Part of the attention of the princess and then the sharp edge of the threepointed twoedged knife penetrated from the back of the fourth princess

As a large-scale humanoid monster with the blood of the Golden Crow, it should not be too difficult.
The blood is scattered on the battlefield.
The dragon and the snake dance. The world’s number one hero. The wanderer returned to his hometown at night and was driving in the dark.
The train at two o’clock in the morning was silent.
This seemed to be the beginning of a horror story, but a soft female voice sounded.
Hello, passengers.
The stop ahead is Lincheng Station. There are passengers who want to get off the train.
Please pack your luggage and bags in advance and get ready to get off the train. Listening to the sudden sound of the notification tone, it is so steady that you can hardly feel the train moving forward.
There were many drowsy passengers in the carriage.
The back of the chair seemed to be resting with eyes closed.
The young man stood up following the crowd who got off the bus.
The young man was about eighteen or nineteen, in his early twenties, and he didn’t look very handsome. The kind that takes a lot of effort, but at the moment when I open my eyes, there is a frightening light flashing. Five years later, I never thought that after going around the world and walking between life and death, I still returned to this familiar place. Walking in a strange city, when he set foot on this familiar yet unfamiliar land, Wei Wuji’s heart was full of complexity. It was impossible to describe in words.
Five years is already a long period of time for some elderly people.
Although for most people, especially those young people who are in their youth, the time may be just a period of vague memory, but for him, every minute and every second of these five years is deeply engraved in his memory. Into the deepest part of the soul, eternal life, unforgettable, such a deep memory, only the devil knows what he has experienced in the past five years. The five years have changed too much for the development of a city.
After rejecting the platform, it followed. Compared with the bustling cities he has experienced in these years, the development of Lincheng seems to be almost meaningless, but how does that old saying go? No matter how nice the world outside is, it is not my home after all.
He is an orphan who only knows his age but does not know where he was born and his parents and relatives. It can be said that he wanders the world After all, people are not fallen leaves that are swayed by the wind, even if they are fallen leaves, they must return to their roots in the end? Although I was not born in this city, I have lived in this city for eight years anyway. I don’t have a childhood, but I still have some good memories. What’s wrong with treating this place as my hometown? The driver, hurry up, no matter where you go, just help me get rid of those people behind me.
Hurrying footsteps sounded from behind.
At almost the same time, Wei Wuji and Wei Wuji got into the taxi together, and a crisp, somewhat anxious voice rang out, something happened to the little girl, should I call the police? Look through the rearview mirror.
After glancing at the situation, the driver’s expression changed, and he said enthusiastically, “You go quickly, those people may not be able to handle them even if the police come.” It’s embarrassing, as a service industry, you can’t refuse to board without a valid reason.
If you are complained, it might be a month and a half.
It’s useless.
And it seems that this little girl has encountered some troubles. It’s not easy to help when she’s away from home There’s no need to be stingy, but I don’t care.
Speaking of it, I haven’t seen the development of Lincheng for a few years.
Wei Wuji frowned slightly.
Driven by the rapid development of the world’s second economic system in these years, all aspects of Lincheng Compared with five years ago, the development can be said to be an earth-shaking change, but why has the security situation declined? I didn’t expect these boys to be more and more unscrupulous now.
Today I will let these boys see what is called car skills. The corner of the driver’s mouth surfaced, thinking that he was also the man who won the title of Qiu Mingshan’s car god back then. It’s just the pressure of life and the calmness of growing older. The bullying buried deep in my heart might as well burn it up, there really is a driver who dares to take this stinky girl in a taxi, the distance is about a kilometer, that is, about two miles, a few big-armed guys are staring fiercely and panting heavily.
The little girl is really weird, even if they are experienced in many battles, they can’t be bothered by this girl.
This inattentive effort made this ghost girl run away and go out to drive. It’s just for making money, and there’s no reason for them to refuse the boarding.
A discordant voice came out from this group of panting big guys.
Damn, you rebellious bastard still speaks for others.
You have a sense of justice, aren’t you a certain hot-tempered stare? The eyeball scolded, a smell of gunpowder filled the air in an instant, and in the next second, it was estimated that a battle would break out, and it would take a lot of effort to make a dog’s brain out, so why don’t you hurry up and let me tell you, if this girl runs away today, none of you can do it It’s better, a louder voice suddenly cursed angrily, and suppressed the smell of gunpowder that was about to erupt, these bastards are about to burn their eyebrows, and they are still fighting in their nests. The unexpected situation in front of me made the driver stunned and anxious.
No matter how good the technology is, it is impossible to turn the car into an airplane and pass through the big pit behind the construction warning sign, which is enough to overwhelm the taxi.