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Tags Calm System Flow Chapter Ring Ningcheng Ningcheng University Chen Feng Are you okay? Why do you feel like your head is showing off? This ring belongs to you, right? Chen Feng looked at his roommate, this person is called Fatty, and every dormitory has an exclusive one Fatty Fatty, this person is extremely righteous. This ring is not mine.
Chen Feng looked at the ring in the fat man’s hand, and suddenly felt very strange.
He has never had a ring, and he doesn’t even have a watch on him, let alone a necklace, because he thinks Carrying these things always feels a bit too restrictive.
It’s not yours.
Whose is it? I saw it on your hand last night. Take the one your girlfriend gave you.
Don’t be embarrassed. After the fat man finished speaking, he directly put the ring on Chen Feng’s door. Then he left the dormitory directly.
At this moment, Chen Feng was the only one left in the dormitory. Looking at this strange ring, Chen Feng felt a little confused. He was single and now a sophomore. He didn’t even have a girl’s hand. I have touched it, let alone a girlfriend.
Where did this ring come from? Could it be that he accidentally picked it up last night? As for the memory of last night, all he remembers is that he accidentally got drunk and grew up. He has never been drunk before.
He doesn’t like to drink alcohol, but last night Fatty celebrated his birthday, so the people in their dormitory gave Fatty a birthday together. This ring is quite beautiful.
Chen Feng directly put this ring on his hand.
Then he carefully played with the ring itself, which looked relatively cheap and did not look like any valuables, but he still planned to go to the dormitory to ask one by one. There was some pain in my head, and then I felt like my finger was being pricked by a needle, but this feeling was fleeting, and then he glanced at the ring strangely. Could it be that there was something sharp inside the ring that pinched my finger? Was it scratched? But when he was about to take off the ring, he found that he couldn’t take it off.
What’s the matter? Was it stuck? Could it be the fat man’s prank? It’s not like no matter how hard Chen Feng tried After taking this ring down, the gene confirmed that the Han nationality met the system binding requirements. Two wonderful synthetic sounds appeared in Chen Feng’s mind.
He felt a little strange, then looked around and found nothing to play. Could it be that the device didn’t sleep well last night? The binding was successful and the system has started to activate.
Welcome to the Orion Arm Han Technology Auxiliary Ring. Since the host is using the system for the first time, he will explain the function of the Orion Arm Han Technology Auxiliary Ring.
This is the first time this voice appears.
When the voice appeared, Chen Feng felt a huge amount of information impacting his mind before he came back to his senses, but after a sharp pain, he felt refreshed and even felt a little comfortable.
During the data transmission, after the data transmission, Chen Feng sat like this.
At this moment beside his own bed, he already understood what kind of thing this ring is. This is a technological assistant named Han from the Orion Arm of the Milky Way. The ring is also of the Han nationality. This ring is from the Milky Way. Could it be that the Han nationality is from China? But the possibility of this is relatively low. He clearly knows that his own China does not have this technology, and even the strongest country on earth, the United States, may not have this kind of technology.
Technology, then there is only one possibility. In the Orion arm of the Milky Way, there is also a race named Han.
With that bit of astronomical knowledge, Chen Feng knows that the earth is on the Orion arm of the Milky Way. It doesn’t matter, he doesn’t even know.
He is eager to know what kind of magical effect this technology ring has. The system tells me the function of this ring.
After Chen Feng finished speaking, a cool voice appeared in his mind directly. The ring can help the host to complete his primary mission on this planet called Earth.
What is the primary mission to lead the earth and humans out of the solar system? Why do they have to leave the solar system? There is not enough authority to tell this.
The answer will be known after the completion of the primary mission. Hearing this, Chen Feng pondered. After a while, this is really complicated.
Leading all mankind out of the solar system, according to his current knowledge structure, the most likely thing to do is to develop nuclear fusion. People all over the world are studying nuclear fusion.
Countless national forces and individuals are researching this.
An ultimate energy source, but year after year has passed. This energy source will always stay in the expectation of years. One can imagine how difficult and complicated it is to research nuclear fusion. With my own strength, I am afraid that I will never have the opportunity in this life For the host, don’t underestimate yourself. The technology auxiliary ring will escort you and provide you with certain assistance. After hearing this sentence, Chen Feng’s eyes revealed a sly look, and he hurriedly said, “So what kind of assistance is there? Given the identity of the host.
” This system will set up a small goal to earn the first pot of gold task to assist the small printer system, and then a small printer graphics host suddenly appeared in Chen Feng’s mind, which can be transformed into a printer at any time. The printer can print smaller objects and can be perfect.
After Chen Feng heard what the system said, he rubbed his hands excitedly and came out.
Printer After Chen Feng finished speaking, a small printer was placed on the desktop in front of him quickly.
The emergence is like quicksand, one by one combined to form a complete thing, it’s amazing! With this hand, you can crush all the technologies in the world, right? Holding this small printer, Chen Feng’s mind is full again. After receiving a message, he knew how to use this printer. As a semi-homeboy, Chen Feng directly downloaded a picture from the Internet without saying a word.