Qian just wanted to send me away Zou Ming viciously threw the envelope on Chi Fan again looking very arrogant I don’t want Qian that

But I don’t know that others are talking about how the domineering Fu Ershao Fu Nianyu changed his sex.
He neither drinks nor makes trouble. Someone came to provoke him and was so indifferent that he didn’t even bother to give him a look. He only said that he wanted to study hard with his tutor. It wasn’t until later that Chi Fan realized that he might be fooled. One time, Fu Nianyu fought for him.
He was fierce and frightening, but he always remembered to protect him.
The other time, Fu Nianyu held him tightly in his arms, kissed him with red eyes, and begged him not to leave Chi Fan in a hoarse voice.
I finally realized that his young master was not good at all. In his last life, until his death, Fu Nianyu was unable to express his feelings to Chi Fan.
How much he hated Chi Fan at first, and then loved and obsessed him deeply. It’s a pity that he did too much before.
What a jerk, he managed to get Chi Fan to change his mind about himself, only to learn that the other party had been dating his brother for three years.
He had a crush on nothing. He thought it was the saddest thing, but a year later, he heard Chi Fan again.
All the pain, anger, love, and obsession were all sealed in the cold tombstone, but he never expected that he would live again, back to the time when the two hadn’t met, and there was still time for everything.
He put away his sharp minions and put on a cute mask.
Deliberately and premeditatedly approaching in order to redeem, to save and to win the heart he never got The first update is at 12:00 noon, the second update is at 9:00 pm, thank you for your support, content tags, special love in the new year, a match made in heaven, rebirth, search keywords, the main character Chi Fan, Fu Nianyu, the supporting role, Fu Siyan, another sentence, an introduction to Duo Ai Shura field, and the intention to actively exert subjective initiative. Fate can be changed. Chapter 1 Chi Fan received that strange call again. I can’t remember how many times this is the first time he has received a strange silent call almost every day for two weeks since he entered school.
Except for the first time when Chi Fan said hello and was immediately hung up by the other party, before Chi Fan hung up the phone, the other side never actively disconnected, and there was never a sound, and saw another string jumping on the screen.
Unfamiliar network number Chi Fan hesitated for a moment and finally chose to connect. Hey, he asked, which one of you did not respond, but it was not completely dead silent. You can hear the sound of wind blowing in the background, so it can be inferred that the caller may be outdoors. What’s the matter? Even though the network number on the caller ID is different every time, Chi Fan feels that the caller should be the same person. Why don’t you speak? Who the hell are you? Can you hear the other party’s soft breathing, but they still don’t say a word? There is no way to find out the source Chi Fan rubbed his brows speechlessly and hung up the phone. Suddenly, he felt a gaze cast on him.
Chi Fan looked up, but only saw a figure flashing past the sycamore tree at the school gate.
Was it just a passerby? Fan was puzzled and looked around, but found nothing unusual. He glanced at the time on his phone, was startled, and hurriedly walked towards the outside of the school.
He and the employer of this tutoring appointment will arrive at 1:30. If you don’t hurry up, you will be late. The employer’s neighborhood is not far from the campus gate behind Chi Fan’s university. The neighborhoods around the school are all high-end neighborhoods with expensive housing prices. When Chi Fan was about to walk to the gate of the neighborhood, he saw a boy standing by the iron fence of the gate from a distance, as if he was waiting for someone. He didn’t care at all, but when the other party saw him His eyes lit up and he greeted him immediately, senior Chi Fan? According to the situation, the other party is a student from a key high school in the city, and his grades are usually quite good.
The reason why he wanted to find a tutor was to improve on the existing basis and improve to a higher level.
Harsh should be the kind of top student who is particularly self-disciplined and serious Handsome and cool, black jacket, long legs, unrestrained flamboyance under the eyes can’t hide it, giving people a feeling of being dragged and crazy.
Changing clothes, he said that he is the new generation of teenage idol Chi Fanfan, but he said that he sat in a well-behaved manner The top student in the classroom noticed Chi Fan’s inquiring eyes. The young man immediately showed a gentle and polite smile, diluting the original sharp-edged temperament in an instant, making him soft and even docile.
Chi Fan, well, although he looks sharp and unruly In fact, I should be a hard-working and good-looking kid. My name is Fu Nianyu. The boy stretched out his hand and smiled so much that he showed two cute little tiger teeth. He is currently in the second year of high school attached to the university. Teacher Wang should have told you about my situation. Do you need me to introduce it again? No need, I know it all, Chi Fan also stretched out his hand and said in a friendly way, my name is Chi Fan, a fresh graduate student in the Department of Finance. He is still nervous, he tends to be the former.
After all, this person seems to be very outgoing, not like the kind of introverted kid who gets nervous when he sees strangers. Let’s go in.
Fu Nianyu said that the two of them entered the community side by side.
Fu Nianyu lives That building is also high on the outermost floor of the community. Chi Fan doubts that he can see the windows of his house from the balcony of the dormitory. Can he ask a question? Always with a docile smile Senior, why did you choose me? Chi Fan asked Fu Nianyu that the tutoring remuneration is very generous.
There is a lot of tutoring information registered in the work-study office.