Other cells either combine to form plants or Combining them into animals not to mention peace of mind at least they can eat and wear

Because I grew up and experienced the bitterness of the low-level people, I suddenly realized that Master Xing is playing us. This is not a comedy. As you can see, this guy named Li Qi must be too busy and bored to delve into it. The origin of life consciousness of the destiny of the universe, this is a problem that even scientists can’t solve or explain.
There should be no one who studies these things as hard as I do. My mother passed away six years ago, and my father died two years later. I left behind a mentally handicapped elder brother whose IQ stayed at the age of three or four and needed my care. In addition, there was an uncle who was blind from birth.
Four years ago, I quit my job and took care of them every day.
I can’t go. It’s this kind of family experience that makes me urgently need to understand this fate, life, old age, sickness and death, and the confusing consciousness of being human but being human.
Does it have its origin and destination? What’s going on with the Big Bang? Is there an ultimate answer to all of this? Every character who makes the audience laugh actually has a tragic core No one does not yearn for happiness, no one does not pursue truth and truth. I mentioned this sentence when talking about the subjective consciousness in quantum theory.
Functions can be seen with dialectics.
In fact, Sakyamuni has revealed the truth of the universe for us, but he did not use scientific language to describe it, which makes it difficult to convince scientists. Scientists use scientific means to accurately calculate the truth of the universe, but because the level of cognitive consciousness has reached They are not at the level of Sakyamuni, so they still can’t recognize what the result they made is.
They have used more than a dozen schemes to explain the wave function, but they still can’t explain clearly.
The result of the collapse of the wave function suggests that it is related to consciousness. But scientists always exclude consciousness. Let’s make a hypothesis here. Assume that it is precisely because scientists exclude consciousness that the wave function can’t get a perfect interpretation. Then let’s do a reverse reasoning experiment to try to incorporate consciousness into the wave function reference.
If a self-consistent result can be obtained in the system, it proves that this consciousness cannot be rejected. This is the starting point of my writing Science and Engineering Madman.
Shouting such a sentence to restart, I want to restart. When Tang Qi said this sentence for the first time, the entire campus could no longer withstand the long-simmering emotions and broke through the long-suppressed critical point. Finally, Mr. Tang broke out.
Crazy, especially those classes of physics majors led by Tang Qi witnessed the resoluteness of their teacher Tang who said this sentence from their mouths, and they believed that their teacher Tang was crazy, and he was crazy. An influential professor in the field of physics shouldn’t make such a joke. It’s a bad way to open it up.
It sucks but that’s how it came to be you can hate it hate it curse it even run away from it but you absolutely can’t restart it it’s a reality that can’t be changed cause it’s a big problem in science time machines Einstein’s theory of relativity It gives a possibility that time can go back to the past, but his mass-energy equation locks the realization that any matter cannot exceed the speed of light. As a physics professor, it is impossible for Mr. Tang not to know this, so the students’ judgment result is this Tang The teacher went crazy. When Mr. Tang firmly said to restart, I want to restart, he went crazy. The more firmly he said, the more crazy he was.
Make sure you can’t go directly to question Mr.
Tang, are you crazy? Wow, the head of the department with a heavy responsibility still has the most basic EQ and IQ, no lunatic will admit that he is a lunatic I’m crazy.
More importantly, the head of the department doesn’t believe that Tang Qi will go crazy.
After all, teachers are the most rational representatives of all professions, and they are the professions least likely to cause people to go crazy. Especially those who teach physics, they have a calm mind, perseverance, and clear thinking. If there is a conclusion, there is a scientific basis. It is impossible for a mind like this to convince others with reason.
In order to make sure that Tang Qi is not crazy, the head of the department first made indirect comments from the teachers in the same department. Xiao Tang can recognize you.
I don’t know if his current behavior is normal or abnormal, he knows who he is, but the answer he gets is that Mr.
Tang is mentally normal and knows who he is. His mood is not abnormal except for a little high.
This can be seen from sitting on that table piled up for scientific research.
The young man from the project materials judged that he was serious and tirelessly holding a pen and drawing something on a piece of paper, calculating something.
Light particles have no mass, so they can reach the speed of light. Human consciousness turns out to be a particle state.
Similarly, there is no quality, no quality, and it can completely achieve the speed of light just like light particles. As long as it is assisted, it can achieve the speed of light or beyond the speed of light, and then realize the stillness or regression of time. His eyes lit up, he let out a growl, and slapped the paper full of symbols and formulas, Mr.
Tang, are you crazy? Who told you that human consciousness is a particle state? Tang Qi, with a gentle face, finally lifted him up. He raised his face and lifted the pair of rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose, showing an intriguing smile. After the head of the department came out of Tang Qi’s department, he couldn’t help but go crazy. Then it was everyone’s turn to go crazy, including the teachers in the same department.
Barriers to time travel