Personally thank you for an international superstar like you coming to my hometown of course I should personally entertain someone to help deliver some fruits

From commercial housing to resorts, from seaside apartments to office buildings in the core area, this is the story of a second-generation real estate fan who is rich and rich It’s been thirty years since the small cafe has a small area. The main customers are students from the school. Until last month when a chain brand came to the side and opened up to grab business, the life of the old owner has been pretty good.
Not only can he make money through the cafe, but he also rents it out. The two rooms in my house are just because the old man named Barton has a bad temper and can’t sleep at night.
Fan Liancheng has successfully forced out three tenants during the more than a year since he came to work in the old man’s shop.
Today, Fan Just after class, Liancheng came to the store with a schoolbag on his back, rolled up his sleeves, and put on an apron with the store name on it, when he met another student who came to refund the deposit angrily, spoke fluent English with a French accent, and was busy baking The old man with coffee beans argued for a long time and was finally defeated. This did not stop the French young man named Adrian from running to find Fan Liancheng and ordered a cup of Mandheling hand-made coffee in accordance with the recent old rules.
When Fan Liancheng was rinsing the kettle, Adrian spoke to his Chinese alumni in disbelief, Dylan, if I remember correctly, you have been working here for a long time, right? How on earth do you deal with this eccentric old man? If yes I’m sure I’ll resign after less than three days.
I’m short of money, and he’s too lazy to train new employees.
That’s probably it. I have a premonition that there will be such a day, and I am no stranger to this.
After weighing the coffee beans and grinding, I thought that it would be difficult to see this regular customer looking up again, and added that Mr. Barton is a very harsh landlord.
If he knew me earlier, he would just ask I’ll tell you don’t rent from him if I eat a slice of toast You’re not the first tenant who never got their deposit back Handsome Adrian rolled his eyes and replied You should have told me sooner, old man It’s not harsh, it’s just perverted.
Even the toilet flushing at night will disturb him to sleep, and then scold me. He is about to graduate and is currently looking for an internship opportunity. Adrian said while sending a message.
Nokia, which has just been listed recently, is probably trying to harm another girl. Fan Liancheng smiled after hearing this.
You don’t have to worry about being forced by your own father to choose a major in business and management studies. The advantage is that there are more opportunities to choose a job.
It’s not difficult to make a living. I didn’t answer this.
I made a cup of coffee skillfully and brought it to Adrian.
I just started cleaning the filter paper.
The coffee pot rang again and the door opened. I looked up and saw that it was a very familiar couple.
Fan Liancheng couldn’t help but take a deep breath and squeeze out a smile. Here it is again, Jenny’s old black coffee with ice cubes for my boyfriend Friends also have a glass of ice, thank you to the young girl who also has an Asian face.
After finishing speaking, she took her Caucasian boyfriend and sat at a round table by the door. Her English name is Jenny, her middle name is Li Liu. Speaking of which, this girl who is in the same class and major as Fan Liancheng has known him since the day he entered school. He is also of Chinese descent. From time to time, Fan Liancheng has the opportunity to meet Fan Liancheng. He even had the guts to ask her out for dinner and a movie, but he didn’t do it later.
He’s the only one who feels embarrassed.
Maybe he still likes them a little bit, but he also knows that they are not suitable for each other.
After a while, Fan Liancheng doesn’t want to watch the loving scene, but he still pretends to glance at it casually. Then he lowers his head and is busy with small actions They were all seen by Adrian.
During the period of staying at the old man’s house, Adrian often came over to drink coffee. He and Fan Liancheng were half friends or acquaintances. Adrian stared at Li Liu, leaned over and whispered You know that the girl of your dreams has become pretty again recently, and now it’s hard, right? Who told you to be so busy working instead of cleaning yourself up? To be honest, I think you are very handsome among Asians, but men are not just handsome.
With that guy wearing an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch you have to work for three or four months to earn what you are supposed to be a superficial woman she doesn’t deserve a good man like you know take it easy dude though don’t want to be like one As a jealous woman, if I can’t get it, I think to the dark side, but Fan Liancheng also knows that Li Liu has always liked life in London, and he has always been thinking about settling in London.
Perhaps the reason for alienating himself is indeed mixed with many foreign things, anyway, superficial or not, money worship or not. It doesn’t matter to Fan Liancheng, that couple has lived together for a long time. He said in front of his face that the hotel didn’t hide it at all.
It’s a pity that until now Fan Liancheng hasn’t figured out why the innocent girl who went to school together and went to school together fell so quickly. Sighing slightly Angrily, he said to Adrian that this is probably the reality.
Adrian thought that this friend who worked hard to earn living expenses was lamenting the extravagant life of the rich, and there was no way to comfort him. He just shrugged and continued to sit back and play with his head down.
Picking up the phone, Fan Liancheng didn’t think about it at all. Li Liu and his boyfriend got bored for a while. Before leaving, he deliberately put a £1 tip in the white bowl next to the cash register, hesitated for a moment, and asked, “My boyfriend William’s house is in.
” There is a company over there in Canary Wharf. During the summer vacation, I will go there directly for an internship.
You still don’t want to go back to China, right? Otherwise, I’ll talk to my boyfriend and give you an internship opportunity. Even if the salary is low, at least it’s much better than here.
Recruitment The time can be written on the resume.
Fan Liancheng came to London when he was eleven years old