Prestige value 30000 points honor value 300 points and each type of prestige value series cards plus ten cards Add ten cards to the number

Chapter 1 Golf Golf was originally just an ordinary young man who failed in life. In college, he was muddled and made girlfriends. The worst thing is that he finally found a job and broke his leg. As a result, he lost his job and could only stay at home, okay? It is easy to recover from the injury and is preparing to recover. After being hit by a big truck out of control, he wakes up and finds that the owner of this body is also called Gao Qiu. He is a pure boy who loves football.
He aspires to become a professional player and join the national team to win glory for the country. So I was admitted to the football school and went to the club to sell myself from time to time, but my strength is limited.
No professional club would like him.
He could only play amateur games with his friends, but he never gave up on his dream.
In yesterday’s game, he abused the opponent too badly. The golf friend taunted the opponent with a few words and immediately annoyed the opponent. A Shaolin football game was staged. As a bookworm who has been immersed in the Internet for many years, the first reaction of the high ball is excitement when he sees himself like this.
Is he a legendary waste wood? The prehistoric pushes 90,000 miles to reach the pinnacle of life. It wasn’t until he was despised by the elementary school student next door with a broken leg that he realized the reality. After realizing that he was now at the age of 11, that was eleven years ago, it wasn’t the tireless ridicule of the elementary school student next to him in the fantasy world of high martial arts. Looking at Gao Qiu, he was considering whether he should take off the bandage on his head and stuff it into his mouth.
Just when Gao Qiu was about to teach the primary school students the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, the nurse sister pushed the door in and the primary school student immediately stopped mocking the nurse sister to help first.
The primary school student measured the body temperature and carefully observed the bandaged part of the primary school student’s legs, and gently asked the primary school student questions.
From the perspective of the golf ball, the nurse’s sister’s buttocks slightly tilted up and swayed back and forth, and the bottom of the short skirt was looming. It seems that the nurse’s uniform perfectly shows the nurse’s sister’s figure.
The pair of weapons at least have a wave-like flipping look. The question looked indifferent, Gao Qiu scolded in his heart that the little kid was lonely all his life and didn’t know how to cherish the beauty in front of him, so he re-observed the nurse sister, came to Gao Qiu, the more he looked at it, he felt that spring was coming The beauty had an affair.
After she was discharged from the hospital, the loli, the royal sister, the policeman, the schoolgirl, she was free to choose. Then the question came, should I have a harem? Come to the sweet voice of the nurse sister, hello, how do you feel now? Does the wound still hurt? Gao Qiu immediately calmed down and prepared to answer with what he thought was the most handsome expression, but when he saw the nurse’s sister’s face, he suddenly became speechless, as if his eyes had been struck by lightning. The sluggish heart and blood congeal, it seems that there is something Xiyao sprayed it out, this look is really familiar, Guozi’s face is thick eyebrows, big eyes, huge nostrils, bright red lips, the key is to see sparse beard stubble, I’m going to see this guy is a big guy in women’s clothing, right? Nurse sister thinks that the golf ball doesn’t talk What’s wrong with Gao Qiu’s wound? His body got closer again, so frightened Gao Qiu quickly replied that it’s okay, I’m fine, you can go and work on your body, and move back without any trace.
Really, really, go and take care of the little friend next to you. He has limited mobility. I can take care of myself.
Well, if you need anything, just call me.
After talking about the nurse sister, I will take care of the elementary school students. The appearance seems to stretch a lot in my heart.
Now the ratio of male to female is out of balance. For the sake of the future of the motherland, I can only give up the opportunity to open a harem to the next generation. My brother can only help you get here.
Then it will be up to you.
The golf ball shamelessly thought about it after a while nurse My sister left and the elementary school student next to me seemed to have run out of energy and soon fell asleep.
Gao Qiu lay on the bed blankly looking at the white ceiling and began to think about his future. In the past, I didn’t learn any skills. I lived like an otaku. In my spare time, I just watch dramas and play games.
Occasionally, I’m a keyboard man. It seems that there is nothing to hide. Rich and powerful relatives want to be successful in business. It seems unrealistic. As for the appearance, it is neither handsome nor ugly, but after packaging it, it can be called a small fresh meat. I feel that I still have a bright future. Should I pursue my dream? In the show business circle, just when the golf ball was thinking wildly, the door of the ward opened again.
It turned out that it was my own family. It looked like I was living.
The quiet room immediately became lively again. The tables on both sides of the hospital bed were full of various fruits.
Parents and relatives are concerned Asking questions about Gao Qiu and seeing how caring relatives are, Gao Qiu feels indescribably moved in his heart. I am really very happy, no matter if it is me before or now, my family members are always full of warmth for me, and they always care about me infinitely, no matter where I am What kind of predicament does my family always accompany me? Encourage me to never leave me, never give up on my own life. When I was about to speak out to comfort my relatives, when I saw my mother’s reddish eyes, Gao Qiu suddenly felt that thousands of words could not express my gratitude at this moment. This is my mother, an ordinary woman, a great woman.
After a while, she said, I’m fine, and now I feel better. At this time, my second aunt said, Xiao Gao, look, you are making your mother worry about you. sleep crying