Powerful and capable of coping with various combat situations Fast forming speed Disadvantages Difficult to maintain Requires logistical support Manufacturing type Manufacture modules of all mechanical

The game is still infinite cough cough Luo Fei woke up from a dizziness, his brain was buzzing non-stop, slowly opened his eyes and looked at the surrounding environment, he saw himself lying on the ground, surrounded by darkness, a white light beam shone down from above, opened his eyes and looked but Did not find the light source. Luo Fei shook his head, trying to alleviate the dizziness.
After a while, he felt dizzy better, so he sat up and looked around. There was darkness on the left and back, only a faint outline on the right. Luo Fei slowly stood up.
Walking to the right, I recalled the situation before I fainted.
Before I fainted, I seemed to want to play a game, that is, Dungeon and Warriors. The character creation interface is in progress and the character is being built. Suddenly a pop-up window pops up. I click on it and lose consciousness.
Luo Fei thinks of this and breaks into a cold sweat. I won’t travel to infinite horror, right? Waiting for a lot of tasks to fill the mind, making Luo Fei’s face turn blue and white, and the two battles did not know how long it took. When Luo Fei imagined his first way of death, he woke up and realized that everything was just his imagination.
When I existed, I was already soaked and kneeling on the ground. I didn’t even know I had such a rich imagination.
I laughed at myself.
It wasn’t until now that Luo Fei came to his senses.
At the very least, some so-called seniors who have gone through several scenes will tell themselves about the situation of the main god’s space, and then write down Ma Wei and so on, but there is no one around them.
Then I looked around and found that the surroundings are still empty and there is no light curtain.
There are no tables, chairs, walls or anything in the barrier.
There is only a white light.
There is a white light. Luo Fei’s attention is instantly focused on the top of his head, as if this white light has been shining on him.
Luo Fei groped his body over and over again and found nothing abnormal, and then he was relieved to see that the white light was not harmful to the body, so he ignored it.
He groped into the darkness and walked about a hundred steps before he realized that there was a faint light in front of him.
It was not until the white light illuminated the outline that Luo Fei realized what a group of sculptures he was facing.
What was displayed in front of Luo Fei was a group of sculptures, to be exact, a row of sculptures, a total of thirteen statues of seven men and six women.
What did I see? The one on the far left has a white shawl and long hair.
It should have been pink.
Underneath is a pair of murder weapons. The right hand holds a broad-bladed short sword, and the left hand holds a shield with a sun symbol. Wearing a short skirt on the body, in the lower left corner of the figure, there is an image of a round gear shield inlaid with a shield, which is the same as the statue holding a shield. On the right side of the gear, there are three characters written on it.
The guardian is known as the first fierce cough cough. The other statues of the guardians, from left to right, are Ghost Swordsman, Ghost Swordsman, Fighter, Fighter, Sharpshooter, Sharpshooter, Magician, Magician, Cleric, Nightbringer The repeated names of the dark warrior and the creator are not typos, but they are divided into male and female.
Among them, the guardian of the night, the creator, only female characters, the cleric, and the dark warrior, only male characters, and the rest are both male and female. The male characters are sculpted and colored, they look like they are alive, and they are still shaking. Luo Fei stepped forward and touched them, only to realize that this is just an illusion. It is only now that Luo Fei is sure where he came to you, just before he passed out. The picture I saw was different from before I passed out.
What I saw now was no longer the card-like characters I saw on the computer, but three-dimensional life-sized sculptures. How to choose a character? This should be the first It’s a test, so Luo Fei thinks about it. In fact, Luo Fei doesn’t know that the first test has been passed, which is the courage to move forward in the dark. In the dark, there is no courage to survive. In the end, he will only be swallowed by the darkness. Luo Fei thought of this and observed this.
Thirteen Statues first excludes the female characters, because Luo Fei, who has played the game for many years, can tell at a glance that gray is not an option, so Luo Fei shifts his focus to the six male characters and observes them carefully, but nothing happens. Find the clue to activate the character. Thinking back to the character selection in the game, Luo Fei’s gaze and the ghost swordsman’s eyes looked straight at the moment the ghost swordsman’s statue disappeared, and Luo Fei felt an explosive force in his body. A broad sword without a tip appeared on his right hand.
Luo Fei looked at the seal ring wrapped around the chain on his left hand, and at the same time realized that the statue in front of him had disappeared, and he had become the image of a disappeared ghost swordsman.
Touching his head, Luo Fei saw that his clothes hadn’t been changed. Will the color of his face and hair be changed? Thinking about it, his own image was projected in front of him. Luo Fei took a closer look before letting out a long sigh of relief.
I just changed my left hand, I saw that the left hand from the shoulder to the shoulder changed from a normal hand to a red ghost hand, and the face shape and hair color that I cared about the most did not change. When Luo Fei was still learning about his own changes, a reminder sound came from his mind.
Are you sure to choose the character? Luo Fei looked at his left arm, thought for a while, shook his head and chose whether to choose a ghost swordsman with an inhuman image when he was not sure what scene he would enter after choosing a character. Obviously it is not a good idea.
Although I really like playing the profession of Berserker, there is still a difference between reality and virtuality. When Luo Fei silently said no, the light flashed and the statue of Ghost Swordsman appeared in the original position. After Luo Fei thought about it, he eliminated Ghost Swordsman.
After the three options of the dark warrior, there are still three options left: the sharpshooter, the paladin, the magician, which one should you choose? The sharpshooter is a technological character, the horned mage and the paladin are magic characters.