Other things brought the officers and soldiers here Zhang Tianyi quickly ran back to the yard kicked open the door of the house and handed

The frightened footprints of the sun and the moon flying like an arrow, the world turns like an arrow, the warm sun this afternoon is already slanting on the peak of Xianrenling West Mountain, a middle-aged man is leading seven or eight disciples to gather medicine on the mountain, and he has been running on the mountain for a whole day. These disciples also relaxed, they were playing with each other, it is rare that they are so happy now, the harvest of herbs picked today is not small, and they found a few precious medicinal herbs that are usually rare It seems to us that this is the first time Master came to see what is this? Feeling very curious, he has been used to this for a long time, my God, is such a big footprint, is this still a human foot? A young girl called out to Master in amazement, come and have a look! The middle-aged man just walked over. There was a gap, he walked there, followed the gestures of the disciples, swept there, his mouth was wide open in shock, his face changed suddenly, and he saw a human-like footprint in the grass that was pulled away on the ground, but it was frightening. But this footprint is three feet long from front to back, and the depth of stepping into the rock on the ground is as deep as three inches. Looking at the situation, the age of this footprint is at least ten thousand years.
It can’t be the footprints of our ordinary people. How can there be such a tall person in the world? The middle-aged man didn’t respond.
After a while, the man looked extremely nervous, and immediately said to several disciples, hurry up and get out of here, the eldest disciple hurriedly cleaned up and picked on the ground. Unexpectedly, the herbal medicine was stopped by him, and he didn’t care to take it, and immediately went down the mountain. The disciples were a little surprised when they heard the master’s voice, and they couldn’t help standing up in a hurry. The Taoist followed closely behind, and ran down the mountain in a panic. After running for more than ten miles, the middle-aged man took a breath and said to his disciples in a low voice, “Remember what you saw today.” And I can’t talk to anyone.
When I heard that I didn’t say this, although the voice was not loud, but the words in the voice revealed majesty. I saw two cold lights in his eyes flashing across everyone’s face, reaching the bottom of the hearts of these disciples. And the expression was also extremely serious.
All the disciples hurriedly responded to them, thinking that they had never seen Master with such an expression. That year, masters from all the world’s martial arts schools gathered in Mihun Valley. The master’s expression is tense, but he is still calm and calm. It can be seen that today’s footprints are not unusual.
This matter must be extraordinary, but everyone is thinking about it, and no one dares to ask what’s going on, so they hurried back to the house to rest.
In the light clouds, the sky is gray and the weather is very sultry, and the cicadas kept calling from the trees. In the evening, everyone was having dinner in the dining room.
At this time, seeing the serious expression of the master, they bowed their heads to each other and ate, not daring to say much, and left silently after eating. At this moment, the middle-aged man sat alone in the room for a long time, his eyes staring at the sky outside the window, and his mind couldn’t stop. The terrifying footprints on the mountain appeared after a while, and the middle-aged man straightened up his thin body and stood up, walked back and forth in the room for a few steps, and reached the wall. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and raised his eyes to the west wall. After taking a glance, he couldn’t help being stunned for a moment. Hey sword, he suddenly remembered the Qinglong sword that he usually regarded as his life.
Zhiyu must have forgotten it on the mountain. The middle-aged man thinks like this. At the waist, because he saw a clump of Codonopsis ginseng growing on a broken wall on the mountain, but it was five or six feet above the ground, the disciples could not go up, so he untied the sword and handed it to the disciple Yang Zhiyu who was beside him. He took it and climbed it himself.
In the end, maybe he went to see the footprints together. He was distracted.
The child probably forgot on the mountain, and in the panic at that time, he specially told his disciples not to take anything. As a result, even the sword fell on the mountain. Where did the sword fall? The middle-aged man rubbed his hands and turned his head to look at the sky outside the window. At this moment, the clouds in the sky were turning. It seemed that it was going to rain. He turned around twice on the ground and lowered his head, hesitating no matter what happened. No matter what, we must find the Qinglong Sword overnight, and we must not lose the sword. Thinking like this, he stepped out of the house in a hurry. Among the seven disciples, the elder one seems to be the one he admires the most.
This is not only because he counts his age among several disciples. The key is that this disciple is usually very careful and scheming, especially He has a very high comprehension in martial arts, and his interest in martial arts can be said to be almost obsessed. Middle-aged people love him very much and regard him as his own.
The swordsmanship of the Qinglong sect has flourished, the middle-aged man looked at the big disciple in front of him, flicked a blade of grass off his shoulder with his hand, and asked him in a low voice to see if the sword was with Zhiyu. Shaking his head, the middle-aged man came out, pondered for a moment, told him that he had to go out first, and if there was something at home, let him worry more Put it on the shoulders of the senior disciple, you can rest assured at home, you have to take good care of the younger brothers and sisters, I understand.