Otherwise where does such a little guy have the courage to drop bombs on others casually Don’t worry little guy I won’t kill him Your

Jiang Hai suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the white roof for a while.
Is he dreaming again? His forehead felt a little wet. It’s already ten o’clock on the phone. It’s been a long time since I slept. I got up and put on my clothes.
I went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face with my hands. After I felt a little awake, Jiang Hai felt that there was something on his body. After some sticky plugged in the water heater, Jiang Hai went back to the bedroom, picked up his phone and turned it on. Are you full? Ordered a takeaway from the dream just now? Forget it, it’s just a dream, what’s the big deal? Jiang Hai’s salty fish mentality had an attack, he gave up thinking, picked up his phone, Jiang Hai was going to look at the news while waiting for the hot water to boil, and turned on the phone with his hands from top to bottom All kinds of news accumulated all night jumped out. The results of the college entrance examination were announced yesterday. Several families were happy and some were shocked. An official post announcing that the exploration is over, the college entrance examination is over, and the new alliance meeting is about to start.
Before challenging the gym, three things that novice trainers must know.
The first two news are normal.
Put this on for me to see the arrival of the elves. Recently, Jiang Hai, who was addicted to Pokémon online articles at the starting point, was full of old troughs. When he didn’t know how to vomit, he suddenly felt a throbbing pain in his brain, and then Jiang Hai didn’t know anything anymore.
A sudden sound of knocking on the glass pulled Jiang Hai up from his drowsiness, hissing his head hurts, then am I time-traveling or reborn? Jiang Hai gently rubbed his head with his hands, can’t there be a gentler way? It seems that the sound of knocking on the glass started to ring again because no one came over. Jiang Hai, whose thinking was interrupted, got up and looked for the source of the sound. At this moment, Jiang Hai also noticed that the source of the sound seemed to be from the window, so he hurriedly got up and walked towards the window. After getting a little closer, Jiang Hai found that it was a bird knocking on the glass. The name of this bird wearing a blue dress and carrying a blue takeaway box on its back immediately came to Bobo’s mind through the memories he had just acquired.
Jiang Hai opened the window while talking and Taking out his phone, Jiang Hai looked at the phone and said these numbers to Bobo. After checking the verification code, Bobo stretched out the takeaway box on his back. Jiang Hai reached out and opened the takeaway box and took out himself. Thank you for the takeaway, Bobo responded with a grunt, and then Bobo spread his wings and flew away, put the takeaway on the table, what time is it now, finally got a little free time, Jiang Hai turned on his phone, and the time has passed to look at it The time displayed on the phone Jiang Hai thought that the water should also Boil it, take a shower, wake up, let’s wake up, then throw the phone on the bed, take the bath towel and go to the bathroom, swish la la, as the water sprayed from the shower poured on Jiang Hai’s body, Jiang Hai finally woke up completely. I began to sort out the memories in my mind. A hundred years ago, many space cracks suddenly appeared around the world.
Behind the space crack is a mysterious special space.
Humans call it a secret realm. After investigation, it is found that each secret realm is a space independent of the blue star.
In the secret realm, some creatures that seem to have come out of the fantasy world began to invade the human world through the cracks in the space and started a war with humans in order to compete for the land of survival.
Those fantasy creatures have more or less strange abilities, some of which are special.
It was so powerful that it could even fight against all the weapons of humans at that time.
Humans had no choice but to retreat in large areas. Fortunately, many secret realms began to merge with the blue star, which made the surface area of ​​the blue star continue to expand.
After obtaining a relatively stable living environment, those fantasy creatures temporarily stopped.
In order to attack human beings, they got a chance to breathe.
In order to thoroughly understand where these fantastic creatures come from, countries all over the world began to unite and organize expeditions to secret places to start investigations.
Many technologies that have surpassed the times have enabled the rapid development of human technological civilization and a better understanding of these fantasy creatures. I learned that these fantasy creatures are called elves.
Later, during a secret exploration, humans found a mysterious elf research institute and discovered elves. The ball is a prop that can subdue the elves, and then people use the elves to start subduing the elves, and based on this, the elves alliance is formed to continue to fight against those elves that are hostile to humans.
It is not until the last thirty years that elves have been fully integrated as a new life. This society was born, elf trainers, elf researchers, elf breeders, and other professions closely related to elves.
Human life has also undergone earth-shaking changes because of elves.
After reading the history, Jiang Hai began to search for his own experience in this world from his memory.
How is it different from myself in the original world? But I’m just kidding around.
This is what Jiang Hai couldn’t help but sigh after sorting out some of his experiences in this world. The original Jiang Hai is a 28-year-old After graduating from university, the office worker finds an ordinary job that can no longer be ordinary. The small life is considered comfortable. As an otaku single dog, usually there is no other way of entertainment is to play games and watch videos.
In this life, Jiang Hai is only eighteen years old. I just finished the second college entrance examination because the protagonist went to school a year earlier, and the results of the college entrance examination came out yesterday, and the scores were not very satisfactory.