Ping walked into the classroom and walked around the classroom When passing by Cheng Keshu’s desk he tapped lightly on the desk and said in a

A storage ring Invincible Companion Lifetime Volume 1 Chapter 1 Even if you read the original version, you won the lottery.
It’s crazy.
Why is the update so slow today? His bushy eyebrows were knit together, and his thin face showed deep impatience.
The cheap sportswear on the floor was clean. This young man’s name is Zhao Dong. Middle school is the best high school in Qingping City.
Those who can be admitted to this school are all outstanding students.
Zhao Dong was indeed an excellent student in junior high school.
Not to mention Tsinghua University and Peking University, but if you are admitted to a key university, there is no problem. However, Zhao Dong’s study attitude has undergone a great change since his parents divorced when he was in the second year of high school. It became his favorite place to go, and his grades naturally plummeted. At this time, Zhao Dong was not playing games, but reading novels.
He is a fan of novels or online novels, and he especially likes to read novels about urban abilities. The protagonist often acquires some special ability and shows his skills in school or in the city.
From then on, he wants money, money, beautiful women, and beautiful women. This can make Zhao Dong fantasize that he is the protagonist in the book, and he can enjoy the kind of relaxed and freehand. An awesome life. Reading such novels every day has become an indispensable part of his life. However, Zhao Dong always reads pirated ones.
Now he doesn’t need to spend money to search a lot of pirated websites. The only disadvantage is that he has to wait for the genuine ones.
After updating for a period of time, you can see the latest chapters on the pirated website.
Usually, the pirated version will be released after a few minutes after the original version is updated.
But today it has been ten minutes and the pirated version has not yet been released.
Especially the last chapter just threw a suspense. Seeing the update in time made Zhao Dong feel itchy and unbearable, the more he waited, the more impatient he gritted his teeth, cursing grandma inwardly, what kind of shit is it? He bought a fifty-yuan bill and stuffed it into his pocket.
This is his pocket money for a week.
Not only will he skip lunch every day, but he will have no money to surf the Internet in the future. How can he be willing to use it all to watch timely updates? But at this time I can’t see it and I’m very anxious. If it’s updated at this time, I recharged it for nothing. I refreshed the page and there was still no new update, so I took out the crumpled fifty yuan again and was unwilling.
After swiping the webpage again, I sent it again in my heart, and then shouted that the network administrator gave me a fifty-yuan Shanda point card.
After getting the point card, Zhao Dong did not forget to refresh the webpage twice.
This time, he finally gave up.
Several famous people The pirated website still hasn’t been updated, so I had to go to the starting point of the original Chinese website and recharge 50 yuan on his account that has been registered for several years. Brother author, you can update more in the future, otherwise you will be sorry for me up Zhao Dong was very heartbroken as he worked step by step and muttered to himself. Sitting on the left side of Zhao Dong was a girl with freckles in her early twenties who was watching TV series with earphones. Zhao Dong’s shout was obviously Excuse me, she turned her head and gave Zhao Dong a supercilious glance, Zhao Dong immediately turned her gaze back and said, “Look, have you ever seen a handsome guy?” The one-inch hair has no shape at all, and there is no way to tell that it is handsome.
I muttered, but I am too lazy to pay attention to Zhao Dong.
I finally followed the steps and reached the last step. Zhao Dong couldn’t wait, but when I clicked the finish button, the webpage suddenly suddenly Cut to a new page, this page is quite beautiful and even very happy Support the author, Zhao Dong muttered, thinking that this is something that every top-up user has, but he didn’t take it seriously, so he clicked the confirmation button in the middle, and you will get a chance to draw a special gift, or is there any gift left? Zhao Dong’s eyes lit up unconsciously.
No matter what the gift is, it’s for nothing. Click it right away. Then the page changes, and a roulette screen appears, and the circle around it is marked with 50,000 starting coins.
Advanced Unlimited Bookshelf 50,000 points These four are pretty normal, but some things in the middle of these things make Zhao Dong dumbfounded.
Guiling Gloves Gold Left Hand See-Through Glasses Storage Ring Some graphics are marked with names.
Aren’t these things about airplanes all from novels? Could it be that this is a new game? Zhao Dong muttered, look, there is a start button on the page, move the mouse and click it, and the pointer on the roulette spins rapidly.
Glimpse and Glimpse generally seem to have no intention of stopping for a while. Zhao Dong is also looking at the roulette in detail at this time. The area occupied by various items on it is different.
For example, the area occupied by starting coins and high-level ones is quite large. It should be easy.
The area occupied by the other things that were drawn is very small, especially the gold left-handed see-through glasses, which are all very small, and the mysterious ring only occupies a small area.
Anyone who plays roulette knows that it occupies a small area The smaller the area, the lower the probability of selection, and the higher the value, and the larger the area, the easier it is to win, so it is also cheap. Like the things in this roulette, 50,000 starting coins are equivalent to 500 yuan.
It occupies such a large area. Could it be said that other things like gloves and rings are more valuable?