Qin Yun frowned slightly dissatisfied and said please tell me sister Yuhui that my sister misunderstood Yuhui didnt mean that Xiao Yuhui shook her head

The fact that the Land of Abundance is rich in beauties is vividly highlighted on the street. Ah Chen can rest for a while and distribute leaflets later. A gentle middle-aged man walked over and smiled and patted Xiang Chen on the shoulder. The weather is getting hotter and hotter. You are not afraid. Put yourself down, it’s okay, I’m in good health, Xiang Chen smiled and shook his head, his refreshing smile makes people feel good Patted Xiang Chen on the shoulder, turned around and went into the store to direct, saw the store manager walking away, Xiang Chen sat down on the steps, poured ice water into his stomach, belched, and gave a pleasant belch, Xiang Chen narrowed his eyes and enjoyed the experience It is rare to have a few minutes of rest.
Xiang Chen is a year-old orphan. If it weren’t for the savings left by his parents before his death, it would be difficult for him to live to the age of 18.
He graduated from high school. When I stepped into the society, I was too young and naive to think that as long as I had the ability, I would be able to break through the world. In reality, I taught Xiang Chen a lesson. Even if he has a second diploma, it is at least a good stepping stone. Insulated from an excellent career, Xiang Chen gradually came to his senses after a few years of hard work. To live, you have to accept your fate.
Only if you are healthy and can live in peace and stability can you be worthy of your dead parents.
Take a few minutes of rest, and Xiang Chen sets it up again.
The newly opened tea shop handed out flyers after putting on the doll costume.
Xu Ze poked his head out of the shop and looked at Xiang Chen, who was working hard. He couldn’t help but nodded in satisfaction, not to mention that he could still do this while wearing such a thick doll costume. Hardworking Xiang Chen’s professional attitude is really nothing to say Chunxi Road is full of people, Xiang Chen’s equipment is quite complete, wearing a sweat-absorbing turban on his head, as long as the sweat stays, it will be sucked away by the turban even in such a hot temperature. Xiang Chen feels that he is about to be melted.
Fortunately, this job doesn’t take too long. One hour only costs more than 20 yuan. Xiang Chen worked for almost seven hours.
The reward for Chen’s hard work.
He took off the heavy doll clothes on his body. The shirt on Xiang Chen’s body could almost squeeze out water and stick it tightly to his back.
There is a hint of joy these days, money is hard to earn, shit is unpalatable, since there is no culture, if you want to make money, you can only endure hardships more than others, leaving the newly opened tea shop, Xiang Chen couldn’t help humming a recent popular song, standing against the high sun, no Walking home in a hurry, as for the wet shirt on the back, Xiang Chen didn’t bother to deal with it, just let it dry naturally. Chunxi Road is not far from where Xiang Chen lives, and it takes about an hour to walk back.
As for squeezing the subway Or the bus, Xiang Chen is still more conscious, so I’m sweaty now, so I don’t want to be annoying. Anyway, today’s work is finished, and Xu Ze said that in the next three days, he will find Xiang Chen to continue passing on doll clothes and handing out leaflets.
It was 600 yuan entered into the account and Xiangchen came to Rongcheng to develop There are also almost five years, which can be said to have witnessed the rapid changes of this city. Although there is a big gap with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, for young people in Sichuan Province, the attraction of Rongcheng is definitely the first. You can see it everywhere on the street.
The beautiful beauty makes this metropolis stand out in all its colors and colors, and finally arrived home. Xiang Chen is also too tired to deal with it at the fast food restaurant downstairs.
Maybe others live in Rongcheng, but Xiang Chen can only say that it is survival.
After picking up the fried rice in a hurry, Xiang Chen took out a piece of paper from the paper drawer and wiped the oil stains on the corner of his mouth, then got up, walked to the cashier, took out the red rice, scanned the QR code, and the machine crashed again. The interface can’t help but be a little speechless. Cheap mobile phones are just this bad. They crash at every turn, especially Xiang Chen’s mobile phone, which has been used for more than two years. It’s normal to have such a small problem. Fortunately, Xiang Chen’s temper has long since been tempered by life. He cleared the interface without haste, reopened Alipay, scanned the QR code, paid the yuan, Alipay received the yuan, and as the prompt sounded in the store, Xiang Chen turned around and walked out of the fast food restaurant to his nest. Xiang Chen’s income level is high-end and a clean apartment is nothing to think about.
It’s just an old building of some years.
The house is not too big, but it also has three bedrooms. Originally, there were only two rooms, but the landlord separated the living room into a room. Yes, Xiang Chen My little den is the living room. I live in this room not because of anything else, but because it is the cheapest. Ah Chen came back so early today.
As soon as he entered the room, his roommate Wang Kai, who was cooking in the kitchen, greeted him with a smile.
Brother, you cook by yourself again. Xiang Chen has an easy-going personality, and everyone’s situation is almost sympathetic.
Yes, cooking by yourself can save some money. I’m not young, and I plan to save money to marry a wife. Take your plate and walk to the table in half of the living room, because the living room has been cut in half as Xiang Chen’s room, and the remaining half is used as everyone’s public area.
Who will marry Brother Wang in the future? I took a bottle of water from my car and walked for so long, and I’m a little thirsty. What’s the use of being good at cooking these days? It’s true that you can make money.
Now the little girl is so realistic.
I don’t look good, and I don’t have money. I am single.
Wang Kai shook his head and began to eat dinner. Xiang Chen was a little silent. This is the reality. In big cities, the vast majority of young people do not live a glorious life.
Xiang Chen and the others are just the smallest microcosm in the big cities. Integrating into this city, the high housing prices and cruel and indifferent rejection of them, by the way, Li Xiang, Xiang Chen is a little strange, Li Xiang usually stays at home, seems to be doing some game leveling