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Chapter 1 Arriving at Marvel My name is Chang Pan, Chang Pan’s Papa Pan, who has no culture. I simply hope that I can face life with strength. However, just now, a dirt truck coming down from Qiu Ming Mountain directly drove me away.
It’s been a second, am I going back in time? Tokiwa glanced at his little hand, which is white and a little baby fat. It’s not my hand, right? I’m so hot. A dirt truck driver’s banana boat Digimon fat basilisk is the starting point. A member of the crossing army, Chang Pan’s heart is still very big, he has a small mouth, wipes honey, spits out fragrance, and after venting his grievances, Chang Pan accepts the fact that he has become a child.
Now the first thing to do is to figure out who I am, where I am, and who is yelling at me. Why do you unconsciously send out the three questions of the soul, there is no corresponding memory after time travel, it is a big problem The child is about 12 years old, with a bit of mixed-race feeling. There is a shadow of Tokiwa himself in his brows, but he is obviously much more handsome than Tokiwa before. As an ordinary office worker, Tokiwa is very self-aware that he is neither ugly nor handsome.
The body of a child that can’t be found anywhere, although it’s still young, has no blemishes or scars on this body, which is worse than a porcelain doll.
A porcelain doll is like a piece of white paper waiting to be colored.
Now Chang Pan is sure that his body is still his own, either because he is wearing a soul, or because he is not sure why his body has undergone these changes. Cool, he doesn’t need to pay back the mortgage, and he is still a handsome guy. All the products on the washstand are all in English, which makes Tokio sure that he is in an English-speaking country.
Goldfinger system? My president Huadu lives? Come out, you have the ability to bring me here, can’t you come out to see me? After beeping for a while, assistants like system elves didn’t show up, they’re here, why can’t you just send me a system, let’s get to know the world first, Zed Zed, have you organized your things? An old black girl came in to find Viki Chang Pan could barely understand it with his Level 4 English a few years ago. She called herself Zed, and then Chang Pan could only stand here in a daze and pretend to be stupid.
I couldn’t understand what she said. The child walked to the corner, picked up a children’s schoolbag, pulled Zed out of the room, and found out that it was a hospital, and the high-end ward I was in just now was far from the ward in my impression. The evil capitalism is this. The child? Is he the only one left? He still has an uncle in New York. Chang Pan vaguely understands words such as parents, car accident, pity. The heart is flooding and the heart is even more uncomfortable.
Poor little Zed’s face is as pale as a candle.
It’s so pitiful.
Tokiwa looks very dull, but he is panicking in his heart. A group of people are worried about their new name and their future life as an orphan. Chang Pan said that he could barely accept it.
After all, apart from his biological father and the two horse fathers, no one else could make him willing to call his father Zed and continue to look dull to prevent people from seeing that he was not sad. He carried a small schoolbag and followed others into the car to prepare himself Sitting in the car and looking at the busy traffic outside, Zed’s thoughts also floated up. Zed believes that with his Wenchaogong skills, at least he won’t starve to death after getting through the early stage of development. I don’t know if these foreigners are compatible.
Secret taste should make money, right Zed, you’re going to be in the orphanage for a week, after your uncle comes to hold the funeral, you’re going to live in New York, everything will be fine, the accompanying black sister is talking to Zed Say don’t talk about it, my brain hurts, I don’t understand. The town is not big. Not long after, the car arrives at the welfare home.
The nurse at the welfare home arranged for Zed to watch TV with the other children. The black girl went to go through the formalities of Zed’s temporary stay, SpongeBob or The sand sculptures of SpongeBob SquarePants and Pai Daxing not only brought laughter to the children, but Zed’s heartstrings, which had been tense, could not help but relax.
It’s just that the commercials in the middle of the show are easy to make people laugh. Annoyance is easier to be annoyed I’m Tony Stark I’m advocating myself The subtitles are one of the few words Zed can recognize Year month day below the scroll bar And Tony Stark’s logo Mustache No I don’t want to remind Zed that this is Marvel, which has snapped fingers, Marvel where mortals have no way out. My name is Zed, and I used to be called Changpan. I’m an ordinary person.
Ordinary office workers in the second grade came to Marvel alone and there is no system.
Grandpa helps me. Ten years later, I will flip a coin and gamble my life. Now a group of panicked Zed said to the nurse next to him with an autistic expression I followed her to my temporary room and locked the door. Zed’s expression couldn’t hold up anymore, his little face completely collapsed. He didn’t have Goldfinger and dared to travel to Marvel. He couldn’t save him. He was lying dead on the bed. After a while, Zed rushed to the bathroom and yelled at the mirror, “Blood Wheel Eyes Zanpaku Dao Douqi Ma, please come out, come out!” Zed returned to the bed in a daze, looked at the small schoolbag on the side, halfway opened the zipper, and put it back Close it with a plop and kneel down Jade Emperor Tathagata Buddha The yellow and black king in charge of good luck bless me Give me hope I’m still young I don’t want to gamble my life I don’t want to die Opened the zipper of the small schoolbag, the golden legend imprinted two things in sight, one exuded a golden aura of domineering, the other was dusty and inconspicuous, the belt of the king of magic time, and a blank dial developed