Persuading Feng Xiaochi and Feng Qingyang to drink only drank until Feng Xiaochi was drunk Feng Qingyang gave up with a little fumigation on this

Please support the original copyright, which belongs to the author. After hard work, he became an eternal dandy and turned into a dandy. The update time of the portrait. The number of words in this chapter. Legend has it that there is a portrait hanging on the tall city wall of Xiaoyao City in the Great Chu Empire of the mainland. This portrait is life-sized.
The material is unknown.
An extremely beautiful woman with a very noble demeanor and a pair of slightly lazy eyes. This woman’s eyes seem to move, and the indescribable charm makes one look at them and can’t help but be intoxicated by them. Below the portrait are two silver armors. The samurai is tall and majestic, standing upright like a statue. In front of the silver armored warrior are two beautiful girls. Under their sweet smiles, they have very hot bodies. Not only do they look exactly the same, but even their movements and expressions are almost the same.
Wearing a green dress, the other is wearing a red dress. In front of the two girls, there is an old man in green clothes who is explaining eloquently.
Most of them know this person.
He is the most famous storyteller in Xiaoyao City, Li Dazui, who claims to be able to blow the sky.
There are more and more people here, especially the men who can hardly walk here, either staring blankly at the portrait or the two girls in a daze, or listening attentively to Li Dazui’s nonsense.
In Li Dazui’s introduction, everyone learned In the painting, this beautiful woman who is as beautiful as a fairy is called Liuyun Fairy and lives in Happy Valley. This time, an envoy was sent to Xiaoyao City to choose the person she likes. All young masters with profound skills have a chance.
Even if you don’t get Liuyun Fairy It is said that there are groups of beauties and treasures everywhere in Happy Valley, where people can get great enjoyment. After listening to Li Dazui’s introduction, all men are excited and full of inexplicable urges, wishing to rush to Happy Valley immediately. Not to mention the beauty of the two girls in front of me, they are far more beautiful than the top brand in Xiaoyao City Piaoxiangyuan, let alone the infinitely charming Fairy Liuyun. Li Dazui became more and more excited when he saw more people gathered. Pointing to a long red line outside Zhang Xu in front of him, he said, everyone, the gate of Happy Valley is always open to you, but here you must remember the rules I just mentioned. Anyone who violates this red line will be shot or killed.
When he said this, Li Dazui’s expression was a little bit murderous. Everyone wanted to get a closer look, but no one dared to take their lives as a joke. Suddenly, there was a commotion in the crowd. Then, flashing to both sides, it automatically made way for a wide passageway.
A snow-white horse ran over in the passageway, and a proud young man was sitting upright. Behind him were four majestic servants who also rode tall horses to see this group of people watching. Everyone gave way to the road, and the young man who couldn’t avoid it immediately waved the whip in his hand, even though his nose was bruised and his face was swollen. The person who beat him also swallowed his anger and didn’t dare to say anything. The young man rode his horse until he was within the red line, pointed at the two girls frivolously with a whip, and said, “Little beauty, follow me back to the house. You guys are so cool that everyone knows this clearly.” A young man named Zhao Qiang is the young master of the Zhao family, one of the villains in Happy City.
He is known as the overlord son.
The power in the family is not small, and he himself has a good talent. He has reached the level of a six-star warrior at a young age.
He is tall, tall, and has strong flesh. It’s really rare to see many beauties like this, so greedy that his saliva almost flowed down. Seeing his extremely wretched appearance, the girl in the green skirt frowned and said indifferently, the red line breaker died, Mr. Big Mouth, didn’t you hear clearly? Haha, after hearing this, Zhao Qiang laughed wildly triumphantly, and the beauties all over the world were joking.
In this Happy City, even your young master and I can come and go freely, not to mention the little red line you drew.
Zhao Qiang jumped off the horse and stretched out his feet to wipe off the long red line on the ground. In a blink of an eye, he wiped away a lot of it.
Hurry up and pack it up and let my young master go.
Your benefits are indispensable. Zhao Qiang’s four subordinates gathered around one after another.
There was a commotion in the crowd beside Zhao Qiang, lamenting that these two girls might be in trouble, Zhao Qiang has done a lot of evil in these years, and never heard that he suffered a disadvantage.
The two girls looked at each other and suddenly gave Zhao Qiang a slight look.
Laughing, this smile is like a lily in the first bloom, incomparably beautiful, under the bright sun, the brilliance seems to be condensed on them, Zhao Qiang can’t help seeing the color and soul in his eyes, giving a heart like floating in the clouds, even the bones on his body feel light I asked in a daze, what are you laughing at? The girl in the red skirt laughed when she saw it like a flower branch trembling. She laughed while pointing at his nose with her slender finger and said, laughing, you are dying and you don’t know how bold you are to tease this young master. Hurry up and take the two of them back to the mansion. Zhao Qiang couldn’t hold it anymore when he saw these two young girls being so charming.
The strength of the guards selected by the government is about seven-star warriors, and they have good kung fu in this Happy City. Among them, two clavicle grabbers were separated, and they rushed to the hands of the two girls like hungry tigers. Clavicle grabbing hand This set of martial arts is powerful enough to crack the collarbone’s collarbone, but the purpose of these two people is not to use their strength to capture these two girls.