Qiaoying finally revealed her true face she was a stunning woman in a white dress Lin Haos heart skipped a beat she looked so similar

The lottery draw in Zhongtian Continent, Qingyun Country, Heishui City, at dusk, the fire burned and the clouds dyed the sky red.
The bustling town looked extraordinarily peaceful. However, at this time, in a small house of the Lin family in this town, a young boy with blank eyes was sitting with a face full of shock. On the bed, I, I, timetraveled and became blind.
My eyes were pitch black and I couldn’t see anything, but the sharp pain on my forehead was telling Lin Hao that everything was true. He had really transmigrated into blind Lin Hao.
He was shocked by the many new memories in his mind, let him know that this place is called Zhongtian Continent, everyone has a martial soul, and everyone can practice martial arts, but the powerful martial arts power expands infinitely.
Countless people died, and the entire continent was in turmoil.
It can be said that the people are devastated. Is God kidding me? He was hit by a stream of light that fell from the sky, and then there was nothing.
After waking up, he found that he had been reborn on this body with the same name and surname. The original owner of this body failed to awaken the Hitomi Martial Soul three years ago, resulting in blindness. If it’s another warrior, that’s all.
It’s not difficult to change a pair of eyes to reproduce the light with the powerful abilities of warriors in this world. But he is in the Lin family, one of the six major families in the Qingyun Kingdom whose pupils and souls are the main ones.
Even if the eyes are changed without pupils and souls, there is no way to practice martial arts anymore, and you can only be a useless person for life. What’s more, Lin Hao’s parents left the family six years ago and never came back.
Who would change eyes for them? So the original owner of this body In deep despair, he finally hit the wall and committed suicide, and now he has his own time-traveling possession, buzzing, and when Lin Hao was sorting out the memories in his mind, the buzzing sound suddenly sounded, and a mosquito the size of a peanut flew towards him violently.
Nailed on his face and hissed a mosquito came to bully me, slap me in pain, Lin Hao slapped the huge mosquito in the past, was directly slapped into pieces by him, bitten and killed an evil creature, the Great God Master system was successfully activated Published the main task to unify the entire continent, rescue the suffering common people, create a peaceful country, and reward the ownership of this world.
The host has a random lottery.
What a series of female voices appeared in his head, which surprised Lin Hao, and then a lot of information flooded into his mind. A few seconds later, he was I am ecstatic, it turns out that this is a system that emerged to understand the suffering of the common people and cultivate gods, and I am the new host selected by this system.
As for the previous 107 hosts, they have all died.
So far, no one has become a real god. Lin Hao couldn’t help but excitedly asked the system. Is there any way for my eyes to regain sight? It was detected that the host’s pupil soul is damaged and is in a state of blindness. It is recommended to use 80 years of vitality to restore the pupil soul.
The lifespan reminds the host that he still has 80 years and two months to live, which means he can still live after repairing it. Fix it, let’s fix it. Warriors can increase their lifespan with the improvement of their strength. Lin Hao can only fight hard to consume the host’s 80 years of vitality and start to restore the martial soul.
Immediately after that, Lin Hao felt a sudden surge of power in his eyes.
The mysterious force shocked him, and he passed out immediately, unconscious. Under the afterglow of the setting sun, there are many children in the Lin Family Martial Arts Field, listening to an elderly man on the rocking chair in front of him telling about the life-and-death battles he fought again and again when he was young. His face is full of yearning expressions. As a member of the Lin family, he has been instilled with the concept of fighting since he was a child. He admires the highest martial arts and yearns for a passionate fighting grandfather. What is a genius? A girl with five little stars in her eyes raised her head and asked.
Anyone with six-star soul pupils is a genius and will be trained by the family. The old man slowly said that his eyes also have colorful little stars, but there are only four.
These are the small stars in the eyes of the star soul that the Lin family is proud of. The more stars you have, the higher your talent in martial arts is, unfortunately we don’t have six stars.
All the teenagers shook their heads, and then they looked at a beautiful figure sitting cross-legged on a high platform in the distance with admiration. It was a girl in a long purple dress.
Waterfall ice muscle, jade bone, hollow valley Youlan, national beauty and fragrance, she is the proud daughter of the Lin family, has countless admirers, in her eyes, there are ten star souls slowly turning around haha, I can see Lin Haoxing in the shabby old log cabin He was pleasantly surprised to find that he really saw something, and immediately became ecstatic.
He hurriedly walked to a bronze mirror in the room, checked his two eyes, and saw that there was a round circle in the center of his two black pupils.
The complex pattern is slowly turning. The pattern is an exquisite roulette.
Every time it turns, it absorbs a trace of the vitality of the surrounding world into it. It is very mysterious. This is Star Soul Eye Lin Hao is excited but puzzled at the same time in his new fusion. In my memory, the Star Soul Eye of the Lin family is not like this. It reminds me that the blood purity of other members of the Lin family is all lower than that, so they cannot really awaken. The pupil soul caused the awakening failure and the eyes were blind.
Now this system has completely fused the host’s body with the pupil soul and promoted the host’s blood to the system.
He explained in a timely manner, and it was at this time that Lin Hao’s brain appeared in detail about his star soul eye. Information Star Soul Eye Primordial Protoss Pupil Soul Grade Initial God Pupil Soul Can Upgrade Pupil Soul Attributes All Attributes Can Practice Any Attribute Kung Fu Martial Skills And Any Attribute Attack or Defense Can Increase Power Tenfold Hidden pupil technique sky burial special reminder that sky burial is the ultimate pupil technique