Qu Yan asked that evil cultivator is good do you know much The middle stage of the alchemy is still very powerful but if you

The long ringing of the bell came from not far away, exuding a spiritual energy that shocked people.
The crowd who were still bustling on the street of Xuanhuai City seemed to shake after hearing the ringing, and then consciously dispersed to let out of the middle.
On a big road, occasionally there will be children who have not started formal cultivation. They don’t understand the warning meaning contained in the ringtone, and they poke their heads out curiously, but they will be pushed back by the adults next to them.
Don’t look around.
Hearing this, the child flinched and hid behind his own adults and stopped moving.
Qu Yan sat by the window on the second floor of Lingweiju and heard the conversation between a big and a small downstairs, and couldn’t help but pick it up. The people from Meiyishen Commercial Firm will also pull people to mine. The little second who came to serve Qu Yan heard Qu Yan’s question in a low voice and smiled, but that’s not the case. After all, we are in Xuanyu Jianzong.
At the foot of the mountain, however, Yishen Commercial Bank does often invite people to mine in their own veins.
The reward is for Lingshi. Many casual cultivators with low cultivation bases are willing to go, but because they come to find people many times, adults often It is quite useful to use Yishen Commercial Firm to scare the children to make them obedient. Qu Yan, oh, he understood that he is a rich man who owns mines. Xiao Er put the dishes on the tray one by one on the table in front of Qu Yan.
How can Lingshi compare to Xuanyu Jianzong in our land? Guest officer, I have served all the meals you ordered.
This is the truth. After all, according to the novel Qu Yan read, Xuanyu Jianzong is in the East Realm The most powerful force even puts Xuanyu Jianzong on the entire continent, which is one of the best existences. Strong strength means that more resources can be obtained. Qu Yan looked down at the pure white Xuanyu Jianzong he was wearing.
Disciple Fapao also knows that Xiaoer can see that he is a disciple of Xuanyu Jianzong, and wants to praise Xuanyu Jianzong in front of him. I have to say that the reputation of Xuanyu Jianzong is really useful in this area. Even closer, Qu Yan looked in the direction of the bell, and there was a large team walking towards the center of Xuanhuai City.
At the front of the team, a person led the huge Mi Tuo and led the whole team to the destination slowly.
While walking, Mi Tuo, who was being led, was tied with a bell, and the layers of goods carried behind him were also hung with the sign of Yishen Trading Company. More Mi Tuo followed behind the team and followed. The camel bell rang from time to time, changing the direction of advancement. The sound of the camel bell carried traces of aura, permeating the air. Qu Yan took a second look curiously.
Today, he just planted the spiritual grass that can be harvested to spread with Lingzhi under the mountain.
The boss changed some spirit stones and came to Lingweiju for a meal. Unexpectedly, he met the business team returning to the city. Looking at the business team, there were more than a dozen Mituo inkstones and guessed that the business team probably just came back from the western desert. The leader looked very happy. This trip should have brought some precious goodies, but what does it have to do with him? Qu Yan looked away, picked up his chopsticks, and tasted the dishes on the table As the name suggests, at least half of the sales here are spiritual food, and spiritual food is food that only cultivators can eat.
It contains a little bit of spiritual energy, which is beneficial to cultivators, but if ordinary people eat food with too much spiritual energy, they will easily die of flatulence.
Therefore, Lingweiju separated the first floor and the second floor. To go to the second floor, you need to prove that you are a cultivator, because the ingredients themselves have spiritual energy, and the spiritual food is much more delicious than ordinary food. Relatively, spiritual food is also more expensive than ordinary food.
Quite a lot, if it wasn’t for the fact that Qu Yan just got some income from Lingzhi shop, I would really be reluctant to come to Lingweiju for a meal. After all, the original owner is full of his own spiritual root talent. For his own talent, he almost consumed all the resources on his body. Maybe even They all risked their own lives. When Qu Yan passed through to replace the original owner, he only found a few pieces of spirit stones from the house he was in.
That’s right.
Qu Yan was not a native-born monk.
He was just a bad luck person who was left to work overtime to take care of him.
The poor researcher of the equipment operation status of the institute is just a poor researcher. When he was free, he found a novel to read, but after taking a nap, he transmigrated into this novel and became the cannon fodder with the same name and surname as him. According to Qu Yan The Qu Yan described in the novels I have read is a person in Xuanyu Jianzong who has poor talent and makes things difficult for Jianzong. He wants to be treated above everyone else in Xuanyu Jianzong.
Even if Jianzong has already given Despite his title of master swordsman, he still felt dissatisfied.
When everyone felt favored by Wei Quan, the protagonist jumped out to attract people’s attention, and was finally slapped in the face by the protagonist and retreated to Qu Hefeng, where no one cared about him.
There are no more than three chapters in the whole book, so that even though Qu Yan has the same name and surname as him, when he read the novel, he didn’t feel a little bit surprised at the beginning, but he quickly left it behind, but it’s actually okay even if he follows the In the plot, he is not a mortal ending, and the original owner still keeps the memory. Although he has been wearing the book for half a month, he is still not used to it. When encountering things, he always thinks about it before he can react. I will teach you how to set the reading page to be fast. Let’s take a look.
For example, those Mituo Quyan in the team who just came back from Yishen Commercial Bank saw the first reaction after seeing it, what did the camel eat? It belongs to a monster, not an ordinary animal. Qu Yan picked up a small spirit fish and chewed it slowly in his mouth.
The little spirit fish can be said to be the most common food in the cultivation world. Even Qu Hefeng’s pond has a lot of them. Less vitality, but also tenacious. Just sprinkle some fish feed, they can live well, even if there is no fish feed leftovers, they still eat Quyan, look at the one meat, two vegetables and one meat on the table. a bit