Professor Chus face was startled his face is now covered with bloodstains the blood flowed down the gully on the ground and looking at him

A file folder flew in the air and hit Nie Feng’s face firmly.
The documents were scattered all over the ground, but Nie Feng didn’t care. He just stared blankly at the woman in front of him, the woman he gave everything for. Nie Feng, let me tell you. Today, you have to sign whether you want to sign or not Your plan, your prospect, I want you to sign now and get out of this door.
I will not sign this house.
My parents left it to me. If you didn’t have to transfer the house to your name when you got married, this property How come there is your name on the certificate? Okay, okay, you don’t sign it, right? Then we’ll see you in court, now you get the hell out of here The home that belonged to me is now thrown out like a lost dog.
If it weren’t for the failure of the investment and the extravagance of this prodigal girl, how could it have ended up in such a field? I touched my pocket, and now only a mobile phone and a wallet are left The only bank card in the wallet has been withdrawn long ago. The only remaining two hundred yuan is exposed from the corner of the wallet, as if laughing at his incompetence. There was a burst of human voices and birdsong. It turned out to be a park where some grandpas and aunts were walking and chatting with birds.
Looking at their lively appearance, Nie Feng seemed to wake up all of a sudden.
I am still young, so what if I have no money. As long as I can eat, I will work hard.
Nie Feng walked into the park and looked at the activities of those grandparents with great interest. Some were walking birds, some were playing poker, some were singing and dancing. It was very lively everywhere.
Fufu Nie Feng was walking aimlessly in the park, and suddenly found an old man sitting cross-legged on the ground. Various stones were placed in front of him, some were placed in a water basin, and some were placed in the open air.
Picking and picking at the booth, he took out a few banknotes from his wallet and put them in the iron basin in front of the old man, and left. The two sides had no communication from beginning to end. Nie Feng was a little curious and approached him, only to see a handwritten sign beside the old man, five on the left. On the right side, 20 cents, pick yourself up, no bargaining.
These words are written vigorously and penetratingly, but it is a pity that some philistines squatted down in front of the old man. Only then did Nie Feng realize that the old man was cross-legged with all his heart turned upside down. Sitting in meditation, both hands are still pinching handprints, eyes are closed, and the chest rises and falls can hardly be seen. It seems that he is a master of Taoism.
Nie Feng looks down at the booth, although he doesn’t usually enjoy it. In the past, a friend who was a master of Taoism often preached to him. After being influenced by my ears and eyes, I also learned that there are many stalls with Yuhua stone, chicken blood stone, turquoise ephedra, and some can’t tell what it is, but the appearance is not very good. Even if it is soaked in water, it can only be said to be average. No wonder it is so cheap. It seems that it is all some sides The corner material is also for those who are just getting started. The encounter between the head trainer and the hand practicer is destined. Dare to rummage through the pile of stones with a price tag of 20. If you don’t want to buy it, don’t rummage around. You can touch it.
If he touches the stone, you’ll be tired of it. How could he know that he was flipping through a stone without opening his eyes? After finishing, Nie Feng was stunned, a bit embarrassed, what the hell would the stone call someone? Feng rubbed and squatted, his legs became numb.
When he stood up, he knew it was a fool’s talk. There was no stone at all to greet me.
Feeling a little distressed, he just walked away, pulled him down and stopped, the old man suddenly opened his eyes, the light in his eyes was piercing It hurt my chest because of bumping into my arms. I picked it up and saw that Nie Feng was stunned.
What should I say? It looks like some waste bricks picked up from a demolition site. No wonder it’s so heavy.
It’s probably mixed in the pile of fifty. I’ve never seen the half-sized ones on the ground, they cost fifty, and the big ones don’t cost a hundred! Nie Feng couldn’t bear to put it back, old man, your spirit stone, just to spend half of his net worth on this waste brick. It’s too expensive, I can’t afford it, I’d better give it back to you Nie Feng’s voice fell on the word “heavy”, and it’s a bit ironic. This old man wants to do business, is he crazy? He took a broken stone and wanted to sell it in his hand.
He didn’t see it for a long time. It’s calling me, take it, don’t want your money, it’s not easy to find a real owner for these stones, the old man waved at Nie Feng, indicating that he can go, if it were to be in the past, Nie Feng would definitely leave a few red notes This favor can’t be owed, but now it’s not the same as in the past when he was shy in his pocket. He thanked the old man and left with the stone in his hand. He just wandered around like this. At night, Nie Feng, who bought some food casually, decided to find a place to sleep on the ground first. When I get up tomorrow, I will find a part-time job and at least pay for the living expenses first.
Nie Feng, who is walking all the way with a stone in his hand, looks at him like he is crazy, making him wonder if the old man is malicious. He asked how many small hotels cost at least one hundred yuan a night. Nie Feng gritted his teeth.