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Chapter Nine Stars Lianzhu Moon Scorching Sun The Peking University gymnasium is crowded with people and the atmosphere is lively.
The upcoming match is the final between Peking University and Tsinghua University. The confrontation between these two teams has attracted thousands of fans to watch the match, not to mention the seats in the stadium.
Even the aisles and even the outside of the arena are crowded with people.
In the past three years, these two teams have won the championships of Tsinghua University and Peking University. More importantly, Peking University has won the championship for consecutive years. If they can win Tsinghua University at home today They will win the first three consecutive championships in team history.
As the two most famous universities in China, Peking University and Tsinghua University are at odds with each other in every field.
Today they meet in the finals.
The fans of the two teams are full of gunpowder. The sound of slapping hands on the microphone. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Peking University vs. Tsinghua University is about to start. Please take your seats quickly. Students who have no seats in the aisle, please sit down. There will be noise again in the field. Please prepare for the game. In a few minutes, the game will officially start.
Peking University will win Tsinghua University. Flags fluttering, crowds of people at the side of the field, Shentong distributes towels to the main players who have finished warming up, standing in a corner and listening to the head coach laying out tactics for everyone.
It is too clear that although he has few chances to play, his passion for basketball makes him go all out every time he steps on the court, no matter what role he plays. Bring a few bottles of water for the main team members. It’s hot today.
It’s not easy to deal with the opponent. Be careful not to suffer from heatstroke.
Keep your strength.
When it comes to the end, the coach’s eyes have already looked away. Well, Shen Tong agreed with a little disappointment, but he quickly turned around and ran to his seat. Holding a pile of mineral water behind the chair and sending it to the players who are about to play. Gradually controlling the situation on the court, cheering and cheering, Peking University lived up to expectations and beat Tsinghua University to complete the three consecutive championships.
Shentong excitedly rushed into the court and hugged his teammates tightly.
The atmosphere in the court reached the most two hours later. The gymnasium of Nei Nuo University was full of people just now, but now there is only the sound of basketball slapping on the ground. Dong Dong, Shen Tong skillfully dribbled the ball, suddenly started continuous fake moves, changed hands from left to right, stepped down the dribble, and made an emergency stop jump shot outside the three-point line.
The basketball flew out from Shentong’s fingertips and drew an almost perfect parabolic hollow into the net. There was applause from the stands. Shentong was surprised to see that you played really well, young man. No wonder you are the champion.
It turns out that it is Auntie Shentong wry smile After a polite reply, thank you, he picked up the ball, stepped on his backpack and walked out of the arena.
The player with the most accurate three-pointers in the Shentong Peking University team won the three-pointer king in the Peking University team for three consecutive years.
The soft touch and the three-pointer with a terrifying shooting percentage Scoring the ball is the magic weapon for Shentong to stay in the Peking University team. Otherwise, Shentong, who is only one meter tall, would have no chance to stay in the team.
In the three years at Peking University, Shentong played only a handful of points and can be counted on ten fingers. The role of Shentong in the team It’s the manager of the drinking fountain and an active person. By the way, it’s also a role model for the coaches. For example, look at Shentong who practiced hundreds of three-pointers every day, and you look at Shentong who took the initiative to run and practice after training. You learn from others, etc. But usually these words are followed by such an exclamation, it’s a pity that the height is yes, the height of Shentong is only 1.
5 meters. On a basketball court full of people, even college basketball has strict restrictions on height, not to mention Mi’s guards. Shentong also admits that the disadvantage of being short on the basketball court is not just something that can be made up for through hard work.
Lying on the lawn in the school, Shentong looks up at the silent and vast universe, full of stars and unknown people. The worms came intermittently. Opened the mobile phone. The chat in the basketball group is hot.
If nothing else, many people in the team can play in the professional league this year.
This used to be Shentong’s dream.
Shentong can only give up, give up the dream and accept the cruel reality. Shentong puts on the earphones and the familiar music plays.
I want to climb up step by step, waiting for the sun to quietly look at its face. Looking up, when Shentong was feeling sad, he suddenly realized that the sky tonight was a bit weird. The old people often said that there must be something weird in the Nine Stars Lianzhu. After taking a picture, Shentong felt something was wrong on the screen of his mobile phone. He raised his head. Among the nine stars that were originally juxtaposed, one of them turned out to be bigger. After reacting, I felt that my body was on fire, as if a high-voltage current passed through Shentong, and I felt that I was going to be torn apart.
At this moment, Shentong thought of his parents, wondering if they would find the flamboyant girl under the pillow when they cleaned up their room, Shentong even felt a little regretful.
If I knew it earlier, I should have gone dancing with the team to celebrate Shentong.
I also remembered the girl next door with a ponytail and a whip that I liked when I was a child.
It’s a pity that I haven’t even touched the girl’s hand.
The ear-piercing roar broke everything.