, no love, no love, no love, no love, no love, no love, no love, no love, no love, no love, no love, No. 16, April 16, 1960, one minute before 3 p.m. This minute from now we will be friends for a minute This is a fact You can’t change because it’s already passed I’ll come back tomorrow I’ll be back on Days of Being Wild She still looks a little less cute. She still remembers the doctor who put on the ugly braces for herself. After finishing everything, she used to copy her hands and told her parents how the effect would be.
There is no guarantee. The doctor’s words had a profound impact on Chai Yan. In the next few years, except for occasions when she had to speak, she seldom spoke. One reason was that she was afraid of showing her braces and being laughed at. The second reason was that she was afraid that her teeth would really fall out. Just like the toothless old lady, fortunately she took off the braces a few years later, her teeth are still white and neat, but Chai Yan didn’t thank the doctor for saving her teeth, but instead hated the doctor for living cautiously and inferiorly because of the doctor’s words in her childhood.
She hates that doctor, she doesn’t like doctors, especially the dentist Chen Weinan is just a dentist Now Chen Monan is standing in the distance behind the glass door full of night, his hand is holding on to the barricade The navy blue button-down coat makes him look handsome and tall Chai Yan, who was coming out of the airport pushing her gold-pink suitcase, immediately saw Chen Monan, who was waiting for her holding a sign. Why do you hate such a good man? Chai Yan made a grimace at Chai Yan, without saying a word, walked up to Chen Weinan calmly, stretched out his hand and snatched the sign from Chen Weinan’s hand, and shook it in front of Shen Xiao, just because he hated it.
Now she looked at it and laughed a little.
This Chen Weinan is really fun.
The sign reads “Steel Tooth Flame” and a steel brace is drawn on the back with white chalk.
Then we parted ways with Shen Xiao, and Chai Yan took Chen Weinan’s car, and Shen Xiao had to wait for the airport bus to her home. Chai Yan pushed the car door and got out of the car.
Wasn’t our car just a detour? She grabbed Shen Xiao’s luggage, Shen Xiao smiled and thought, or agree to Chai Yan’s ride, forget it, but when she meets Chen Weinan in the cab When she opened her eyes, she was about to obey her hand, and quickly took it back. Shen Xiao pursed her lips and refused, no need, the road to my house is not easy, you go, the bus will come in a while, there is really no need for the bus, there are too many cars, Chen Weinan is lazily in the car When the car carried Chai Yan roaring out of the curved ramp of the airport, Chai Yan looked back and vaguely saw Shen Xiao waving goodbye to them. She turned and glared at Chen Weinan, but Chen Weinan shrugged indifferently.
She said no.
The place where her family lives really needs to go around a big circle.
Chen Weinan’s right hand is bigger than the one.
Chai Yan was upset by the circle. She had already told her family that no one would answer her mother.
When she heard her words on the phone, she immediately scolded her for not being Nan, a good child. Chen Weinan, who was in a minor tune, thought of Shen Xiao who was waiting for the bus all by himself, and felt that Chen Weinan was an abominable man. When there were 18 electric poles, I looked back at Chai Yan, Chai Yan looked out the window, and the anger still hasn’t dissipated. Poor Chen Weinan shoves her, he can’t stand it when two people are together, don’t talk, turn right, you know, chat with me, what’s wrong, talk to him about Heng Rong’s layoff case, or how many teeth Chen Weinan pulled out in a year, Chai Yan and him? How many common topics, not speaking, not speculating is a big problem, she cast her eyes out of the window and offended Chen Weinan, who was boring Guo Like didn’t drive halfway, but Chai Yan suddenly called Chen Weinan to turn around, she was holding on to the steering wheel, why did you slip me to play? Chen Weinan looked like you were joking, Shen Xiao, I forgot something.
Ignoring Chen Weinan, she took out her mobile phone and dialed Shen Xiao’s number, where is it just waiting for me to deliver something to you, and by the way, take you home? Is the money enough? Is it enough? I’m selling oil and myself.
Chen Weinan grinned and Chai Yan stretched out his fist. Returning to the scenery along the same road, but engraved by the thick night, at the airport exit, Chai Yan found a trembling Shen Xiao beside a stone pillar. When she pulled Shen Xiao up, Shen Xiao pulled her lips hard at her, but smiled like Frozen, as if the New Year’s Eve bus to my house has been cancelled, holding Shen Xiao’s cold hand, Chai Yan turned her head and glared at Chen Weinan, but Chen Weinan looked innocent. It’s nothing to do with me.
He’s not a sympathetic person, but he doesn’t spread easily Chen Weinan glanced at Shen Xiao, who was sitting in the back seat, and Chai Yan was taking off his coat and handing it to her. He curled his lips and said something silly. Shen Xiao’s home is really far away. Chen Weinan drove for more than an hour before he parked the car in a Shen Xiao got out of the car in front of the compound with earthen walls and wooden doors and two dilapidated red lanterns hanging at the door. Many people from home came out to greet her.
Those people exchanged pleasantries with Shen Xiao, and then put more attention on Shen Xiao and brought them back. Chen Weinan sat in the car with his bag on