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In the book of legends, Shenzhen is the summer season, and everyone will find it hot and difficult. Needless to say, Zi’an would definitely not want to endure this kind of pain if there is no urgent matter. This matter is very important to the great plan in his heart.
Out of tune he looks bad when exposed to the sun long hours indoors in front of monitors take away his youthful glow from his skin he’s as pale as a vampire gets restless in the sun I hope this time It won’t be in vain again Changxing said in a soft and clear voice especially after Cairo he added a mild reprimand last time they listened to the information of Changxing’s informant and traveled all the way to Egypt and found nothing Master this time, I am sure that Ruan Zhu is a smart man and will not mess around. The man named Changxing next to Zi An replied, yes, Zi An responded in a low voice. Said that the owner will be very surprised, after all, this is already the 21st century, but they are not an ordinary relationship, these two people are not ordinary tourists, they are sitting outside a roadside cafe on Dongkai Street watching local teenagers riding Ruan Zhu was late on the electric bike around the square, and the pathetic little shade provided by the parasol did nothing to lift Zi’an’s mood, but the depression was just his daily habit Will it really pay off Will they find the book? He’s expecting too much from this trip A waiter rushes up to their table Do you want more tea sir? I’m acting sit down but sir I’m a waiter The waiter instinctively turns to Long Xing after all he’s the man Zi Ann tapped on the table to get the man’s attention You’re wearing hand-stitched loafers silk shirt Wearing three gold signet rings, your English with some oxford cavity, your nails are clean and round, you can tell they have been trimmed recently, you are not a waiter, you are our connector, Ruan Zhuchun, the reason why you use such a ridiculous disguise is to check whether we have brought The weapon Ruan Zhu’s shoulders collapsed, it’s true, it’s so amazing, just a broken apron can’t pretend to be a waiter, Zi’an said mockingly, Ruan Zhu sat down and poured some mint tea into a small porcelain cup Let me tell you Our weapons situation Zian goes on to say I don’t carry a weapon but here’s the Longstar my huh butler has a Sig Sauer in his shoulder holster and two Shrikes in his boots Wears a double barreled Delinga with a marlin in the watch and three stun grenades in different pockets and anything else? Mr. Longstar and Shortstick oh yes he has a good one tucked under his shirt Ruan Zhu raised the cup to his lips, his hands trembling, don’t be afraid, Mr.
Ruan Zhu, Zi An smiled, these weapons will not be used on you, but Ruan Zhu doesn’t seem to have it To comfort Bu Zi’an, he continued to say that there is no need for these weapons, and Changxing can send you to the west in hundreds of different ways, although I am sure that only one is enough.
People get this effect.
A pale boy speaks in a way full of authoritative sentences and words. He looks like a strong adult.
Ruan Zhu has heard of this surname before. Is there anyone in the world who hasn’t heard of this surname? But he thought he was Will face Lao Zian instead of the boy though the word boy doesn’t seem to do justice to the pale boy and the giant long star who can apparently break a man’s neck like a twig with his giant palm Ruan Bamboo is starting to think that no matter how much money you pay him, it’s not worth spending another minute with these two weird guys Now let’s get down to business Zion put a miniature tape recorder on the table and you replied to our web ad Ruan Zhu Nodding and he started praying quickly that his message was accurate yes sir what you’re looking for I know where it is really should I take your word for it you might lead me into a trap my family ain’t no Chang Xing of the Chou family suddenly raised his hand and grabbed a mosquito by the owner’s ear, no no Ruan Zhu said repeatedly, he reached for his wallet to watch Zi’an study this Polaroid photo, his heart beat wildly immediately It sounds like a joke but in this day and age a computer and a scanner can fake anything there’s a hand sticking out of the shadows it’s a mottled green hand he whispered explain this woman she It’s a therapist who lives near Tudor Street She heals people in exchange for rice wine She’s drunk all the time Zian nods it’s interesting alcoholism fits with one of his research findings He stands up and smoothes his white Paul shirt The wrinkles on the forehead are good.
Lead the way Mr.
Ruan Zhu Ruan Zhu took a deep breath and wiped the sweat from his slender beard. I only provide information. We have an appointment like this. I don’t want a curse to fall on my head. I’m sorry Mr. Nguyen Zhu, but the time for you to make a choice is long gone.
Zi’an said in his characteristic tone that Changxing dragged the protesting Vietnamese to a jeep they rented.
In Changsha, where the streets are flat, or Saigon, as the locals are still accustomed to calling it, there is no need to drive this kind of car, but Zian just likes to do something different. On the crowded streets, the jeep is moving slowly like a clumsy big turtle, which makes people feel uncomfortable. The painful slow speed made the yearning piled up in Zi’an’s chest more and more tormenting.
He couldn’t suppress it any longer.
Is their hard search finally coming to an end?