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Chapter 1 The Princess and the Pauper In the most luxurious Diamond Life box in Jinchao Bar, Jincheng City, Province, Zhong Hao’s complexion looked a little weird under the blue light.
He was wearing a neat bar waiter uniform and was holding a drink On the sofa in front of him were a few gorgeously dressed beautiful girls and handsome young men. Brother Zhong Hao looked at the girl sitting in the middle. The girl was about 22 or 3 years old. It is a tailor-made long dress by a senior designer of Chanel. Her graceful figure is undoubtedly clear.
She wears the latest colored diamond jewelry from Bulgari on her wrists and chest.
She has jet-black fluffy hair and her crystal hair is slightly rolled up The appearance of the girl who is decorated with shiny and charming is already very beautiful, but under this dress, she looks more like a noble princess. Perhaps the girl also thinks that she is a princess.
She can clearly feel a kind of arrogance and aloofness from her body.
She was sitting on the sofa, but she looked at Zhong Hao as if she was condescending.
The girl’s name is Mu Ziran, one of the four major financial groups in Jincheng, the daughter of the Mu Group, but she has another identity. Zhong Hao’s last marriage Wife is a baby-marriage made by the parents of both parties 20 years ago.
At that time, Zhong Hao was just born and had a background bigger than that of the Mu family. The Mu family relied on the support of the Zhong family to develop.
It’s a pity that a great change caused the Zhong family to collapse rapidly in just one year, and his parents passed away one after another under tremendous pressure, and finally entrusted him to the Mu family. One is a high-ranking daughter, a proud princess, and the other is a pauper who depends on others. Moreover, Zhong Hao also suffers from a strange congenital disease, which is congenitally weak and sick. Although Mu Ziran’s father, Mu Lingyun, thought about the Zhong family’s support and support to him, he forcibly maintained the marriage contract regardless of Mu Ziran’s opposition, but Zhong Hao thought that the marriage contract did not exist after he became sensible, and he started from junior high school.
He only earns tuition and living expenses through part-time jobs. Apart from living in the Mu family, he has almost no relationship with the Mu family. Zhong Hao knows that Mu Ziran is very opposed to this marriage contract and hates him.
He usually has nothing to do with Mu Ziran. Any intersection is just what he didn’t expect was that Mu Ziran, who usually only goes to high-end clubs, would appear in the bar at this moment. Isn’t this a top student in our college? How could he serve dishes in such a place? Why do you think it looks so familiar? By the way, Ziran, isn’t he the baby of your family’s fiance? Why is it that your family doesn’t have him now? That’s why Ziran’s pet dog needs dog food every month.
It’s tens of thousands, if you divide it up, it should be enough to support him, right? Seeing Zhong Hao coming in, those wealthy sons were stunned for a moment, and then they all sneered and ridiculed as if they had discovered a new continent. They are students of Mingzhi Private Academy just like Zhong Hao. The doll marriage between Zhong Hao and Mu Ziran is no secret to them They also know that Mu Ziran is very opposed to this engagement, so they ridicule it almost unscrupulously. In their eyes, Zhong Hao is a stray dog ​​adopted by the Mu family.
Mu Ziran obviously did not expect to meet Zhong Hao here. Today, who would come to the bar for such an occasion, by accident, he followed the advice of his best friend and came here to experience the life of the so-called lower class.
Who knew that he would meet Zhong Hao, and the ridicule of these young masters was a kind of pride to her. It is a shame, an absolute shame, and the biggest shame is that the waiter in front of her is her fiancé. She is the daughter of the Mu family, and she has countless halos. She hopes that her future husband will be tall, handsome and full of energy. A prince charming with a gentleman and aristocratic temperament, while Zhong Hao is a sick child with nothing. The disgust in the indifferent eyes doesn’t hide anything.
Why are you here? Mu Ziran’s proud and pretty face slightly raised up, as if she was a high-ranking princess, she was born with such a high-ranking look. Looking at the fiancé in front of her who made her feel ashamed and the damn marriage contract, for Mu Ziran’s attitude and questioning Zhong Hao’s slightly pale and delicate face, the expression remained unchanged, and he directly chose the simplest way to ignore Mu Ziran. Zi Ran is the kind of woman who is extremely proud and has a strong sense of superiority.
She likes to be called a princess and likes the respectful attitude of others to her. Zhong Hao already knew this, and the best way to deal with this kind of woman is to ignore her. Hao, are you deaf? Did I hear you when I spoke to you? Did you not be ignored by a man I have always looked down upon? Naturally, Mu Ziran’s proud character was unbearable. Even the voice became much louder, and the few people next to him The girl and the young master looked at Mu Ziran and Zhong Hao jokingly, wanting to see a real version of the training husband’s memory. The wine has already been delivered.
If there is no order, I will go out first. Zhong Hao simply agreed.
With a sound, he put the wine plate in his hand on the crystal table in the middle. He was still very careful in his movements.
The price of these red wines was very expensive, so he couldn’t afford to compensate for the loss.
Mu Ziran was undoubtedly stimulated by Zhong Hao’s attitude. When it came time to ignore the noble princess demeanor that she usually deliberately maintained, she pointed at the door of the box and scolded loudly, “Good Zhong Hao, you have the guts, get out of here immediately, she doesn’t want to face Zhong Hao anymore, because that will only let others see.
” It’s just a joke, she Mu Ziran can’t afford to lose this person, Zhong Hao wants nothing to see, she didn’t even look at Mu Ziran, she turned around and walked out of the box to see Zhong Hao leave