Out of breath he said incoherently that you are my mother I will protect you not me Chen Xiaoyu bragging dont say anything Master Zhizhou

An old woman in her fifties was sitting on the ground, patting her thighs, and crying in a cadence, ouch, I can’t live up to this day.
Being a daughter-in-law can’t live up to it, and even my son’s blood can’t keep the tip of my granddaughter’s teeth.
Talking sharply, poking heart and lungs, trying to piss off my old lady, what crime did I do to have such unfilial children and grandchildren? The old woman has a loud voice, crying and lingering over the small farmyard. The old woman, Mrs. Chen Wang It was Chen Wang, the hostess of this farmhouse, who married into the Chen family at the age of sixteen. She had three sons and two daughters.
Chen Erniu, Chen Erniu, was an honest mother-in-law. After my mother-in-law passed away ten years ago, Chen Daniu and Chen Erniu brothers separated.
Chen Wang became the undisputed leader of the family.
Chen Wang’s wailing has accumulated for two days. Seven days ago, Chen Wang was the most promising Chen Qingzhu, the second son of Chen Qingzhu, encountered a tornado on the way to Fucheng to take the exam. More than half of the people on the boat fell into the water and died.
Chen Qingzhu was also among them. The morning before the cremation, the official sent a piece of Chen Qingzhu’s jade pendant back to Chen’s family.
After the official left, Chen Wang cried and made noises. Chen Wang cursed Jin Cuicui’s husband.
In the middle of the night, Jin Cuicui shed a boy. Chen Wang is so angry that she is dying.
Chen Qingzhu is the only scholar in Xinghua Village, and also the proudest son of Chen Wang. His son became the emperor, and his wife, Xinghua Village, belongs to Changzhou County, Pingjiang Prefecture.
Chen Qingzhu studied at Mingzheng Academy in the county seat.
Chen Qingzhu always ranks among the best in Mingzheng College Examination. Chen Qingzhu’s knowledge is very good, and he is the only three in Changzhou County. One of the endowed students, the endowed students can receive from the government a month, six dou, one tael of silver, Dean Zou of Mingzheng College once said that if there is no accident, Chen Qingzhu will surely pass this subject, but it is a pity that Chen Qingzhu really suffered an accident this time, Chen Qingzhu died. Mrs.
Wang’s dream of being an imperial wife has come to naught. Yesterday morning, Chen’s family hastily arranged for Chen Qingzhu’s funeral. Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Chen went to Lihua Village in a fit of anger. Lihua Village is next to Xinghua Village. Mrs. Chen Wang went to Lihua Village to find Goddess Miao to settle accounts. When Chen Qingzhu was six years old, Mrs.
Chen went to Goddess Miao to approve Chen Qingzhu’s order.
Goddess Miao said that Chen Qingzhu was a rich and powerful official and would definitely become a high official in the future. Mrs. Chen Wang was reluctant to let Chen Qingzhu study, and she didn’t know what Goddess Miao told Mrs.
Chen. After returning home yesterday evening, Mrs.
Chen had been staring at the West Wing where the second room lived. The two sons went to work in the fields, Chen Wang took the opportunity to get angry, mother, don’t cry, the second uncle is a filial man, even if he is underground, he definitely can’t bear his mother’s sadness, the eldest daughter-in-law Jia Yinhua stood aside, pretending to persuade Jia Yinhua Persuasion is no less than adding fuel to the flames. Once Jia Yinhua reminded Chen Wang, she remembered her disillusionment.
Ming’s dream suddenly wailed even harder.
In the west room, Jin Cuicui lay pale on the bed and heard Chen Wang’s scolding. A seven or eight-year-old girl stood in front of the bed. The girl turned her back to Jin Cuicui and looked at the yard with cold eyes.
The two mothers-in-law and daughter-in-law who were able to sing, read, play, and play well.
The girl was Chen Qingzhu and Jin Cuicui’s daughter, Chen Xiaoyu.
Chen Qingzhu and his wife have been married for more than eight years and only one child is Chen Xiaoyu.
Jin Cuicui finally conceived her second child more than four months ago.
Jin Cuicui failed to keep the fetus in her womb, and Chen Wang’s wished to eat Jin Cuicui Jia Yinhua. Hearing her mother-in-law’s attack, Jin Cuicui felt indescribably comfortable.
Only Chen Qingzhu was a scholar from a farmer’s family.
It’s been ten years of hard work. Fortunately, Chen Qingzhu has a talent for reading. At the age of sixteen, he passed the examination as a scholar. Chen Qingzhu looks handsome and has a good temper. Jin Cuicui’s father, Jin Xiucai, is Chen Qingzhu’s first mentor. After being a scholar, she begged her mother, Mrs. Chen Wang, to ask a matchmaker to go to Jin’s house and said that she married Jin Cuicui.
After eight years of marriage, even if Jin Cuicui failed to give Chen Qingzhu a son, Chen Qingzhu didn’t have the slightest dislike for Jin Cuicui. The family will buy gifts for Jin Cuicui, mother and daughter, Jia Yinhua has always been jealous of Jin Cuicui, so after the official sent back the news of Chen Qingzhu’s death, Jia Yinhua didn’t feel any sadness in her heart, but she was very proud. Chen Qingzhu’s mother-in-law would let Jin Cuicui go. Cuicui has no son. From now on, Jin Cuicui, the mother and daughter, will have to look at her face as the eldest daughter-in-law. Mother, please don’t start crying.
She persuaded Wang Laidi to be her mother-in-law, the niece of Chen Wang’s natal family. Wang Laidi was really afraid that her mother-in-law would catch a cold after sitting on the ground for a long time, but it was a pity that her good intentions were not rewarded. Seeing Wang Laidi came to help her, Chen Wang stretched out her hand and twisted Wang Laidi’s arm fiercely angrily.
Scolding Wang Laidi, you are such an indistinguishable piece of wood, go away, mother Wang Laidi didn’t know, so she had to hold her arms and shrank to the side in grievance.