Qin Mo looked at him calmly and bowed slightly I’ve seen Emperor Shu and Emperor Han Liu Bang calmly beckoning to come in and sit

Qin Mo returns to the city to start the game alone, one dog, refining alchemy, cultivating immortals, cooking, I, Qin Mo, can be playful, the school girl is cold, the president is hot, the police flower, I, Qin Mo, will swear to be the overlord of the world, and I will live a distinguished life. The skies are full of sand and dust, the land is desolate and boundless. This is the forbidden land of China.
Adventurous people call this place Jianhuang.
There are six solitary houses above the desert. A boy sits by the computer and enjoys watching an island country action movie on the computer. There is also a little milk dog next to him who watches movies more seriously than a teenager. Time flies so quickly that I can’t watch milk balls. Qin Mo reluctantly turns off the computer. Grandma Luo said that she can only watch one movie every day and watch Ozawa tomorrow.
How about Maria? The originally sad milk ball instantly rolled on the ground excitedly. Ever since Qin Mo can remember, he has lived in the desert for twenty years.
He was raised by one grandma and four grandpas. In Qin Mo’s memory, there are no such grandparents. Qin Mo walked out of the room.
Grandpa Liu was leaning against the door and basking in the sun. His mouth was drooling all the time, and he hadn’t eaten meat for a long time.
There was not even a single animal in the radius Not far away, Grandpa Long suddenly roared excitedly, and then the figure disappeared instantly, and appeared in a moment, holding a man and a woman in his hands, Grandpa Long frowned, why are there two living people, sighed in disappointment? Grandma Luo, Grandpa Cang and Grandpa Yun both ran out to watch the fun, stared at the man and woman curiously, the woman had already panicked, her expression trembling with fear, her eyes suddenly fixed on Qin Mo, the woman in Mo Mo excitedly and tentatively called Qin Mo for a moment. The old man frowned suddenly, and Grandpa Yun sighed suddenly. I had already calculated that our family, Mo Mo, would be taken away.
Qin Mo was an orphan they picked up in Jianhuang. At that time, he was just a child lying in a bamboo basket. The river floats here, and the word Qin Mo is written on the bamboo basket, and the person who came today is Qin Mo’s mother’s best friend Jiang Siqin In order to fulfill her best friend’s last wish, Jiang Siqin brought his child back to the city I can’t help being a little sad.
They are all a bunch of old men who are about to die. It is the existence of this child that gives them the motivation to live, but now they are leaving.
Although they are reluctant to give up, they also know that Qin Mo will return to the city after all, and his future cannot be delayed. Jiang Siqin Husband Xu De waved his hands impatiently. If you find them, go back quickly.
I really don’t want to stay in such a shitty place. The five old men gave him a cold look, and carefully prepared the luggage for Qin Mo. When you are in heat, there are more good girls.
Grandma Luo tells Grandpa Long with tears in her eyes. Don’t forget to practice. If you feel irritable, kill people to vent your anger.
Make good fortunes. When you go to Macau casinos, don’t win the casino and go bankrupt.
The food is unpalatable, if you can cook it, try your best to cook it yourself Liu Dazui doesn’t forget to stuff him with two chicken legs, Grandpa touches Qin Mo’s little head, don’t listen to him Our knowledge can change our destiny. If we are short of money, we will hack the banking system.
Jiang Siqin and Xu De on the side are completely dumbfounded.
Who are these people? After the five grandparents asked Qin Mo to take the milk ball and embark on the return journey The grandparents bowed and thanked them for their years of nurturing.
From farther and farther away from the house, Grandpa Long’s loud voice came.
When Momo Road was hungry, he blew up the man next to him.
Xu De almost lost his head when he heard this.
He plunged into the mound and was impatient just now, he instantly became more honest in Huaxia Dragon City. After a three-day journey, Qin Mo and his party finally came back. Qin Mo is very yearning for Huaxia, but he is no stranger to him.
The well-acquainted Grandpa Cang can teach him everything, so when he came to Longshi for the first time, he quickly became familiar with everything There are some things in my memory that knowing too much is not good. There are rows of luxurious villas in Jinhua Manor. This is the most luxurious group of villas in Long City. All the people who can live here are the dignitaries of Long City. Xu De works in the Long City Government. Aunt Jiang drives it.
A small pharmaceutical company, the Xu family is considered a wealthy family in Longshi. Along the way, Xu De looked very bad.
Qin Mo is an orphan, which means that the Xu family will raise him in the future. Of course, Xu De was in a bad mood. The girl is leaning on the sofa and watching TV. Her slender legs are draped over the tea table.
She is white and slender. She is paired with denim shorts, which is even more eye-catching.
The most beautiful face is the standard melon-shaped face with apricot eyes and red lips. Qin Mo couldn’t help being a little dumbfounded. She is much prettier than the girl in Grandpa Yun’s disk. Yan’er didn’t say hello when the guests came. Jiang Siqin glared at her daughter in dissatisfaction. Xu Yan doesn’t like Qin Mo’s mother because of this best friend’s child, almost ran off and broke her leg.
After years of searching for her mother, Xu Yan didn’t want to give him a good face.
If a country bumpkin eats our house and lives in our house, we still welcome Jiang Siqin.
I feel aggrieved, but I know it’s wrong.
Without the tolerance of my husband and daughter, Momo can’t live at home.
I can only endure it for the time being and wait for it to be familiar.
Jiang Siqin Whispering to Qin Mo, Qin Mo smiled and didn’t care about it.
Xu Yan hated Qin Mo but liked the little milk dog brought by Qin Mo.
As soon as she saw the little milk dog, the girl’s heart overflowed. She hugged the little milk dog and kept teasing it. The milk ball is shameless and pushes against Xu Yan’s chest. Qin Mo sits aside and looks at you with some envy. You better keep this dog outside. I have a very vicious border shepherd that will kill you, Xu Yan, a puppy.