Put your hand on Niu Nius head Father Han put down the newspaper and interjected that Niu Niu is more sensible than you Han Yiyang

And it’s not just because in the eyes of Han’s father and Han’s mother, he is not only guilty but also filial. To some extent, I also feel that I am a little unfilial. Nowadays, Mrs.
Han is becoming more and more trendy.
Occasionally, one or two Internet slang words will appear to describe him as a leftover man, and he has been nicknamed the “Long Leftover General”.
The title of Major General is still one year away.
Halfway into the 40th army, isn’t it long left? If Mrs.
Han would show affection for her eldest son in the past, how can she poke her heart and say that he is the boss? When are you going to solve your personal problems? Ten years old is a leftover man.
At your age, you are the leftover man among the leftover men. To the outside world, I can tell others that you have not met the person you want to marry. To the inside, I must seriously tell you that you are a leftover man.
Don’t hurry up. Do you want to commit crimes or do you commit crimes? You see that men who don’t get married are not only guilty of being unfilial but also committing crimes. Nowadays, there are many leftover men, most of them are crooked, and some of them have more or less serious problems, whether it’s physical or physical. Psychologically, there is no reason for a class like Han Yiyang to become a leftover man.
It is impossible. Either his eyes are higher than the top and he doesn’t like women, or his sexual orientation is wrong. Not getting married is a secret.
At the same time, if this secret is discussed too much, it is likely to become a gossip.
For Han Yiyang, gossip is always someone else’s business. As for himself, he never responds to this question. What is there to say? He is not married. Do we still need to explain to the society that the Han family has two youngest sons? Han Zheng got married early and his wife, Zhou Shangshang, gave birth to triplets, one daughter, two boys, and three dolls. The tiger head and tiger brain are extremely cute. Every time Han Yiyang comes back from the army, two knees immediately After sitting for two, one of them tried to climb up his back with his little legs.
While climbing, he said that Uncle Pippi was going to ride a big horse. Many times when riding a big horse, Han Yiyang was very grateful for the birth of Cowhide Candy, because their old lady Han restrained herself a little.
Apart from talking about him, his marriage is not as tight as it used to be, but do you have grandchildren around your knees to have fun? On the day when the elder son, the iron tree, came back from the military area, Han Yiyang came back from the military region and the family enjoyed dinner. After dinner, the old lady Han handed over a photo to Han Yiyang. Look at how beautiful this girl is. This year, you have to solve your personal problems. Mrs.
Han gave an order.
What is a personal problem? The little niece Tangtang’s question is that your uncle wants to find an aunt for you sooner. In Tangtang’s eyes, the old man is an elderly Pippi, so don’t Pippi grab the small pastry and stuff it into his mouth, saying that the triplets often act as a family It exists as a whole, so after Tangtang and Pippi expressed their opinions, they immediately looked at the boss, Niu Niu, but Niu Niu has always been a child with his own ideas. He put down the little spoon. Uncle really wants to find an aunt. Only with aunts can there be a baby.
Put your hand on Niu Niu’s head Father Han put down the newspaper and interjected that Niu Niu is more sensible than you Han Yiyang looked at Father Han, mother Han, parents, my own affairs, I can handle marriage by myself, I’m not in a hurry, you don’t have to worry about me Parents don’t worry about the big things about their children Father Han’s anger immediately came up because it’s time for the family to eat breakfast, he can’t throw a temper tantrum and scare his brown candy, but it’s hard to get rid of his anger if he doesn’t say a few words, it’s me and you Mom worrying about you are still young, don’t worry about it, you are still young and young Father Han’s last word “young” was squeezed out from between his teeth, which made his nerves weak Tangtang was a little frightened and hurriedly opened his mouth Grandpa, don’t scold uncle, it’s a big deal when Tangtang grows up Just marry Uncle Han Zheng and his wife Zhou Shangshang looked at each other and said that Tangtang can’t marry Uncle Tangtang regretfully looked at Uncle Han Yiyang, then I can’t help you either Han Yiyang pulled out a handsome face with a smile It’s a lot softer, it’s okay to get married and have children, to have children, bandits, tonight, and forever.
If you escape the laws of nature, it’s not normal.
After the meal, Mrs.
Han went upstairs and knocked on the eldest son’s room.
The figure lined with the trousers is as handsome as a poplar My friend is getting married, I want to go out.
Which friend? Mom, why haven’t you heard of Mrs.
Han? She asked you if you don’t know her.
It’s a classmate of mine in high school. Married four years ago, my wife died from illness The pressure is good, the family background did not give him any qualifications for arrogance in his youth, but he was required to do better than anyone else until he entered the military academy after high school.
After graduating from the military academy with a master’s degree, he performed very well and became the commander of the reconnaissance company. It was really only in that year that a small peach blossom bloomed. Although the peach blossom is small, it is bright red and fresh.
Han Yiyang has half of his youth.
As for the remaining half of his youth, where did Han Yiyang go? But a person who is too good has lost his youth and regrets