Qian and Xiaobai left here safely she broke off her hand and touched the banister of the stairs one step at a time walked to

The next moment, there was a loud cry. The natural delivery was a boy, and Han Shao was waiting outside to send the baby there immediately.
The severe pain after the delivery made Jiang Nanxi wake up a lot.
She asked the doctor with a pale face and weakness, are you going to take my baby? Where did you send Miss Jiang’s child to be taken away by Young Master Han? This is your reward for buying off the mother-child relationship between you and the child. Young Master Han means that you are not allowed to appear in front of him for the rest of your life. Trembling, she raised her hands to accept the 80 million check. It was to save her father who was framed and imprisoned. She made a deal with a man named Han Shao. She gave birth to a child for a man she had never met in exchange for Jiang’s life. Now that the money is in hand, it’s time for her to save her father and save Jiang Shi, but when she stumbled and climbed off the operating bed, she suddenly felt another throbbing pain in her abdomen.
The familiar pain pulled her nerve endings, as if the child was still in her stomach.
The situation is not right, let’s see what’s going on.
She still has a baby in her belly.
How could it be possible? During the inspection, it was clearly a single pregnancy.
The other baby was blocked during the entire pregnancy. Although the probability of this is very low, it is not without precedent.
What should I do now? Should I tell Young Master Han? If the Yu family knows that we have made such a low-level mistake, the entire children’s hospital will suffer. Since the incident has already happened, it is better to make a mistake. Jiang Nanxi gave birth to two children in a row. At the same time, a tall and handsome man was sitting in a black car outside the hospital, holding a baby boy who had just fallen asleep with one hand.
The dim light in the car fell on his handsome profile man. The long and narrow deep eyes are half-closed, cold and sharp, full of hormones, but if you look closely, you will find that his face is too pale and slightly sick, but it does not affect his sexy charm.
The man’s angular facial features are deep, three-dimensional and cold The hard and deep bones exuded a unique aura.
In the driver’s seat, his assistant respectfully asked the young master to take you directly to the airport.
Well, tell the old man that it will be a month after I return to Italy tonight.
The Jiang family slapped Jiang Nanxi hard on the face.
Her cheeks were slapped so hard that her ears rang.
Jiang Nanxi’s center of gravity was unsteady and she was about to fall. In desperation, she knelt down on one knee and tightly protected the baby in her arms with both arms. She asked who the baby was. Jiang Zhenhua’s face was livid, and even the hand pointing at her was trembling with anger. He never thought that the daughter he had raised for so many years would give birth to a baby boy with an ominous father.
Jiang Nanxi looked down at the baby boy in the swaddle. Back is straight, I don’t know Jiang Zhenhua was furious on the spot, I will ask again who is the father of this little bastard for the last time Chapter Gu’s marriage contract is probably going to fall on your father, even if you ask a hundred times a thousand times, I will only have this answer about the child She signed a non-disclosure agreement. If it is leaked, it may bring disaster to the Jiang family.
Of course, what she answered is also true.
Because that night was too dark and the room didn’t turn on the light, she didn’t even see that man’s face.
You are an unfilial daughter, and our Jiang family’s face has been lost by you. Jiang Zhenhua was so angry that he wanted to beat her again, but Shen Peiyun pulled her away. Live pretending to be considerate, Zhenhua, calm down, don’t be angry, your body is broken, Xixi, she must have something to worry about, so many things have happened in our Jiang family this year, she must also be very depressed, that’s why she often stays out at night.
Stepmother Shen Peiyun seems to be persuading In fact, he was actually adding oil to the fire, and he was implying that Jiang Nanxi was messing with wild men outside behind their backs when the Jiang family had an accident. What was she doing when the Jiang family had an accident? If it weren’t for you and Rourou running around to make connections, I wouldn’t have been out of prison so soon.
Jiang Nanxi heard it.
This disgusting mother and daughter used that 80 million check to impersonate her while she was in the hospital. Credit dad, actually, she just spoke Jiang Shixue interrupted her immediately and said she was thinking of her Dad, actually, my sister didn’t mean it, our Jiang family and the Gu family still have a marriage contract, we must not let Brother Cheng Yu know about the marriage contract Jiang Zhenhua’s face froze, and she hated that iron could not become a steel road.
She is not worthy of Cheng Yu’s marriage contract with Gu’s family.
I’m afraid it will fall on you.
My sister’s boyfriend Jiang Nanxi couldn’t bear to see her pretentious face and glanced at her coldly. Jiang Shixue, don’t think I don’t know what kind of wishful thinking you have, even if it wasn’t for me, Cheng Yu, she would never marry you. You got slapped in the face, you don’t want to make progress, and you still want to occupy Cheng Yu as the lintel of the Gu family. How could you want a daughter-in-law like you? You immediately send this bastard to the orphanage and throw it away. Jiang Nanxi looked down and fell asleep in her arms.
The little baby suddenly gave birth to a feeling of sympathy, gritted his teeth and contradicted me, no, if you don’t throw Xiao Yezhong away, get out of this house, Jiang Zhenhua, I will pretend that you, an unfilial girl, have never been born. Jiang Nanxi tightly hugged the child There is a flash of determination in my eyes, get out, get out, there is no place for me in this family, ever since Shen Peiyun’s mother and daughter entered the house, she has become less and less important in his father’s heart Since he no longer has her as a daughter in his heart, why should she stay here? Jiang Zhenhua is so angry that the veins on his forehead are throbbing. Jiang Nanxi, if you dare to step out of this door today, don’t expect to get another penny from me for living expenses. Mr. Jiang, don’t worry, I’m already nineteen years old. It’s an adult with hands and feet, and I won’t starve to death if I leave the Jiang family proud of