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What would you do if you went back to the end of the Ming Dynasty? In the past two hundred years, the country has been closed to the outside world, and countless treaties have been signed to humiliate the country. Rather than ceding ten thousand square kilometers of land with allies and domestic slaves, the area of ​​land is about equal to that of France. A world record set by numbers, but it is not a glorious record, but a disgraceful record.
If you have the opportunity to change all this, will it happen? Spread lightly on the ground, the night is as quiet as water, only the slow breeze gently caresses an old round table, a few plates of side dishes, and a bottle of Erguotou, which is almost drunk, dozens of cigarette butts, and a few gnawed bones scattered on the ground Li Ming Sitting decadently at the table, smoking the cigarette in his hand, throwing the cigarette on the ground, stepping on it heavily, twisting it a few times, picking up the little Erguotou left in the bottle, and pouring it directly into his mouth The spicy wine was like white water in Li Ming’s mouth, and he had lost any taste.
He stood up, opened the door, walked out of the house, and went to the factory outside.
Even in the middle of the night, the place was full of the roar of machines, workers working in three shifts. Busy all night, but now there is no more hustle and bustle here.
This year, Li Ming lived and ate in the factory.
Ming is an orphan who joined the army at the age of 17.
As soon as the recruit company finished, he was selected into the regiment’s special agent company because of his excellent military qualities. He also won three individual first prizes in the group army’s scout competition. In less than a year, the special warfare brigade of the group army became the top training team of the special warfare brigade, and later joined the special warfare brigade of the military region.
He won many awards in the special forces competitions of the whole army.
Li Ming’s outstanding performance also attracted the attention of the military. He was selected into a special unit directly under the General Staff.
After training, he was sent to Africa, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries to perform special missions for more than ten times. A total of three years and twenty-one days. When performing missions abroad, he was injured and made more than ten times of meritorious deeds. Due to an accident, Li Ming retired from the army and returned to his hometown.
Li Ming gave up the job arranged by the state and started a joint venture in the suburbs of Beijing with a comrade-in-arms with all his savings and borrowed some money from several comrades-in-arms. In a small machinery processing factory, Li Ming’s comrade-in-arms has a relationship with a large state-owned enterprise in Kyoto. The small machinery factory they opened specializes in contracting some externally processed standard components of that large state-owned enterprise. Because of this relationship, the factory can receive a large number of Naturally, the order business is very prosperous.
The order cannot be done at all.
In order to complete the order, Li Ming hired a large number of workers in three shifts, even if it was so. The production capacity of the factory is still unable to receive more orders, so they also borrowed money from the bank to expand the factory building and buy a lot of equipment, which solved the bottleneck in production capacity. The mechanical processing factory is also on the right track.
The order from the state-owned enterprise is enough to keep the factory running at full capacity.
Two months ago, the comrade-in-arms suddenly approached Li Ming and said that he was going abroad to withdraw his shares and make a complete settlement with Li Ming.
It was clear that Li Ming didn’t care and took most of the cash in the factory’s account during this period. I gave it to his comrades because the bank loan is due in two years, and with the current momentum of their factory, they can easily repay the loan in less than a year. But last week, the order from the state-owned enterprise was suddenly cut off.
Li Ming was a little dazed immediately.
He hurriedly went to the state-owned enterprise to inquire about it, only to find out that the senior management of this state-owned enterprise had changed recently, and their previous relationships had all changed positions. Only then did he realize that he was deceived by his comrades. The opponent clearly knew that all these changes were coming, and he had already prepared for it, and pushed Li Ming to the edge of the cliff. Maybe it was a game between his comrades and others from the beginning, and that’s why. The reason why such a big pie will fall on Li Ming is that now Li Mingkong is guarding a factory and a lot of raw materials, and he has to repay a large amount of bank loans in more than a year, and the monthly wages of workers and Various expenses are also a lot of expenses.
The funds on the factory’s books may not even be able to support the business of the factory for a month.
In the past, his comrades in arms were running.
Li Ming devoted himself to the workshop.
Small processing factories like theirs can be said to be everywhere. The reason why their factory is booming is because of orders from large state-owned enterprises. Li Ming has broken his legs and worn out his mouth these days, and he only brought in a few small jobs. The profit is not enough for the factory to cover half a month. The money from the sale didn’t even pay back half of the bank loan, but he was tricked by that comrade-in-arms, and now he’s taking the money and wandering abroad, leaving such a big mess for Li Ming to clean up, the phone rings in his pocket, and calls After breaking Li Ming’s chaotic thoughts, he took out the phone and saw that it was an unfamiliar number, and the number was very strange.
Li Ming answered the phone casually, and there was a voice he didn’t want to hear on the other side of the phone. I heard about Mingzi Factory.
I didn’t expect this to happen. I’m in Canada for a while and I can’t go back.
If you hold on for a while, I’ll find a way to help you find some relationships After finishing speaking, he interrupted him and replied calmly, no need, I can handle it myself, then he hung up the phone casually, the other party is still treating him as a fool, which makes him very angry