Qian Huan straightened his sitting posture and looked at Yu Qing with a chuckle but Yu Qings face remained unchanged as before please trouble Patriarch

Enlightenment Qian Huan always thought that in the original world, he should be a small person who ate and waited to die.
This is his creed in life.
He has also experienced all kinds of women, from female office workers to schoolgirls, and finally returned because Two reasons lead to the breakup, the evil of waking up and sleeping uncomfortable. Whoever wakes up and opens his eyes will stretch himself like a donkey’s face. When there is no one, he will be angry with himself.
This is why Qian Huan himself feels that he can’t change. Sometimes he is himself. They all feel that they are too squeamish. As an orphan, how can I have such a big temper? However, the status of an orphan also makes Qian Huan’s love journey see no end. The beginning is always beautiful, but the woman’s family heard that she is an orphan. Ten thousand people don’t want to Marrying my daughter to me, Qian Huan always feels that lovelorn is riding on my shoulders every moment, and it always tortures me.
That is, my girlfriend who has been dating for three months broke up with me yesterday. I didn’t explain anything, I just said Said that we are not suitable after all, we are all adults after all, Qian Huan knew everything in his heart and did not hold back, said to this girl I wish you happiness, then turned around and walked away without looking back, he was afraid that he could not help but cry out why Others have everything, but I didn’t even go back to the residence to take out a can of beer, opened it, poured it all into my stomach, burped, and fell directly on the bed. This is my fucking life, Qian Huan said. One hundred questions, the more I think about it, the more irritable I feel Thinking about it, Qian Huan is very tempted.
The more he thinks about it, the more he thinks that he should go for a walk around the world.
After finishing speaking, he got up, took his ID card and wallet, and went out in a chic manner.
He didn’t forget to take a roundabout, took them with him, and then limped towards the elevator, muttering about you. Do you owe it to you to kick the door? You deserve it.
If someone sees it, they will definitely think that this is a mentally ill person who ran away.
The passport Qian Huan applied for took the first international flight in his life and traveled to a country with a small plaster flag. Wandering all over the world and boarding the return flight back to China, he is going to enter China as the last place and see all kinds of places of interest in other countries. When he returns to his own country, he also wants to take a good look at the scenery of his own country. When he comes to Qian Huan also I want to explore my own route like a donkey friend.
On the way, I bought a large travel bag, a replica of a Nepalese saber made in China, and a small set of military products.
The small set of large to small mini daggers is just right. You can take out one and a large long-handled katana for self-defense at your waist.
Although it looks fancy, it has no lethality.
Men feel that something that is more handsome can match it.
Personally, Qian Huan also went up to say hello. At the end, he saw an old man manipulating a small stall. Qian Huan walked by and looked at the blanket. There were some vegetables on the ground. Specifically, it doesn’t count vegetables, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and peppers. The only green is a little celery.
Qian Huan suddenly lost interest. They are all raw, and he has no way to cook them. With cloudy eyes, Qian Huan feels that his legs are a bit heavy. If he had parents, would it be the same when he was old? The locals just casually replied that they can’t sell for much money, but the grandson is going to start school.
Other people’s children have to bring some money to school. My grandson lived with me as an old man without parents since he was a child. Qian Huan also listened to the old man’s rambling. I feel that the grandson of the old man is still luckier than me.
I am a tourist.
You probably sell all your things to me.
After talking about Qian Huan, I randomly took out a few in my wallet and stuffed them into the old man’s hands. Take everything. Turned around and ran away, only the old man was left messing around in the wind, did he meet a kind young man, or did he meet a really frightful crisp in the first chapter of the text Qian Huan took a deep breath and plunged into the forest, looking strong As soon as Shi went there, Qian Huan felt regretful when he came to the deep forest.
He thought everything was too simple.
In the deep forest, the trees are so tall that only the sun shines through the leaves. It’s like the ice and snow storm in a popular online game, but it’s just the sun.
It will make people feel warm, Qian Huan feels urgent to urinate, just find a convenient place to hiss, forget that I caught the chili pepper just now, Qian Huan only feels like his body is on fire, as hot as Qian Huan feels that this journey will not be very pleasant, but it can also have different Unwilling to hit the south wall, he continued to walk forward slowly, although he didn’t know where the front was, thinking that it would be a big deal, returning the same way, Qian Huan felt his body was getting heavier and heavier, so he had to sit down and take a rest while being an uncle and basking in the sun The warm feeling of being stabbed on the face made Qian Huan sleepy and dissatisfied. He set up the tent, sprinkled insect repellant powder on the side of the tent, and tied a bell to a nearby tree, but the knife was still in his hand. Qian Huan felt sleepy.
Woke up after a long time, quickly stood up and rumpled my hair with my hands, walked out of the tent, but Qian Huan was a little messed up by the situation in front of me He stole it and just threw it here for me Qian Huan said to play, quickly find his luggage and open it to see if everything is still there, and the chili chili is what he used to refresh himself The more he thinks about it, the more angry he thinks about it The more I think about it, the more afraid I feel. Why did I feel nothing when I moved the tent, and the positions of the things in the tent have not changed? So thinking about it, Qian Huan quickly tied the samurai sword to his hands with a rope.