Putting on a set of clothes Tan Yan took the coat and looked at it carefully saying that the top button should be fastened firmly

Wu Qiao’s only dream is to become a soldier, so when he filled out his volunteer application, he only applied to the military academy, but he never expected that the genetic scan results of his physical examination, who had always been excellent, showed that he was extremely unsuitable for this profession.
Chance of a comrade-in-arms hind legs, chance of death, if not dead, chance of becoming a battle hero, conclusion is based on the statistics and analysis of the genes of countless soldiers in the past, there is no mistake, Wu Qiao’s data is too shocking, it can be called the first useless firewood in history, considering the scary dragging legs And the probability of defecting to the enemy. The military academy did not recruit Wu Qiao in the end. Although there were very few who were eliminated because of genes in the past, the other volunteers did not apply, which means that he has nothing to do. In this era, there is almost no manual labor. The family thought that since they can’t start a career, it’s better to start a family first.
Secretly carried out genetic matching for him, and looked for a more suitable partner based on his genes.
As a result, the system actually found only one person. It is unbelievable that the person who became a five-star general because of his military exploits a few years ago is only matched with one person.
It is only better than that five-star general. Reply to last year’s better one and get it soon.
The five-star general’s reply only has eight big characters. Get out of me! What is the success rate of attacking? Rejected by the military academy and known as the most useless person in history, Wu Qiao’s family secretly matched him up to find a partner Can it be even lower? The author’s writing style is brisk and smooth.
The story is completed in one go. When the protagonist Wu Qiao doesn’t want to give up looking for all opportunities to fight in the starry sky, readers can’t help but guess whether the interstellar trash can successfully counterattack. This article is interspersed with cute and funny points in the inspirational story.
The vivid emotional changes between Wu Qiao and Tan Yan, the rejector, are also impressive A shadow of sky and clouds wanders leisurely in it Sunshine shattered like silver, swaying on the water from time to time disturbed by the flapping wings of ducks There is a sweet fragrance in the air Everything is so beautiful Wu Qiao sighed in various biographies in the world When an important person encounters misfortune, the night is always low and the rain is pouring.
Wu Qiao has just experienced a sudden and serious blow.
Now the weather is as warm as early summer.
It seems that he is destined not to leave his name in history. Wu Qiao remembered the rejection of the military academy.
The harsh sentence in the letter decided not to admit him based on the results of the physical examination.
He never thought that before the genetic scan in the physical examination had problems, his cultural examination scores topped the list. IQ, calmness, reaction speed, willpower, etc. harsh test The test was not difficult. His physical strength and various physical indicators in the physical examination were all excellent. He thought that he would be able to enter the military academy smoothly, but he was eliminated in the genetic scan, which has always been regarded as a formality. Three days ago, he saw the numbers on the screen.
At that time, Wuqiao was stunned. It clearly showed the name of Wuqiao. On the battlefield, the chance of dragging his comrades back, the chance of dying, if not dead, the chance of becoming a combat hero, the conclusion is based on the statistics and analysis of the genes of countless soldiers in the past. A genetic database was established years ago to record the genetic data of all students and various performances after graduation and joining the army.
A laboratory was established to analyze the relationship between genes and potential. After everything matured, this kind of gene scanning and potential based on big data began years ago. Judgment was listed as one of the physical examination items, but although it was one of the items, there were very few people who were not able to enroll because of genes in the past.
After all, this is a civilized era. Schools will not easily deny a person’s all efforts because of genes, but Wuqiao’s data is too much. Shocking the world, it can be called the most useless firewood in history.
Considering the frightening delay and the chance of surrendering to the enemy, the military academy hesitated for three days and finally did not hire Wu Qiao. He had his only dream of becoming a soldier.
Wu Qiao’s first year of life was smooth sailing, but just before his birthday, this thing finally tore off its disguise impatiently, revealing its original hideous face.
Human beings have developed tens of thousands Years of life, this thing does not seem to be easy at all Evolving intermittently Wu Qiao was in a low mood and suddenly noticed someone approaching. He looked back and saw that it was Su Yiqing, who was in the same class.
The two were seated next to each other.
The relationship between them has always been very close.
It is not an exaggeration to say that they are best friends.
Hey, Wu Qiao took the initiative to say hello. Have you skipped class again? Hahaha Su Yiqing smiled and pretended to be sick Wu Qiao shook his head Su Yiqing is the film king at all, I am afraid that the film king will feel ashamed in front of him. His acting skills are superb. People are extremely worried about his physical condition. Of course, Su Yiqing does not use the same reason every time.
Occasionally, he will lie that he has something to deal with at home. At these times, he doesn’t even need to ask for leave by himself, just tell his classmates one or two, and soon there will be a teacher.
She ran over to give Su Yiqing a hug, told him to go home immediately, and told him gently that family matters were far more important than schoolwork.
Su Yiqing sat down beside Wu Qiao.