Qin Keren has a high survival rate ahem this happened by coincidence ha ha Meng Xinlan took out the medical certificate and took a look

Because his whereabouts were betrayed during a mission, Xiao Qiang was forced to fight head-on with more than a hundred mercenaries. Although all the enemy troops were wiped out to show our country’s prestige, he suffered from physical problems and had to leave the Longyin Brigade temporarily.
Special mission Xiao Qiang infiltrates Zhonghai Red Dust city beauty like clouds Domestic and foreign strong enemies such as Lin Xiao Qiang overcame thorns and thorns with a strong posture Long Tengyu Inner Chapter 1 Crossing the Border Single Soldier Year and Month No. Thailand Bangkok Suburbs in a magnificent villa It is simply a big joke China People like to brag and play some self-deceiving word games. World mercenaries, forbidden lands, arms dealers, and drug lords dare not cross the holy territory hahahaha I’m just kidding.
George Myerson is wearing camouflage outside the manor that exists specifically to break this myth.
There are no less than forty patrol officers in military uniform and fully armed.
The entire villa is heavily guarded. All-round cameras are everywhere to monitor every passage and corner entering and exiting the manor.
The famous drug lord George Myerson is swaying the red liquid in the cup. Two three-point hot beauties are sitting in the burly chest, with mixed black and white blood and complexion, with proud and arrogant smiles on their faces. In the living room, besides Myerson, a major drug lord who has a decisive influence in the Golden Triangle and even the entire Southeast Asia region, there are several drug lords and arms dealer leaders. All six or seven of them are wanted criminals by various countries. At this moment, the important characters are gathered together to celebrate Myerson’s escape from this trip to China. Good job, Mr. Myerson can’t understand the arrogant tone of China. They have long been known as mercenaries.
Many mercenary legions have infiltrated into their country and never had the chance to leave, but now you have broken this myth. It’s so relieved and so refreshing. I’m going to give it a try next time I have a chance.
From now on, the word mercenary forbidden land will no longer be used in China. Just for this, it is worth a toast. Everyone is excited.
A glass of strong wine and women will always be the favorite of these people who put their heads on their belts to make a living. Now that they have both, they naturally want to enjoy it. The boss has your phone to crack the code. A burly middle-aged man came in with a serious expression and walked up to Myerson and handed a phone to Myerson. The smile on Merson’s face froze slightly, while reaching out to answer the phone, he asked where the call was from. The middle-aged man shook his head and didn’t answer.
Mearson put the phone to his mouth and asked, “Someone is coming to kill you?” Tonight, there was such a voice on the phone.
Before Myerson could ask again, the phone had been hung up. Myerson froze, then shouted angrily, check this line to see which bastard dared to threaten me, saying After that, he turned to the middle-aged man Dao Hansen with a serious face. I believe that your Blue Eagle mercenaries are the seventh most powerful mercenary army in the world, but I still have to Remind you that this is Thailand, Bangkok, and China are not too far away, so I need you to check the security situation around Hansen didn’t move, stared at Myerson Road, what was said on the phone, I don’t know which goddamn bastard said someone was going to kill me And just tonight, even though he spoke English, I could hear the man’s Chinese pronunciation.
Myerson said with a displeased face, although he didn’t really believe that someone could kill him here, but hearing such news would still make people feel uncomfortable.
People feel unlucky and unhappy, and China still took action. Hansen’s eyes flashed with fighting spirit, and his killing intent was unleashed invisibly. Even a guy like Myerson, who has killed a lot, feels the fear of this blue eagle mercenary leader. What does it mean that China has taken action? Hansen, what exactly does this mean? Realizing that the situation seems a little bad, Myerson couldn’t help asking Hansen, but Hansen didn’t answer.
Myerson issued an alarm order to the mercenaries patrolling outside through the intercom device.
Explained to Myerson and other bigwigs that we are mercenaries, so we understand more about the forbidden area of ​​Chinese mercenaries.
China has a powerful army.
The combat effectiveness of each member of this army is the world’s individual combat capability. The most powerful terror exists. This time we did not meet the members of this team in China, so we were able to escape unscathed. But now it seems that China will not let their myth be broken, so they must have sent members of that team.
Carrying out the finishing work, Myerson and the others were a little unconcerned, but Johnson didn’t dare to be careless at all.
He glanced at everyone and said in a low voice, without my order, everyone had better not leave this room, especially don’t poke your head out of the window to be careful of being shot. Seeing that Johnson was so nervous, Myerson knew Hansen quite well, and said Hansen, no matter who came, please remember that you are the top ten powerful mercenary army in the world. Let me kill them. Don’t worry, boss, I have already thought about it. Meet the legendary Chinese mysterious team. Hansen walked out of the room without looking back. A man in grass-green military uniform was crawling on a lawn with the shortest searchlight time and some blind spots within the villa.
Waiting here quietly, no, he is not standing still, his body prostrated on the ground is like a snake, driven by the contraction of his abdominal muscles, he is moving forward at a speed that is difficult to detect.
Less than 30 meters away, there is a patrol post guarded by two mercenaries, but the two sentries seem to be unaware of the man squirming forward on the grass thirty meters away, from sneaking into the manor until now. This young man with a neat and slender mustache on the corners of his mouth but who doesn’t look very old has been lurking for more than four hours