Please arrange to see when I can visit Wang Zhi Yuan Mao sighed turned around and went out of the house saw a large ball

Today, only two prequels will be released, and tomorrow, the main text will be released. One hundred households.
Zhao Ying woke up from a coma, and his eyes were bright. In his chest, there seemed to be a bird fluttering its wings, impatiently wanting to soar into the sky. His body was weak, but his heart was extremely excited, desperately hoping.
He told people about the miracles he had just seen, but he was most concerned about that one, so he took a deep breath, gently held the bird in his chest, and looked at the old slave at home, suppressing his excitement and asking in a trembling voice. Why the old slave, Shen Laoqi, didn’t answer, shook his head and wanted to speak, but he didn’t open his mouth, his expression had already given a definite answer Said it was impossible in a more definite tone, Shen Laoqi half opened his mouth and was speechless, he was full of sadness and sympathy, but now it was all surprised and a little panic, impossible Zhao Ying repeated word by word The bird in Dao’s chest became active again, I saw that it was true, there was no falsehood, I saw that it was exactly the same as Taoist Zhou said, Shen Laoqi’s mouth opened wider and let out a meaningless ah, the more eager the master spoke, the expression on his face The weirder it is, the more Zhao Ying found out that he was playing the piano to the cow, so he struggled to stand up from the futon and swayed, even so, Shen Laoqi, who came over to support him, strode out of the house with big strides, his heart fluttered again.
Impossible three words, this time I mean to myself, the crowd in the courtyard that I can’t hear much has almost dispersed, only a few Taoist priests are packing their own utensils, but there is still a group of people gathered at the gate of the courtyard. The most important thing is to speak sincerely Zhou Xuanheng carries the dust whisk in the right palm of both hands on his back, his tail trembles slightly, his tone is unhurried, with a hint of regret and blame Almost in the middle, introducing the gods in the sky to the mortals on the ground is like who among you wants to meet the master on the ground, of course you have to find an acquaintance to introduce you, but whether you can meet the master in the end and whether you can do things after seeing the master still depends on yourself Some people are unlucky and some are reluctant to part with the money, of course they can’t blame the middleman, right? Back to praying for gods, the reason for the failure is all mortals’ insincerity.
We have done our duty and have already invited the gods to the door. The audience can’t stop nodding. A few people’s gazes shifted.
Zhou Xuanheng turned around and saw Zhao Ying who was in a daze.
He didn’t say anything, turned around and shook his head to everyone, sighed softly, suddenly raised his legs and strode out, as if there was something unclean behind him.
Chasing him away, the neighbors hurriedly gave way, and then gathered into a group, looking at the master of the Zhao family, Zhao Ying, the master of the Zhao family, Zhao Ying’s voice was a little hoarse, and hurriedly chased towards the gate of the courtyard, shouting loudly, Zhou Xianye, Zhou Xuanheng has disappeared A young Taoist priest stopped in front of him, holding a bronze chime in his arms, and persuaded him with a half-smile on his face, forget it, brother Zhao, master, if you are in a hurry, let’s go first. Stop chasing things like this, luck and misfortune are up to God, Zhao Ying can’t listen to it, grabbed the young Taoist’s arm, it’s impossible, I did exactly what Zhou Xianye said, and I saw that it was true and you gave me The painting is exactly the same.
The young Taoist gritted his teeth in pain.
Zhao Ying immediately let go of his hands and groped around, trying to find the drawing paper full of gods to prove that what he said was true.
Zhao Ying had an only son who was just over five years old. A few days ago, I suddenly fell into a coma, only panting, monks, Taoists, half-immortals, all my sons have been invited, but Zhao Ying, who has seen thirty years, is just such a son who regards his treasure as more important than his own life. So many relatives and friends were entrusted to spend hundreds of taels of silver and finally invited the well-known Zhou Xuanheng from Lingji Palace.
I want to pray to the gods for help, especially if Zhao Ying, as the head of the family, can see the appearance of the gods during meditation, it will be auspicious. At that time, Zhao Ying knelt on the ground and took a piece of paper devoutly. Sitting there for a day and a night, he didn’t eat or drink until he fainted, but in a blur, he believed that he saw the gods, but it turned out not to be auspicious. Zhou Xuanheng left.
This is the end of the mourning. By the way, your son’s order should be like this.
It’s a karmic debt owed by your previous life. You are still young. In the future, burn incense and worship gods. If you can move God, maybe there is still a son in your life.
Zhao Ying felt a fire rising from the bottom of my heart. I did it and Zhou Xianye said exactly the same young Taoist priest smiled and said softly if he did not do it, it’s not that you get what you say, who gets what you say counts, Zhao Ying loudly questioned the young Taoist priest shaking his head Zhou Xianye, the young Taoist priest still shook his head, who on earth is Zhao Ying’s voice louder? Attracting the attention of everyone at the gate of the courtyard, the young Taoist priest was a little embarrassed, but he laughed, but Zhao Ying’s eyes were unblinking.
There was a wolf-like glint in his pupils, which made the young Taoist priest both scared and angry.
Of course, he was a god. The young Taoist priest turned around. To the crowd at the gate, he said, of course it is a god, so there is no need to ask the god if he refuses to show up, of course it is your insincerity, no, the god has shown up, I saw it with my own eyes.
With a smile, he handed the bronze chime in his hand to another Taoist priest, and his tone was not as gentle as before. Why bother Zhao Baihu? After all, he is your son and no one blames you.
Zhao Ying stepped forward and grabbed the young Taoist priest’s clothes Angrily said that I clearly did it. Other Taoist priests and neighbors rushed forward to dissuade the young Taoist priest even after earning a few times, but he couldn’t escape.