People finished a bowl of stewed vegetables very quickly Xiao Wanlis mouth is very sweet Miss Man you not only cook delicious food but also

The yamen servant’s father died in the line of duty, the mother disappeared, the house was broken, no, why did a family group suddenly appear in front of them, and they could deliver food through the air? It turned out that the family members also wore state banquet chefs, and the second uncle and grandpa dressed as royal chefs. The goal is to retire as soon as possible and return home to find her.
The owner of the farmhouse, my aunt and uncle, dress up as herdsmen and provide fresh milk and mutton in the group every day.
The goal is to grow the ranch and save money to come to her. Fishing and finding sources of seafood have never been broken.
Their goal is to get out of the fishing village and become a big merchant. Come to find her. Although the start is a bit unfavorable, the family group is optimistic. I’m working hard for family reunion, just accepting red envelopes, why do I need someone’s password Even the back view is full of happiness, but he has no plans to get married.
However, one day the adult Miss Su is leaving. Shen Zhiqing overturns the pen and ink. Forced and beautiful, tragic, male protagonist and other words after the marriage. The family group who can deliver delicious food through the air is really good. No matter where you are, you must live well. Family and yourself are very important.
Looking at the big hole in the roof from the bed, there is nothing to love. Then I turned my head.
The table leg was missing in the room, and it was covered with stones.
There was only a broken copper mirror, and the chair next to it was also broken.
It’s not an exaggeration to describe it. There’s a soft sound, and the cheeks are cool. Su Xiaoman raised her head, and another drop of water dripped from the big hole in the roof. She realized that it was raining, and the house was leaking, but it rained all night. It’s no luck for Su Xiaoman. It’s not a big problem to lie down in the rain and only have the kitchen at home. She sat on a small bench and pulled out two small sweet potatoes from the warm stove.
She is very lucky that there are such high-yielding crops as sweet potatoes in this world.
I know it’s hot but I still can’t resist the urge to eat. I roll the sweet potato with my fingers, hoping that the sweet potato will cool down soon. I pinch my earlobe with my hot fingers. When it gets cold, I pick up a small sweet potato and break it open. She seems to be able to hear it.
When it is broken, the crispy skin breaks, and the hot smoke carries a sweet fragrance, spreading out in front of Su Xiaoman. The yellow sweet potato meat is very eye-catching.
The sweet potato meat naturally decomposes along the meridians.
The cross-section looks like a hill with ups and downs. Xiaoman whimpered, wanting to eat it quickly. She put down half of the sweet potato in her right hand and tore off the skin. The sweet smell became stronger. After a few breaths, he blew away the heat, Su Xiaoman took a big bite this time The sweet and glutinous taste is particularly charming.
The sweet potato flesh in the mouth melts as soon as you sip it. It’s really delicious. It’s like honey melts in your heart. Sure enough, delicious things can heal people’s hearts. Although sweet potatoes are very common in this ancient world and modern times, you can taste it. The sweet taste is already very good.
Just like her name, Su Xiaoman, she is easy to satisfy. As long as there is a little happiness, it is enough. Xiaoman is not happy to open the door when he is at home. Open the door, if you don’t go out to open the door again, she suspects that the already precarious wooden door might not be able to withstand the strength of the woman outside.
I cherish my body very much. I grabbed the only good tub at home and put it on her head.
In her previous life, she was weak and was often hospitalized. The biggest feeling is that health is the most important thing.
Everything else is empty.
The door creaked and her thin arms struggled Looking out from the wooden basin, I saw a young man in a green shirt holding an oil-paper umbrella standing outside the door of her house in the rain curtain, with a long body, a graceful appearance, a beautiful appearance, and a moon charm. His white and slender fingers were holding the brown umbrella handle.
Su Xiaoman’s stature The low-level gaze fell on this first, and I couldn’t help but sigh in my heart, it’s so beautiful, and then I moved up to see this young man’s handsome face, thin lips, tight eyebrows, sharp eyes like swords, and deep eyes People are so angry. Oh, what is Xiaoman doing in a daze? This is the county master. He said that the aunt who came to offer incense to your father and lead the way is half a foot away from the man, as if he was afraid that he would tarnish this elegant son. The county master Su Xiaoman reacted and immediately stepped aside.
The master invites in.
The man nodded slightly at her and walked in, followed by two tall and burly yamen servants. Without Su Xiaoman calling a few people, he came to the main hall where one can see it all at a glance. The man, the county master, picked up the fragrant Su Xiaoman Looking at the brand-new tablet on the table, she couldn’t help being fascinated. She didn’t remember when she passed it, but she understood the current situation through routines. The original body was originally a family of three with parents living a happy life. Yuanshen was seven years old.
One day, Yuanshen’s mother was going to another town in a bullock cart.
On the way, she encountered robbers, and the people in the cart fell off a cliff.
All of them were killed or injured.
Only Yuanshen’s mother was kidnapped by the robbers and went to Yuanshen’s father, Su Yong.
He is a yamen servant who values ​​love and righteousness. As a yamen servant, he refuses to give up and wants to get his wife back. Originally, with Su Yong’s salary, the two members of the family can live a good life. It’s just that in these years, they have earned money just to inquire about the news and track down the father and daughter.
All the money was spent, and the conditions of the family were worse than the average family in the county.
Su Yong worked even harder in order to earn more money.