Ping Du himself went out to help him settle the matter thinking of this Hei Pi couldnt help but break out in a cold sweat

The guy’s name is Han Yi, but he’s not a local. He’s been studying in a nearby technical secondary school.
He’s been studying for nearly four years.
Now it’s his last semester of study. No one.
Where did the old man go? Didn’t hear what he expected Han Yi couldn’t help but walked into the room in a strange way, looking around for a while, what is this? Han Yi picked up a piece of paper from the table with a puzzled face.
The paper was pressed on the table with a stone ballast, and written on it When you read this letter, I have already left.
I have been here for a long time. A few days ago, I made an appointment with some friends to travel elsewhere.
We will meet again someday. What a dead old man is gone. When Han Yi saw this, he couldn’t help muttering something, and hurriedly read on.
In the past four years, you have learned a lot with me.
Although these things are not very useful for you to enter the society in the future, they can also be used as a skill.
I left a ring on the table for emergencies.
You wear it as a souvenir. After reading the letter, Han Yi reached out and picked up a ring that was placed in front of the table.
As for the specific use of this ring, the old man didn’t say it clearly in the letter. He only said that it was for Han Yi to look at the ring in his hand, but his mind was full of thoughts. The four years of getting along with the old man kept flashing before his eyes like a revolving lantern. Speaking of the acquaintance process between Han Yi and the old man, it was just like the description in martial arts novels, and it still had a legendary color. It was about a week or so after Han Yi had just registered for the technical secondary school. When the cafeteria was queuing up for dinner, he heard a crisp applause from the side.
Han Yi poked his head and saw a student grabbing another student by his collar and waving his hand at his face. Han Yi recognized the one who was caught. It was his classmate who hit him, and the one who hit him was an old student in the third grade. At this time, the classmate in the same class was slapped several times by the old student, his face was already red and swollen.
When Yi heard it, he realized that it was the old student who had to jump in line when he was ordering vegetables. His classmate muttered a few words, but the old student heard him without saying a word, and even slapped him a few times. This is the only cafeteria in the school that queues up to buy vegetables every day.
There are a lot of things and there are many disputes.
After Han Yi glanced at it, he didn’t want to meddle in it anymore. He turned his head back, but the matter was not over yet.
The old student bullied that person, who was a freshman who had just entered school.
After he said a few words, he felt embarrassed. After a few slaps, he was still angry and asked the freshman to kneel down and put his rice bowl on his head, begging him to kill him, but not to humiliate him. I couldn’t beat my hand anymore. Looking back, Han Yi firmly grasped his wrist.
The old student is used to being arrogant and domineering in school.
He has done things like bullying freshmen in the past.
I spent some money to get a few packs of cigarettes to smoke. Seeing Han Yi’s face is quite strange, I turned around in my mind.
I couldn’t put Han Yi on the same page with the usual toubobs in the school. If I exited, I was a little rushed, boy, why are you grabbing my hand? Why are you looking for death? Let it go, Han Yi gets a little angry when he hears this I came up, but because he is an old student and I just entered this school, I didn’t want to cause trouble, so I said, I said, brother, you beat and scolded, and it’s a bit too much to make people kneel down.
People say that men have gold under their knees The old man who was not so easy to kneel turned around when he heard the voice and asked in surprise who are you, meddle in your own business here, I don’t think I’ve seen you before, Han Yi said with a smile, I’ve only been here for a few days, you’re old How did you know me? It’s only been a few days since I’ve been here, did I care about you? Well, the old student has come to think of it now.
Dare the person in front of me who dares to stroke his beard is also a rookie who just arrived at school? Under the eyes of everyone, I feel that my authority is under attack.
The old student who challenged him couldn’t help cursing at the moment, but it’s a pity that Han Yi slapped him in the throat as soon as he cursed, Han Yi was afraid that the most annoying thing was being impolite and casually greeting other teachers Damn it, and the person who greeted him was himself.
The slap was loud and crisp, and it came out with a faint echo.
The ears of more than a hundred people in the cafeteria couldn’t help being startled, and then they said As if stabbing a hornet’s nest, they rushed over shouting from the side.
These people were all classmates who were close friends with the old student, so a farce of gang fights began in the school cafeteria. The final result of the gang fight It’s surprising that although Han Yi was beaten with a bruised nose and a swollen face, in the end he was the one who chased the other seven old students all the way from the cafeteria to the student dormitory with a rice bowl and red eyes, until they all hid in the dormitory. After daring to come out, after this battle, Han Yi became famous in school, and all his peers looked at him until the end of the semester, and no one troubled him again.
Of course, any success comes at a price.
As a result of the gang fight, Han Yi not only lay in the hospital It took two days to spend hundreds of dollars, and he was punished by the whole school for criticism. He became the fastest freshman in the history of the school to be punished. That day, when Han Yi came back from the hospital with his bruised body, he entered the hospital. I met the old man when I was at the school gate. This encounter, Han Yi now thinks back, it is clear that the old man waited for him there deliberately.
Unfortunately, Han Yi at that time thought that the old man was because he cared about him. At that time, the old man looked very similar.
The wolf grandma who seduced Little Red Riding Hood smiled and gave Han Yi a thumbs up.
I saw what you did a few days ago.
The young man is really good. He knows how to hoe the strong and help the weak. goodwill