Qingxuan who was soundly asleep felt that the voice next to her ear was very noisy so she buried her head in Yang Huans arms

Copywriting Prime Minister Chasing Wife Story, also known as Quan Xiang, My Wife Loves Me Again, I Dote on My Wife, I’m Proud Shen Qingxuan always felt that she must have misjudged the man in her previous life, otherwise she would not have ended up being poisoned to death by her love rival before the big marriage. After her rebirth, she made up her mind Determined to cherish life and stay away from Prime Minister Yang, that man is poisonous, but the first decision he will face after rebirth is whether to ask Prime Minister Yang to save his father who was framed by others, please come and beg me, as long as you are willing to be the prime minister’s wife It’s okay for your father to be the emperor, and Shen Qingxuan, who fell into Yang Huan’s hands, cried, “I don’t want to be the wife of the prime minister anymore, why do I want to leave? My wife, a certain man came over carefully and said that this time as a husband, I will definitely do it.
” Take good care of your husband and swear that you will never cry again except at the boundary line in the small theater.
The county king, Brother Yang Huan is very special to this magistrate’s girl.
I have to give this girl to him.
The governor of the county is right. This is to send people there in person and send them to the room in the middle of the night. Hehehe magistrate, my daughter follows Prime Minister Yang, even if she is a girl in the house, it is a good home.
After rebirth, Shen Qingxuan is angry.
Yang Huan, I don’t lack a girl, I only lack you. A prime minister’s wife.
After rebirth, a lonely and helpless girl, a cunning, dark-bellied and infatuated prime minister.
The year she died was only sixteen years old, and that day was the day before her big wedding Picking her up every day, her husband and son-in-law are her childhood sweethearts, and now the first high-ranking prime minister of the big merchants, Yang Huan Yang Huansheng is extremely handsome and talented, and now he is only 24 years old, and he has already secured the position of prime minister His name Frequently appearing on the list of matchmakers in the capital, but tomorrow he will be his honest and upright husband.
Waiting until the moon is over, Shen Qingxuan can’t wait for the big wedding that will shake the capital tomorrow, but waits for a steady stream of imperial guards to come. Surrounded by such a group of heavily armed imperial guards, Su Yulin, the eldest princess, walked in slowly. The clothes are so beautiful, but it’s a pity that you won’t be able to wear the beauty of the eldest princess tomorrow.
His face was full of sarcasm and pretentious pity, but the corners of his eyes were full of undisguised pride and arrogance. What do you mean by this? After hearing the meaningful words, Qing Xuan frowned uneasyly and asked what it meant. Naturally, it means literally.
Su Yulin was still laughing when she said this.
Do you think Huan Lang will marry you? A man with such high status and power naturally disdains marrying you, a small Shangshufu, otherwise why would he be transferred outside before the big wedding? It’s just that I can’t bear to kill you with my own hands.
How could it be that there was a change in Nanjiang? He went to rehabilitate him. He’s such a naive young lady.
The married prime minister went to vindicate Huan Lang has long been connected with this palace, and only waiting for the big wedding ceremony, there is no need to explain this matter to you. When the eldest princess gave an order, several powerful women sprang out from behind her. Before Qingxuan had time Struggling, a glass of poisoned wine was brutally poured in. From the throat down, the burning pain all the way down, the vision blurred almost instantly, and I could only vaguely see the pride on the woman’s face in front of me. She proudly said Ben Gong On the day of your wedding with Huan Lang, I’ll burn some paper money for you, but I’m afraid your name won’t be included in the family tree of the Yang family. Those tear-filled eyes slowly closed Qingxuan’s life ended in unwillingness and disappointment As for Yang Huan rushing back from southern Xinjiang in a hurry to avenge her, how he stirred up the turmoil in the capital will never be known. Winter goes, spring comes, and three years pass like this. The incident shocked the entire Shang country. Just the day before the wedding of the young prime minister of the Great Shang, Yang Huan, his fiancée, Shen Qingxuan, a daughter of Shang Shufu, died suddenly. Xuan’s tablet was put into the Yang family’s ancestral hall, and not long after, the eldest sister of the current emperor, the eldest princess Su Yulin, died suddenly in the palace without any reason.
It was rumored that the death was extremely tragic. The civil servants headed by Yang Huan came to remonstrate that the eldest princess died suddenly without any reason.
The ominous omen that came down could not be entered into the imperial mausoleum, nor could a special mausoleum be built. Although the Holy One couldn’t bear it, he had no choice but Yang Huan’s power was overwhelming.
The sudden death of Yang Huan and why he was not allowed to build a mausoleum for the eldest princess? The people are just talking about entertainment after dinner, but they don’t really care about them.
They only care about whether the weather will be good in the coming year.
Qinghe County is a good place with good weather in the south of Shang Kingdom, but for some reason, it hasn’t rained for three months in a row. The small river in the county is gradually drying up.
Emperor Su Yan carefully asked Yang Huan what he meant, and got the prime minister’s consent, and finally ordered the governor Chang Yan to inspect Chang Yan, so he slipped away his nephew, Sun Jue. This prime minister is in his eyes, but since the third day after Shen Qingxuan’s sudden death three years ago, Yang Huanxiang executed the eldest princess Su Yulin in public with such cruel five-horse dismemberment, and when no one in the court dared to object, this little emperor knew the usually unsmiling prime minister It turned out to be such a ruthless prime minister.
Look at the drought in Qinghe this time, Your Majesty, don’t worry.