Potted plant Guan Chong did not know where to get a potted plant and stared at it all afternoon Bai Liangyou went to answer the

The four different copywriting versions Guan Chong looked at a man and a woman beside him, cleared their throats and said, Guan Ju, this is your father, Bai Liangyou, introducing the man with a petrified look Some people are suitable for forgetting, but they always walk in front of your eyes. Some things are suitable for forgetting, but they always show up around you. Some people miss you when you can’t see them.
It’s Lifetime Content Tags Urban Love Marriage Search Keyword Protagonist Guan Chong Bai Liangyou Supporting Role Guan Ju Yang Yao Yang Xi Other Soy Sauce Party Le Minmin has three major problems when going to the supermarket. First, don’t know what to buy. Second, waiting in line. A dime was exchanged for a bunch of gross bills, but the worms encountered the fourth major distress.
Today, she seldom came out to bask in the sun, and seldom entered a supermarket that she hadn’t visited in half a month.
She bought vegetables and fruits on a whim, and realized her responsibilities with enthusiasm. My daughter bought snacks and daily necessities and counted the things in the shopping basket. She was secretly proud of her foresight.
The RMB in her pocket narrowly beat Guan Chong’s satisfaction by a dollar higher than the sum of all the prices. That’s why it’s so nonsensical, but the cashier girl at the checkout The typed out receipt made Guan Chong feel good about herself and collapsed. The receipt was 36 yuan higher than her pocket money and declared victory.
The clerk was speechless, Guan Chong still felt that the momentum was not enough, and he slapped the counter to find your manager. Someone behind complained, isn’t it just thirty-six yuan? Your mother made you look like this, and she looks dissatisfied.
Can you remake you? Your food and clothing expenses exceed their expectations, can you still stuff it back? It looks like a manager. The staff rushed to accompany you in a low voice, not the price on the shelf. It was yesterday that the person in charge probably made an omission and didn’t replace it. We’re sorry for the trouble you’ve caused. Didn’t realize it? Isn’t this a disadvantage for customers? It’s not a holiday or event period. The price difference between yesterday and today is thirty-six. Do you think you are selling gasoline? Don’t you just nod your head and give me a head? I am almost middle-aged and a little bald.
The manager rubbed his forehead, miss, can we ask, can we let the customers check out first? This is after work hours, and many people gathered to watch this incident, pointing and wondering whether the same error occurred in the products in their hands. She just doesn’t want to move her position. She knows that if she changes her position now, her momentum will naturally weaken.
Let me solve this first. I’ll go by myself.
The manager secretly wants to meet a lady with a more pious attitude who is difficult to talk to. Can the price be calculated according to the price on the shelf? Chong opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but a hand stretched out, with a bank card between his slender, white fingers.
The words were not addressed to Guan Chong, but this matter was related to her. Guan Chong and the manager followed the unexpected hand and looked. Shen Guanchong secretly speculates that this man is so tall and close, she can smell him, the smell of deja vu, or the familiarity that has never been forgotten, a name is about to be spit out, the surroundings that were noisy just now quiet down, Guan Chong hears My heart was beating faster and my cheeks were flushed, maybe I spoke too fast just now, so that the oxygen supply to the brain was insufficient.
She thought it was not suitable to stay here for a long time. She didn’t even have the courage to raise her head to confirm, and she was eager to flee like a defeated soldier.
A: I don’t want these. Guan Chong put the shopping basket on the counter, turned his head and walked away. The manager reacted and followed behind, thinking that Guan Chong was chasing behind because of the price, explaining that the lady is really sorry, we will definitely ignore Guan Chong. Leaving, wishing I could walk faster on the Hot Wheels, walk out of the gate of the shopping mall, the heat wave hits my face, my face cells are clamoring to expand, Guan Chong touches my arms, it’s still cold Enchanting girl People are coming and going in front of the shopping mall Guan Chong can’t see their expressions clearly, just watching them walk towards the set goal Her goal, she can’t remember what her dream was, thinking hard or getting nothing Time really kills time There are many things, such as once full of Fang Qiu’s lofty ideals, for whom the lights of this city are turned on and for whom, Guan Chong raises his hand and fiddles with his bangs, raises his head and purses the corners of his mouth to outline the arc of a smile, no matter who it is for, at least it is illuminated She turned her head and saw no figure of that person in the shopping mall where she was still walking in a hurry. Guan Chong laughed at herself, thinking that she was oversensitive, that person might just be a stranger, let alone that person, he hadn’t done it five years ago. How can she be willing to do it five years later? She is wishful thinking.
She climbed the stairs tiredly and reached the sixth floor. While taking out the keys, she stomped her feet skillfully. The voice-activated light in the stairwell immediately turned on.
Seeing this somewhat embarrassed and lonely woman, Guan Chong took out the key, twisted it open the door, slammed it on, leaned against the wall, kicked off her shoes, and walked into the room with bare feet. Did I finish my computer homework? The little man in the chair in front of the computer desk is shaking. His white and tender legs are holding an ice cream in his hand, eating happily.
Hearing my mother’s voice, I just turn my head and look at it. Mom, don’t you mean to be right? The education I love doesn’t force me to do things I don’t like.
Does it make me grow up happily and doesn’t put pressure on me? The seat is occupied by my daughter