Qin was sweating Josh lost her mind a long time ago she thought of the pregnancy test report that Ning Yuan handed over and continued

The author Shui Shuiqing copywriter Josh asked a very popular question during the first interview. Mr. Song’s criteria for choosing a spouse is unknown.
The man narrowed his beautiful phoenix eyes and smiled lightly. That’s all for Miss. Then she became his standard.
One achievement is a lifelong copywriter.
Two Josh bid farewell to the boy who surprised her in her youth, and then welcomed the man who warmed her years to come.
If that boy taught her what it means to like, then Song Yu Then tell her what love is in one sentence. The story of a man and woman slowly opening their hearts in marriage. From a shallow liking to a deep love. If you like it, just bookmark it. Read the reminder for daily updates or update with the list. Wen first married, then loved, spoiled and abused. In case of thunder, bring a lightning rod.
If you don’t like it, don’t like it. There is a wave of star reality shows, no matter which TV station, no matter how big or small, there will be similar reality shows. It is in this wave that there is a show that still stands like an evergreen tree. The host pushed his glasses. Today’s situation is different from the past. It’s not the same! Hold back the urge to wipe your sweat.
He’s the host of a top-line emotional show in China.
Don’t be ashamed.
Give me a light cough, miss, but you still can’t filter out the grievances in the words. Josh faced the person in front of him. The whole face is covered by a golden metal mask.
A pair of black and round eyes still can’t tell her face. The metal mask is the only requirement for her to participate in this show. Swearing in front of the people, not to mention this is the first time she swears at someone, she straightened her mask a little bit to make sure it wouldn’t fall off, and breathed a sigh of relief.
The whispers from the audience came into her ears, squeezed her fingers and said slowly, I like this show very much.
It helps many people.
At the same time, many people made up their minds to give up drawing a knife and cutting off the water to abandon a love like a rib. Jojo will give me another chance.
The painful expression and the painful voice make the foolish boy regret it one day.
Josh interrupted and said girl The slow and leisurely tone of voice, with the unique soft words of southern women, is relaxed and soft.
The whole studio gradually quiets down.
What kind of girl is the most attractive? He straightened his back stubbornly in need of comfort, obviously about to burst into tears, but tried his best to hold back the tears that were about to burst. After Josh finished speaking, everyone was silent, even the host who had been making witty remarks had nothing to say.
The host seldom meets such a girl.
The girls on the show are either sharp and can’t ask for advice, or they are weak and weak, bowing their heads just for the boy’s forgiveness, so when they face Josh, they have nothing to say.
Let’s break up, boy. At the end, the host spoke earnestly to the boy.
As soon as the voice fell, Josh stepped off the stage. The skirt of the rice-colored skirt drew a line in the air.
The graceful arc and winding back give people thousands of reveries. Chapter 1 A failed relationship is like a huge cancer. Even if you pull it out, there is still a possibility of relapse. Josh is convinced of this, so she I think it might be a good idea to find someone to marry.
At least with a certificate, she can slowly eradicate this cancer within the scope of the law. The first ray of sunshine at 7 o’clock in the morning followed Josh’s figure and sprinkled a pile of porcelain in the tea room.
There is a black mug in the white cup, which is very conspicuous.
The whole body is black and free of impurities. Josh finally came to the tea room when he cleaned the black mug for the fourth time. Xiao Qiao, why do you come so early every day? There is a special tea room Sister Li, who cleans the editorial department next door, is in her thirties and has the common problems of middle-aged women, especially gossip. Minzhi once said, Little Qiao, you don’t know how seductive you are when you grin. After finishing speaking, he even tapped her forehead, imitating the male protagonist in the novel, saying something about you, you annoying little fairy.
I made a statement that Josh wanted to wash the cup for the director. After Josh finished speaking, he was wondering if it was because the director thought I wiped the cup too clean that day, so he admitted me, but she was a Virgo on the day of the interview.
That’s all, that’s it, but since Josh decided to experience a white-collar life, he has to wash the cups every day. After washing the cups, making a cup of coffee and bringing them to the director’s office, it happened that she put the coffee on the table in front of her. The director followed behind. Came in as usual, Josh delivered the coffee and said softly, I went out first, and was about to close the door and start my day’s work, but today something was abnormal. The director stopped her, Josh, you have been working hard during this time, director. The corners of his mouth are always raised when he speaks, his eyes are gentle and his demeanor is clean, no wonder so many women in the company like him, but he himself is polite to every female colleague and never crosses the line. Probably such a man is also rare. Suddenly, I have a bad feeling that I will be fired, right? She is self-aware and has no work experience. When she graduated from the Chinese Department, she stayed at home as a freelance writer.
She actually likes this job sitting in the office and writing. My son will occasionally go out for interviews.
Nine to five is very stable and suitable for me. To be honest, she is a little bit reluctant, thank the director for taking care of me during this time, and I will go back to pack my things. The man was stunned for a moment, then he probably thought of something and thought it was funny, staring at Josh’s eyes full of smiles, this girl is thinking too much, right? Coughed and said softly