Perhaps in front of bodyguards who have learned fighting Li Yafei can only be a meat bag to be slaughtered but in the face of

Li Yafei is a little confused now, he is clearly sleeping in class, but there is a strange beeping sound next to his ear, the sound is as cold as a machine, the strongest belief system is starting and loading, the host’s current belief reputation is not found, this person’s host’s current belief is not Reached the minimum requirements of the system and failed to open what the hell Li Yafei was lying on the desk listening to the sound and fell asleep for a while, then he was taken aback, then looked around vigilantly and found that there was nothing abnormal in the whole classroom.
He was reading the textbook and talking about things that Li Yafei couldn’t understand at all. The fat man at the same table stood behind the thick textbook. He didn’t know what he was looking at with his mobile phone. Anyway, the beautiful Zhang sitting in the front row with a lewd smile on his face was holding a pen in his mouth.
Listening carefully to the class with a serious face, could it be that what I just heard was a hallucination? Li Yafei was a little unclear, so he murmured to himself that his appearance was average, and his grades were below average. People who are neither above nor below have the least sense of existence. Li Yafei is such a person for three years in high school.
Transparently, there are almost no classmates who have crossed paths with him, except for the two buddies Huang Fatty and Zhang Damei who grew up in junior high school, and now they have been in the same class in the third year of high school for so long, and the class probably only remembers him from memory. The only person who knows his name is him.
I’m afraid I didn’t half believe that no one was bored enough to tease him in class. It was a false alarm.
Li Yafei sat on the table and patted his chest, then continued to sleep in his return sleep.
I’m afraid even the teacher doesn’t know what his name is, but just as he was thinking about it, the mechanical voice just now came again.
The current reputation is unknown.
The strongest belief system matches the current host.
The compatibility rate is very low. Please reach the deadline within ten minutes to open it.
The system has the lowest faith reputation, otherwise the system will leave the host and search for a new host at random again. Li Yafei heard the voice and was a little angry.
He was about to go back to sleep, but he was molested, and he quickly looked around.
Someone was trying to tease him, but the sound came from his ear again, counting down. The mechanical sound in his ear was making noise, and the cold countdown started. Li Yafei jumped again in fright, and hurriedly glanced around the classroom cautiously, as if he was the only one who could do it. Hearing this voice, I usually take a random glance like this, only to find a semi-transparent blurred box under the corner of my eye. No one is teasing me at the moment.
Could it be that Li Yafei is completely sleepless? A look of excitement flashed through my mind.
Could it be that he just slept hazily and made his head feel dizzy, but he is not stupid, and quickly realized that Li Yafei, who is a novel or something, has never missed watching him.
The countdown in his ear made Li Yafei recover immediately Thinking of what I said just now, if you can’t reach the minimum level of opening the system within ten minutes, this adventure will be a shitty belief system. How can you reach the minimum level of activation? system root There was no response at all, and the countdown was still cold. At the beginning, he looked dazed and indifferent.
Now, for Li Yafei, it is simply a countdown to death. Although I don’t know what the hell this system is, it must be a good thing. You have to know that there is no such thing after passing this village. This shop is gone, what to do, what to do, Li Yafei is thinking crazily in his heart, sitting on the desk, his head is wandering around, the belief system still has reputation, reputation and belief, I am in class, where can I find belief for you to start the system, this student, please Got up to answer this question Xu looked at Li Yafei shaking his head anxiously below, the beautiful teacher pointed at Li Yafei and signaled him to stand up, Li Yafei was a little silly for a moment, the countdown in his ear was still going on, but time was running out, but the teacher had to answer the question, what should I do? Fatty Huang, the best friend next to him, whispered beside him. Li Yafei took a peek at Fatty Huang beside him. He breathed a sigh of relief in silence. Sure enough, he was a good brother.
He was secretly grateful when he knew that he was in danger, but he didn’t answer right away. So he stood up slowly in his seat, began to hold the test paper in his hand, pretended to look at the question, pondered for a while, then raised his head and spoke confidently. Ah yes, I paused on purpose, pretending to be serious, and thought about who he is, why am I a little bit? It seems that his name is Li Yapeng, it is Li Yafei. It turns out that his name is Li Yafei. It turns out that there is such a humorous guy like No. 1 in the class. It’s really funny to Li Yafei for a moment I was stunned again, what was going on, but I realized that my presence in the class was not as low as I heard the guys around me scrambling to ask for my name, but soon Li Yafei listened to the chatter around me before I realized the question.
It’s a big math problem, and there’s no teacher waiting for him to write the answer on the blackboard.
Li Yafei made friends accidentally. Li Yafei silently glanced at the fat man at the same table. Angry, I obviously thought I was disturbing the class teacher again, I am innocent, Li Yafei confessed that you are innocent, you are obviously disturbing the class, the beautiful teacher is a little angry, I am really innocent, Li Yafei smiled wryly and said you, she looked at the student in front of her with an innocent face, she felt more and more angry The crisp voice even stammered with anger, she pointed at Li Yafei angrily and wanted to say something, then she was stunned, obviously she didn’t know what Li Yafei’s name was, she looked down at the seat chart in embarrassment and glanced at Li Yafei’s name. It took two seconds before he blushed and said, “Li Yafei, you go out and stand for me, and you have lived in peace for three years in high school. I didn’t expect to offend the beautiful class teacher all of a sudden.