People come and go when they want he coldly glanced at the faces of the matchmakers his pupils are like sharp knives listening to the

A large ornately decorated boat sails across the sea with dozens of oars, crushing the silver moon reflected on the sea surface, splashing a straight wave path, pure white waves, fleeting ripples spreading, and the boundless sea surface returning to the calm night. The oarsmen at the bow of the gradually deepening ship shook their oars in unison. The squad leader who was in charge of arranging the shift walked along the stairs from the bottom deck to the second floor of the upper ship. He easily found the young general standing on the observation deck. A large ship named Yuhuang has excellent long-distance sailing capabilities, but this long-distance voyage will be forced to stop at night because King An needs enough restful sleep, and even a little vibration is unbearable. Slower than a snail, the itinerary that could have been reached in six or seven days was abruptly dragged into more than ten days, so there was still a small half of the route left.
The young general in armor, Lou Zhan, looked at the sky, and I went to ask King An to be dispatched. After all, King An is still the eleventh prince, what’s more, he also has a concubine in the center of power and his elder brother, the Jade Emperor.
There are four layers of oarsmen and soldiers and servants. King An alone occupies the top cabin of the ship. There are a lot of fancy decorations, and even the cabins are hung with silk-cut curtains There was a sound of impact, and the doctor who was visiting the doctor opened the curtain to let Lou Zhan see what was going on in the cabin.
The purple and gold incense burner in the corner wafted a faint fragrance of tranquility.
Amidst the smog, I saw a young man covered with a light yellow silk quilt lying motionless on the only bed. On the soft couch, ink-colored black hair is disheveled, his face is blue and white, his lips are black, Wu An Wang’s facial features are actually very outstanding, but the hostility and arrogance between his brows have destroyed the harmony of his face.
Seeing Lou Zhan, a bitter enemy, and a deep-faced accompanying imperial doctor, An Wang lowered his voice. In fact, when he boarded the boat, King An was in a bad state, sensitive and irritable. No one dared to offend him. Today, he fainted out of anger.
Lou Zhan frowned.
The reasonable King An also knows that if King An is on the road, the imperial concubine and the third prince will never let it go Give me all the energy to raise the sails and speed up the sailing, and try to reach Qiongzhou smoothly in three days.
Anyway, everyone is unconscious. I won’t pick the speed of the cabin.
Drive the boat faster. I hope this deeply hurt man can think about it sooner. I understand that at least until the day of disembarkation, in the middle of the night, the hull suddenly vibrated violently, and the exclamation of the oarsmen came from the bottom of the ship. I know when there is a hurricane on the calm sea, the sails near the deck are all blown up by the wind. Swaying like a flat boat, the building has no time to think about it, yelled sharply, and just stared blankly Why quickly lower the sails? A thin soldier climbed up, as nimble as a monkey. He folded the sails two or three times.
He raised the sails with a smile. Just as the canvas was about to slide down, did a huge wave hit him at this time? The mast of the sail was directly broken by the middle and fell down heavily.
The soldier on the pole was swept into the sea by the big waves and directly knocked down on the bottom of the sea. A wet head popped out from the rough waves while spitting out the seawater while shouting for help.
The oarsman beside him hastily Throw down the thick hemp rope on the cabin, grab the canvas, and I will pull you up.
The soldier who fell into the sea was quickly pulled up, panting heavily, waiting for him to recover from the state of lingering fear.
It was a pity to watch.
At a glance, the sails and canvas are all soaked in sea water. You are doing well.
Lou Zhan is not an overly harsh general. His face is still stern, but his tone is gentle. Go back to the cabin and rest first. The deputy captain is at the helm with extensive sailing experience. He quickly turned the direction to keep the Jade Emperor away from the path of the hurricane. The thick hemp rope used to save lives was still hanging on the boat.
The oarsman was about to put the rope up and drag it.
He felt that the hemp rope was a bit heavy. Did it fall? The oarsman dragged a pair of oily green hands on the board of the boat.
The monster’s eyes glowed with a strange green light. Those hands were as thin as chicken feet, and there was a thin layer of duck-like webs in the middle.
Wet and weird-looking sea monsters pulled the unsuspecting oarsmen out of the cabin with a puff, green nails pierced into flesh and blood monsters, the cook who came out of the cabin and saw the bloody scene screamed and cooked. Meat porridge spilled all over the floor and the war drew out the sword beside him. The sword was unsheathed. With a flash of cold light, he chopped off the hand of a sea monster that climbed up. The dark green blood fell on the cabin and instantly corroded a small hole on the thick ship plank. Dong he roared and lined up to face the archers, ready to shoot arrows. The Jade Emperor was originally a large warship with sufficient weapons and soldiers.
Most of the soldiers were navy who had experienced many wars.
They quickly gained the upper hand and cleared away the sea monsters around the ship.
During the brief fierce battle, the cabin was covered with that thick, disgusting green liquid. Except for the unlucky ones who were pulled down at the beginning, no one was injured, but more than a dozen people were injured because the blood of the sea monster was poisonous, and their arms were exposed outside. Lou Zhan breathed a sigh of relief at the wound corroded by splashing venom. After a quick adjustment, he wiped the sword stained with green blood.
I found that the bow of the ship seemed to deviate from the original track. I don’t know when the fog started to appear in the sea area.
The light white fog gradually thickened. From a distance, there was a huge fog group. The Jade Emperor is very large and well-equipped.