Position Zhong Yang looked at the video screen again unconsciously heaving a sigh of relief as if he wanted to suppress the excitement in his

The all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor, the goddess Li Chuxia has never made other people’s children a magical thing since she was a child, until one day there is finally a neighbor next door.
The old man pointed at the boy in the living room opposite and said earnestly that such a boy One day after being a childhood sweetheart, you must never get married. One day, the tablemate said to Goddess Li in a mysterious way. I heard that she likes you. Goddess Li didn’t look up at a geometric question.
My dad said that it’s normal for childhood sweethearts to like each other, but they can’t get married. There are also guest stars in this article. The heroine of this article is Genzheng Miaohong.
Miyoshi’s students sometimes have convulsions, but they never fall in love early. The secret love is cute, the secret love has no cruel ending, the content tag is special, the childhood sweetheart, the sweet article, the first preschool education, the old stairs, narrow and dark, and the elegant and well-dressed woman is leading a very beautiful little girl and standing at the door of the neighbor. Ruan Jun, a handsome man carrying fruit, reached out and knocked on the door three times, waiting for a quick response from the inside, and the people inside came out to open the door. The old-fashioned doors are divided into wooden doors and anti-theft iron doors on the outside.
The old man of Xun opened the door and suddenly saw a man and a woman standing outside the door, holding a very beautiful little girl in his hands, and he was stunned for a moment.
Who are you looking for? Ruan Jun smiled at the old man, hello, we are just now The one who moved here is just across from you.
This is my husband and daughter. Please take care of me in the future. The old man was stunned again.
Then he opened the door.
Then Ruan Jun took the little girl and stepped aside. Behind him, the tall and handsome Li Yongxin stepped forward and held it in his hand.
Hello, this is an old house in the county seat.
The neighbors on the opposite side have changed again and again. This is the first time that the old neighbors who gave away things as soon as they moved in were still wary of being a liar.
But when he looked back, he saw people living on the opposite side. The living room was tidy and tidy, and there were a few squashed cardboard boxes left outside.
Then he looked at the family of three, a man and a woman, all of whom were of good looks and temperament.
The little girl who was holding her hand smiled sweetly.
Under the reminder of the woman, she called out politely in a thin voice, Grandpa, good old man, hurriedly invited someone into the house, but this family declined. After looking up, there are many chances to look down. It’s really a bit hasty, we have to go downstairs to see that the quality of the family is very good.
The old man quickly let go of his guard, smiled and nodded.
The neighbors don’t need to be so polite. He turned his head and yelled at the house. Only then did Li Yongxin and his wife see clearly that there was a calm-faced little boy sitting in the living room of the house. He was holding the rudder of a game console in his hand, and the force he pressed on the rudder of the game was not small, but his eyes were stunned.
The old man is a little embarrassed for not coming over.
Our children have been spoiled since they were young. Don’t mind your eyes falling on the little girl who is led by Ruan Jun. The old man smiled.
I’ll play here for a while Ruan Jun hasn’t spoken yet, Li Yongxin has already taken the first step to hug his beautiful daughter, and politely refuses. Next time, next time I have time, I will definitely come. My daughter got out of the car in the morning and is still feeling a little uncomfortable. I’ll take her back to rest. I’m not feeling well.
What’s wrong with Ruan Jun today? I heard that Li Chuxia was not feeling well, her complexion was very good, and she ate half a watermelon at noon.
They said that her daughter is her father’s caring little padded jacket.
Li Yongxin, but pinched Li Chuxia’s little butt.
Ruan Jun buried his head in Li Yongxin’s shoulder like a whimper Ruan Jun glared at Li Yongxin, turned around and smiled at the old man in the room and said, “I don’t want to disturb you today, let’s go back first.” The old man smiled and nodded, but he did not rush to close the door but Standing at the door and watching the family walk into the house, Ruan Jun finally asked Li Yongxin to take the child back to greet other new neighbors by himself. Looking at the thin and thin Li Chuxia, he flashed into the house, closed the door and returned home. Li Yongxin sat down on the sofa with a sad face and put Li Chuxia on his lap.
Looking at her pink and tender daughter, she began to moan, Xia Xia, you are not good, why did mother come to the county town to find her father? You didn’t even say on the phone that Li Chuxia, who was placed on her lap and face to face with Li Yongxin, was amused by his funny expression and tone She giggled and then stretched out her white and tender hands to pinch Li Yongxin’s handsome face. The voice was as soft as before and said because we miss you.
What is a caring little padded jacket? Li Yongxin is looking Looking at this little thing and laughing at myself, I became drunk. In the past, the arrogant and mighty third young master of the Li family could even beat him back if he shook his face. But now, these little hands are pinching his face, so beautiful.
The small face smiled at him, and the soft and waxy voice said to him because we miss you, Li Yongxin suddenly wanted to cry, at this moment, even if Li Chuxia pissed on his head, he would only touch her little one The face said that you are so self-willed, and you were sent by your elder brother to such a broken county to do a project for no reason I never expected that early this morning, his own wife would come here with her daughter in big and small bags, and she could not help but inform him that the family had to be reunited. Come here and suffer together, you can’t live in a big house, you can’t live in good conditions, you can’t enjoy the family, you want to move to such a small place for reunion, he’s a failure, this isn’t what made him feel the most crisis, Li Yongxin suddenly turned serious