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In the depths of an abandoned prison, a mass of cells wrapped in a plasma membrane has been separated from the surface of a corpse. The cell mass is only the size of a human index finger. The macroscopic appearance is like a mass of white snot. This cell mass seems to have independent characteristics. The ability to think and act, but due to the imperfection of the nervous system, there are no five senses, but when the cell mass comes into contact with foreign objects, it can obtain the basic information of the substance through the special means of intercellular signal transmission. The separated cells do not stay for too long and start to move In order to transcribe and translate actin, this group of finger-sized cells began to migrate extremely slowly, about the same speed as a snail. Not perfect, not what I wanted. The cell group seems to have actively abandoned this seemingly complete body. And the strong body continues to search in the prison. If there is a torch to provide light, you will find that the flesh abandoned by the cell group in this huge prison cell has reached hundreds of cell groups.
It did not form independently. It has its own name, Han Dong. Overseas Chinese, an associate professor at the College of Life Sciences of the University of Florence in Italy, died of lung cancer at the age of 20, 2009, and died of lung cancer on the bed of the Florence Central Hospital before he became this cell aggregate. The ward is full of flowers, but these flowers come from his students, not At the moment of death, the pain and suffering of his family disappeared, and Han Dong felt relieved.
He did not ascend to heaven or fall into hell, nor drank Mengpo soup. But in this process, there is always a question of whether I am dead or not. After death, the brain will continue to be active for five minutes, but I have been dead for an hour, right? Han Dong has a very strong sense of time and is conscious. Over time, Han Dong slowly tried to perceive the body, but unexpectedly, the image of cell clusters appeared in his consciousness. There are only two things that can be done. First, he can sense the detailed information of the objects in contact through intercellular signal transmission, and second, he can generate muscles.
Actin produces movement ability, and when Han Dong synthesized actin in the cell for the first time to carry out related activities, a systemic reminder echoed in its mind, prompting the end, and another prison was generated in Han Dong’s consciousness level. The floor plan of the single-story structure has a total of 204 cells.
The floor plan also marks the corresponding prisoner in each cell through dots and annotations, and the three words “dead” are noted. In addition, a red mark is displayed in the middle area of ​​the prison. The room is called the management room and it is locked. The room Han Dong is currently in is the processing room.
The foreign prison is reborn after death. What kind of thing am I? These questions have not troubled Han Dong for too long. The ability of things is extremely strong. In a short period of time, it realizes that it is a group of independent cells with a protective membrane. Although it is not clear how a group of cells can survive independently and carry consciousness.
Cells are the basic unit of life activities, which is enough to prove that he is not dead. The death crossing took place in My body has also transmigrated into a mass of cell aggregates, which is ironic! Han Dong devoted his whole life to the research of cell biology.
He published an article on the activation and control of cell regulation through genetic coding in a top international journal half a year ago. Because of this article, Han Dong, who was rated as an associate professor, was found to have advanced lung cancer during the physical examination of all teachers in the school. He was ruthlessly eroded by cancer cells, and his future was cut off.
He should have lost his consciousness and completely died, but he was reborn in the form of a cell mass. Too much hesitation, considering that cell clusters also need energy supplies to function normally. The first thing to do is to follow the mysterious system instructions to find a suitable body. Following the instructions on the map, Han Dong crawled extremely slowly to the nearest cell and was almost as close to the snail as possible. The same migration movement made him spend a whole day pairing the map in his consciousness corresponding to the small dot of light that symbolizes himself, and migrated to the next cell by the shortest path.
For the first time, he came into contact with the prisoner’s corpse in the prison.
Fortunately, there was a map for instructions. Otherwise, in the case of complete loss of five senses, it would be really troublesome. The moment Han Dong touched the corpse, a complete human body profile immediately appeared on Han Dong’s consciousness level, and there were also detailed text annotations, which can be viewed at the consciousness level.
What did Campbell Frank do during his lifetime? The underground black boxer’s head needs inferior weight-bearing. The left arm needs ordinary weight-bearing.
The right arm needs high-quality fast punching skills.
The torso needs ordinary weight-bearing. The left foot needs ordinary weight-bearing.
Before death, special treatment was carried out so that the corpse would not rot and I could occupy and control it. The previous reminder said that if you are not satisfied with the flesh, you can discard it in the treatment room and re-select it. There are still many flesh to choose from. Use one of them to understand the current situation. In a blink of an eye, the cell cluster entered the body through the hole on the surface of the prisoner’s body, activating the vitality of the whole body in a short time to recover.
First, a burst of tinnitus reverberated in the mind, followed by the feeling of cold stone from all parts of the body. It shows that the nervous system is fully connected to the simple prison cell made of black rock and steel bars, and the visual recovery is restored. Just when Han Dong was going to investigate and analyze the mysterious prison to deduce why he was reborn, and what kind of secrets the mysterious prison hides, his whole body suddenly buzzed. Stunned, Han Dong leaned on the wall with one hand and gritted his teeth, roaring. Wow, this guy is mentally retarded. After completely occupying Campbell and Frank, Han Dong felt very uncomfortable.
Because of the recovery of his five senses, he could obtain information about the surrounding environment.
He further planned to use his brain to perform complex data. Something went wrong while processing