Put your hands flat on Ye Youweis chest your beautiful eyes are trembling you say Im your little man its been a long time since

Chapter 1 The young and ruthless emperor, since the previous emperor disappeared, the era of emperor fall in the Big Dipper Starfield has come.
Without an emperor, the imperial prestige checks and balances the Heaven and Earth Avenue. Tianxuan Sacred Land Yaochi Sacred Land Demon Sect Jiang’s Feathering God Dynasty Tianting God Dynasty and many other forces began to compete for fresh blood Everywhere Tianjiao Beilu began to emerge It is a peaceful and worry-free paradise hidden outside the world. They do not compete with the world. The men and women farm and weave without dyeing the red dust. However, one day the whole Qinglong Town ushered in a terrible nightmare.
People in armor came here to burn, kill, loot and do everything.
The whole village has a total of more than a hundred people, all of them are devastated, dead, wounded, and wounded. My sister hides quickly.
In a room, a boy in his teens covered his back with his immature hands. A little girl of about eight years old.
Then he hid her in a closet and said, listen to what my brother said, this is for you, don’t cry and don’t make any noise. During the conversation, the boy handed the little girl a mask that is white and red inside.
The face on the mask is very crying. Crying and laughing is not a smile, but at first glance, it looks a bit weird. The girl took the mask and held it tightly in front of her chest, her expression tightened, and there were tears in the corners of her eyes, but she was still very serious and obedient, nodding, thank you brother, soon there were footsteps outside the house. With a bang, the door of the room was kicked open by a man in black and gold armor outside. More than a dozen strong men with fierce faces walked in.
The leader was a man with a scar on his face. At this time, he saw the little boy and immediately It’s Daxi’s coarse mine that said, so you little thing is here tsk tsk tsk, it’s rare for someone to kidnap a reborn bloodline, this is a bloodline body comparable to the nine holy medicines, if we dedicate him to the Lord Shenjun of the Yuhua God Dynasty, we will live in the future Hahaha, some people say that the main hall of the Yuhua God Dynasty is located in Zhongzhou, but it has its sub-helms in the Nanling area, and it has also set foot in many territories. The sects or the emperors of the empire need to give them worship elder brother, and they are in their group When the boy was about to be taken away, the little girl in the closet suddenly rushed out, crying and shouting, you bad guys, don’t take my brother away, but the middle-aged man who took the lead kicked the little girl more than ten meters away, causing her to vomit blood in an instant But she still stands up tremblingly.
Although the girl’s body is amazing, but her body is too weak, someone laughed and said that she is almost a waste for ordinary people, so I used less than a layer of strength to kick out.
The man with a Chinese face who took the lead cursed and grinned. I mentioned earlier that the girl’s small body is like the bones that the brother mentioned just now.
It is indeed a little surprising, but the body is too weak and destined to not be suitable for this path of cultivation.
It has no value in the slightest, so I’m sorry, little girl, the uncle has to send you on the road. Damn it, you all stop me, whoever dares to hurt my sister, I will prevent you from getting the blood on my body, I know that as long as the blood is regenerated If a person dies, his blood will automatically be invalidated.
If I want to get blood that has magical effects, I must be willing to shed it. The ten-year-old boy struggled and shouted angrily, ready to bite his tongue. The man with the square face who raised his feet in the air was stunned for a moment.
I took it back and glanced gloomyly.
The boy is not very old, but he is meticulous and courageous.
For the sake of your hard work, I, Liu Laosi, will leave her a humble life today. Pause and wave, brothers.
Gone, my brother looked at the boy in white who was taken away, the little girl stumbled and followed to the outside of the house, crying very sad, very sad, the blood-stained mask tightly pinched in my arms became my brother’s last gift to her Don’t cry, live well, brother will come back to see your boy lying on a man’s shoulder, his eyes are slightly moist, looking at his younger sister on the side of the road, this time, he knows that his life and death are unpredictable, but he still can’t bear to look at his younger sister Crying and smiling, everyone went all the way to the big stones not far from Qinglong Town. The stones are of five colors and are very huge. The people here call it the lucky stone, but in the eyes of the cultivators, it is actually a five-color altar used to open the realm. The little girl who was used for door teleportation stumbled and followed all the way to the five-color altar.
When she saw everyone entering a beam of light, she couldn’t get any closer. A special power made it difficult for her to walk.
Brother, brother, this ring is a fetish I picked up on the edge of the forbidden area.
In the future, my brother will no longer use it for self-defense, or go out of Qinglong Town to live in a big city, and exchange it for some money so that he won’t be hungry.
The boy is in his teens, but he already has a heart like an adult.
With red eyes, he vibrated the ring vigorously the moment he entered the mask. Throwing it in the direction of my sister, everyone disappeared out of thin air. The brilliance of the five-color altar also gradually dimmed.
The words were divided into two ends. At the same time, the place not far from Qinglong Town suddenly darkened in the sky and gradually formed a terrible vortex.
A streamer of light flashed from it.
Afterwards, the vortex also disappeared, and where the streamer fell, a huge rock was hit, and a huge pit appeared on the crushed ground, bah, bah, bah, what’s going on? Zhong stood up and spit out the weeds and dust in his mouth. He was wearing a white shirt, cropped slacks, and a pair of flip flops. He was a representative of the earth’s potato shreds.
Shouldn’t I just lie on the bed and watch Dong Ge cover the sky? What the hell? Just a carp turned over, he felt like he fell into some kind of bottomless pit and couldn’t see anything. His vision was pitch black. When he opened his eyes again, it was already surrounded by mountains. The young man couldn’t figure it out.
At this moment, a beast cry that can be described as horror suddenly sounded