Prepare The voice of awakening the more advanced guardian Huo Wuma just fell Lian Yangs brows frowned even deeper because Huo Wumas tone really made

He is the ruler and the king, he used the magic sword Apophis to fight the Lich King Arthas, took the dragon to dominate Azeroth, and summoned a handsome mech in reality.
In the beginning, he was just a decadent young man who loved online games but was abandoned by his girlfriend.
Chapter 1 What else can you do besides games? There is also the sound of firecrackers from the mechanical keyboard. The chassis is water-cooled, highly silent, and highly refrigerated. Of course, the price is high. The keyboard is mechanical, highly noisy, and feels very good.
It is also quite expensive, and the only light comes from the computer.
Ba is not too big now, but the eyes of the young man are staring at the grotesque monitor with full attention, for fear of missing even a second. The crackling sound of the mechanical keyboard is like setting off firecrackers, and the continuous crackling sound is endless. The most intense battle The action of the exciting fighting youth is extremely gorgeous, but despite this, it seems that the state is still not very good at the moment. I can only see the character in the computer dodging left and right, but still unable to attack even once.
Suddenly, the original blood volume suddenly bottomed out to a small Mistake, this full-screen skill was not dodged, and the cost of being unable to dodge was originally death, but because of occupational problems, this occupation has an invincible skill that can evade death once.
Of course, it is so difficult for me to wipe manually, and there is residual blood.
Fortunately, my hands are quick and decisive. There is still some difference with people.
The young man’s face is full of displeasure, as if he was wronged at this moment, and he said that it will be too late, then the time left for the young man is really not much, because the next wave of attacks will come soon, and as long as he is hit Even if the young man’s previous efforts are all in vain, but despite the powerful speed, the young man’s hand speed is faster Frost looks like a powerful skill that can only be hit in the open space next to the character. My hand speed is fast. Who made me a monk for more than half a year? If you don’t accept life and death, do it if you don’t accept it. Then you have to prepare medicine.
It’s not like I’m going to collapse the land Cut it off.
Young people are full of pride. Few people can do this kind of extreme operation. At least few friends who play games with young people have this technique.
Well, the game on the screen is called Dungeon and Warriors for short.
It is the core of this game to challenge various dungeons to collect more powerful equipment and pass through more difficult dungeons. At the same time, this is also the most frequently played game by young people over the past year.
I have spent a lot of time on it.
I am considered a hardcore player.
Who made the game almost become the hobby of all young people? I only saw the character with red eyes in the game jumping high and holding the huge sword high above his head. No matter how hard the top hit it, the tall and straight one seemed to be smashed by this hissing The sword was frightened, and it was cut straight on the top of the head. The giant sword slashed fiercely and hit the ground. The magma was hit by the giant sword. Burning fiercely for a moment, the blood volume dropped by more than a hundred grids quickly People are very fascinated, but now the magma is still erupting, and those who are attacked have also entered into a freeze.
This is the inherent setting of this game, and the young man is obviously familiar with this mechanism.
He decisively released a skill with a slightly longer release time in the game.
The character suddenly let out an angry howl, only to see that the blood volume that had been added to the full value had miraculously dropped back to it. Ghost Swordsman has changed his job, and there is only one crazy road along the way. Life and death are always alternating, because only a very low blood volume can burst out an extremely large attack, and a powerful berserker player always seems to be dancing on the tip of a knife. Generally, the battle between life and death, life and death always makes people’s blood boil, doesn’t it? When the sword pierced the body, a burst of intense blood exploded, and the blood bar dropped rapidly for an instant, but it was not over yet. The berserker in the computer suddenly stretched out a hand full of blood and ruthlessly held it. I caught it in my hand, only to see that what seemed to be blood poured into the berserker’s body along with the blood energy, and then the young man’s face was full of confidence. The moment the character let go of his fists, he clenched his fists into a bigger one. The explosion of blood energy followed one after another without even giving the incomparably sharp reaction time, which threatened the originally strong blood volume, and under the series of attacks by the young man, only one remained. At the moment when the bloody rage ended It seems to be able to attack again.
For a while, the screen is full of lightning flashes.
The skill is still the full screen skill.
The computer is the computer.
Do you think I will really give you a chance to let you burst into youthful self-confidence? That’s what the game is really about. It’s no longer difficult to keep the rules. I won’t accompany you to play the final lore Gorefiend Killing the Sky. The screen is still flashing with lightning.
The violent attack seems to take a while, but the young characters don’t dare to show weakness. The whole person has turned into a set of blood.
Half of the screen of the red wolf is lightning flashing across the screen, and the other half is a red wolf. The moment the lightning and the wolf meet, the result comes out.